Edward Snowden

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#OperationSundew , an operation that sketching American hero for other nations as a good looking flower to digesting them once getting their trust!

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Edward Snowden

Submitted: March 05, 2014

Reads: 206

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Submitted: March 05, 2014



‘Welcome to U.S.A that only have 12 hours per day!’

‘What the F*** you talking about Mr. … ‘


‘Did your grand ma tell you about how we came to Earth? ‘

‘At Sunday school … everybody knows it.’


‘That’s incorrect;


Before Earth we, humans where settled at Mars, as they name it today.

Thinkers, Masculine’s, Sculptures too many creatures there. We were physically & mentally weak among beings.


One day the shocking news heard, says a Gem stones are very near to strike the planet.

It was for sure.


Every creature ordered to get ready for the journey to the succeeding suitable planet.

The first creature to leave Mars was humans.


Bang election party arranged by the Masculine’s for the reason that they won election, but the slowest creature ordered to leave before the party.

We started the journey to the animal’s planet.


A breathtaking happens …


Mars election was very tough competition between the physicals & thinkers.

The stone strike discovery was made by defense specialist group from the family member of thinkers.


Thinkers’ families were least in number at most they were two family members within different specialist groups. In defense specialist group also they had only one member.

Masculine’s terminate the inventor for the benefit of upcoming election. They act like an inventor of the planet stone strike discovery but the chief unveils a right striking time.


Unexpectedly after we leave the planet, smashed! All beings were at Bang election party!

Following a very long flew on the sphere, our ship arrived dallol[Ethiopia].

When we landed, because of a sudden forceful jolt that place went under 130 meters below sea level.


Anthropologists discover Australopithecus afarensis (Lucy).

Yes that’s real; Lucy was the mother off all human family in that ship.


Our weakness gave us a chance to move first and saved, we strongly understand time means everything!’


‘Mr. President …’

‘Let me finish…’ 

‘Sir. you don’t allow me to start … ’

‘Mr. Snowden, I ain't …finish yet’

‘Ok …’


‘It’s not hidden from you that Bin laden is just a figure for terrorist countries.

We lost every countries trust, thanks for NSA/CIA things become very complicated to address secret.

Converting top secret data’s from code into plain text a key or password is required.

Most countries change their encryption code, converting data or information into code.’


‘Then …?’


‘Then, I the president of U.S.A design an operation called Sundew!


It’s scientific name Drosera, looks like a beautiful flower or a very cool looking stem with dewdrops all over it, but the dewdrops are actually mucilage (like mucous) at the ends of the tentacles that it uses to trap its prey. The insect gets stuck in the mucilage and then gets digested.


I saw a profile; you learn how to sacrifice for a country by the federal court staff mom and by the former coast guard Mr. officer in penysilvaniya.


As a system engineer or as a solutions consultant too, you are so truthful plus lesser crime records.


This is it! Mr. Snowden


Sundew, an operation that sketching American hero for other nations as a good looking flower to digesting them once getting their trust!


When agreement made between us you will study all the new encryption codes developed by the team.


The first work is to terrorize countries by saying America spies everyone.

Hopefully Russia gives you asylum, and most of the countries will send their ICT engineers like currently run into Julian Assange.


Show them how we know their encrypt code and offers the new different types of encrypt codes which the operation sundew team gave!’


‘Mr. President … I’m sorry to say it but this is the very immature operation i ever know.’


‘Son at this time, peoples of a whole world strongly not able to experience an easy procedures. All we think, all we do is very complicated.


Absolutely they don’t want to believe that you’re a dummy whistleblower, even if someone tells.

Believe me!

The first trip will be Mira Hotel Hong Kong without valid passport, legal papers and without Lindsay mills.


Here is blowing statement …



"I'm willing to sacrifice [my former life] because I can't in good conscience allow the U.S. government to destroy privacy, internet freedom and basic liberties for people around the world with this massive surveillance machine they're secretly building,"



‘I would like to ask you apology for surprising early home visit and also for discontinuing sweet times with your girlfriend … ’


Edward snowden replied

‘Me too for not serving a coffee’


Barack Obama smiled like a sun and said

‘Five days to hear back from you.


Last thing I want to say


America has children’s with a very different scope but always one heart.

All of us permanently ready and doing whatever it takes to keep this great nation highest!


Hurry, we are running out of time.’


© Yigrem Ashenafi

© Copyright 2018 Yigrem. All rights reserved.


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