T.T.E.D.: Time Travel Enforcement Department

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In the year 3015, Alex will save many lives in his time- traveling work. One of the lives saved will change his own life forever. Alex will have to face his worst fear, a time traveler who wants to kill him. Will Alex be able to save himself from his enemy?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - T.T.E.D.: Time Travel Enforcement Department

Submitted: December 02, 2006

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Submitted: December 02, 2006



First Chapter:

Squeak, squeak, squeak. A rhythmic sound. I open my eyes. Above me is a swinging lamp. Squeak, squeak. I am tired, I am wet. Where am I? My heart is pumping so fast I can feel as if it wants to break my chest apart. My hands are sweating. Above the lamp there is no roof, some sort of energy is holding it up there, there is only sky above it, it is at night. Then I remember. The arena, I am at the arena. The Widow maker is walking towards me. I’m in trouble.

I look around but I cannot see much. My eyes hurt and my vision is blurred. The Widow maker is standing in front of the only way out, a metallic door at the end of this small room. I can feel a hot dense liquid moving through the left side of my face. I cannot get a glance at it, is it blood? I get the same weird feeling on my right arm, I manage to move my head and look at it. Blood it is. But, what happened? I know where I am, at last. But how did I get here in the first place?I feel weak. I try to move with no success. I can’t feel my legs. There is not much I can do. This is it…no, I can’t give up now. This guy can’t defeat me; it is not my turn yet.

Squeak, squeak. That’s all I hear for now. Cling, Cling, Cling. A slow and metallic sound. Where is this sound coming from? His footstep…that’s what it is. The simple thought of him getting near with every step he takes, just terrifies me. He is strong and I got nothing to defend myself. He finally called out “Alex, this is it my dear friend. Your end has come and my beginning is just one step ahead.” I try to stare at him, but I cannot. My eyes hurt. The light from the lamp does not help either. Yet I managed to find the guts to say “Not even over my dead body!” even though I do not know if I can actually keep my word.

“There is no escape my friend, no escape” he playfully replied. He called me his friend? How does he dare? There is no way I have a friendship with this monster. I again try my best to defend myself saying “Don’t you ever call me friend again!”

My opponent roars and starts running towards me, as he raises his weapon. Just as he was about to hit me, the surroundings beside me suddenly changed. I was somewhere else.

NOTE: This and another chapter are the only chapters written in first person, the rest are written in third person.

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