D.O.F Vol. 1: The War Begins

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

The Goddess Fiona the Great keeper of Balance in all worlds senses darkness in the planet of Gaia. Darkness even the Goddess herself can not foresee, being from the world she fears another will gain the power she has. She sends her only born Daughter to meet the threat, Cherish is taken to the lands of Gaia with the task of finding the ancient powerful weapons lost to time and the people who’s choices will choose the fate of Gaia.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - D.O.F Vol. 1: The War Begins

Submitted: February 27, 2012

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Submitted: February 27, 2012



By: Raymond GraciaD.O.FCreated: 10/16/2010

Vol. 1: The War Begins


Balmunk as a 12 year old boy plays with his 10 year old brother Nathan, unaware that the Ishmar's military was on the march for full scale invasion. No one knew that the Ishmar had been planning this invasion for months. Around the same time Ishmar started planning this attack, Balmunk began to continuously have a dream of his village being burned down. Even though it was just a dream it scared Balmunk, his village was a small one, the kind of village where everyone knew each other. Making everyone in the village extremely close to one another.


After a few weeks of having the dream, Balmunk tossed and turned jumping out of his sleep. Balmunk looked around more scared than usual, the dream feeling more real than ever before. Balmunk walked up to his grandpa rubbing his arm.

Balmunk: Umm….Grandpa can I talk to you?

Grandpa: Of course my boy. What is it?

Balmunk: I kind of don’t wanna tell you, it’s a dumb reason to be scared.

Grandpa: Don’t think that and just tell me. You know you can tell me anything.

Balmunk: Well grandpa it’s about the village. For the past few weeks I’ve been having the same dream of it…..being burned down to the ground.

Grandpa choked on the tea he was drinking and scratched his head as if he knew something about it.

Balmunk: Umm….Grandpa you okay?

Grandpa smiled and put his hand on Balmunk’s head.

Grandpa: Balmunk my boy where is your brother?

Balmunk: Nathan is outside climbing trees or at least he was before I took my nap. Why?

Grandpa: I’m sorry to tell you this but this is no mere dream.

Balmunk’s eyes began widening.

Balmunk: What do you mean!?!? What are you saying?!?!

Grandpa: The dream you keep having will come to be. How soon I can’t say.

Balmunk began to cry and grabbed his grandpa’s shirt.

Grandpa: I’m sorry my child but I must tell you more. You must listen for your life will never be the same when I pass on….

Balmunk stood up in a jolt of anger.

Balmunk: No, I’m not listening!! You knew this whole time, didn’t you?!

Balmunk yelled with his fist balled at his side. Grandpa then looked down in shame.

Balmunk: I hate you!! You knew and you never told us!!! How could you!!

Balmunk ran out there cabin slamming the door behind him. He went to the nearest tree and sat there crying. Nathan atop the tree saw Balmunk was crying and got worried. So Nathan started climbing down. Once at the bottom he hung upside down next to Balmunk.

Nathan: uh…brother you okay?

Balmunk looked up surprised whipping his eyes.

Balmunk: Oh, nothing I just hurt my leg coming over here.

Nathan flipped off the branch onto his feet.

Nathan: Be more careful, are you sure you're okay?

Balmunk: Yea I’m okay lets go play by the river.

Nathan: I’m game, race you there.

Balmunk and Nathan began running to the river they spoke of.

Mean While….

Grandpa walked into his room and kneeled in front of a chest he had at the foot of his bed. As he kneeled grandpa took a deep breath then muttered to himself.

Grandpa: I’m sorry my boy, you should have listened. Now you both must find the answers on your own.

Grandpa opened the chest and a bright blinding light shot forth from the chest.

Grandpa: Hello old friend, I promised to let you sleep. However I need you to watch over my boys for me.

Mysterious Voice: I see. So they didn’t react the way you’d hoped, did they?

Grandpa: I’m afraid I waited too long. I shouldn’t have waited for Balmunk to start having the dreams.

Mysterious Voice: Master I sense your end.

Grandpa: Yes, my end is almost here. It’s why I need you to watch them.

Mysterious Voice: As you wish, you will be missed dearly. As you know I choose who shall wield me next.

Grandpa: I don’t care who you choose. All they have left is each other. They’ll always be together.

All of the sudden screams started coming from outside. Grandpa jumped up with a small fright.

Grandpa: I wonder what that was.

Mysterious Voice: Well old friend would you like to wield me one last time.

Grandpa looked down at the chest and smiled.

Grandpa: Okay then….you wouldn’t happen to know which one you want to pick?

Grandpa said as he reached in the chest.

Mysterious Voice: No I do not, they both seem worthy.

Grandpa: I see. Well then, shall we make this like the good old days.

Grandpa Balmunk said revealing a sword from within the chest. The light radiating from the sword made it impossible to see anything other than its silhouette. Grandpa Balmunk held the sword across his chest with his arms stretched out. Suddenly the light surrounding the sword began to surround Grandpa. He swung the sword beside him and slowly the light around him began entering his body. As it did this the light electrified giving off sparks of lightening. Once the energy finished entering his body a shockwave of energy came off him, like a gust of wind knocking over light weight objects. As Grandpa took a deep breath embracing the power given to him, a loud scream came from outside. Grandpa turned in the direction the sound was coming from.

Grandpa: There it goes again….Well lets get to work.

Grandpa made his way in the direction the scream came from, hoping he wasn’t too late. As he jogged for a minute or two he saw a woman in the distance on the floor, fearing she was dead he sprinted over to her. Reaching the woman he checked her pulse seeing if she was still alive. He exhaled with relief finding she still had one. Grandpa picked the woman up and walked over to the nearest cabin to set her against an outside wall. The woman woke up as she was being put down, still in a sleepy daze the lady panicked slapping and kicking at Grandpa. Grandpa then went to try and hold her down.

Grandpa: Please calm down!! I’m here to help!! Stop please!!

The woman looked, seeing who it was she began calming down.

Hurt Woman: Oh it’s you….sorry.

Grandpa: It’s okay, but please tell me what happened here.

Hurt Woman: I’m not sure, but I think they were raiding fiends.

Grandpa: You don’t look like you have any serious injuries. Go home and barricade yourself inside. You’ll know when it’s safe.

The hurt woman ran with all her might to her house. Grandpa heard another scream from the forest beside their village. Without thinking he then made his way into the forest, not even 30 feet into the forest he heard the same scream come from above him. He instantly knew something was wrong and just stood there waiting, fearless, ready to strike if necessary.

Fiend:HAHAHAHAHA, so this little village does have a warrior.

Grandpa got into his battle ready stance then shouted.

Grandpa: Show yourselves cowards!!

Two fiends hopped down from the trees above grandpa with evil grins on their face, as if they knew battle was coming and couldn’t wait.

Fiend 1: Look it’s just an old man HAHAHA.

Fiend 2: How pathetic, lets finish this and report back.

Once the second fiend spoke his last word Grandpa disappeared faster than he could blink. Before the fiends could take a breath and register what happened Grandpa Balmunk reappeared in front of the fiends striking them both down with one wing of his sword. Grandpa examined the bodies wondering why they would only send two raiding fiends to take over a village. Noticing some of the gear they had on he knew they were scouting fiends. A sinking feeling took grandpa over knowing that there was more to come, much more. Grandpa Made his way back to the village and started looking for Nathan and Balmunk, not knowing they had gone to the river. After an hour had passed and grandpa couldn’t find them, he cried knowing that their village was going to be invaded soon. After shedding a few tears the ground began to shake, Grandpa looked at the sky embracing the last free moments of his life knowing that this meant the army invading was massive unlike anything he has ever seen. They couldn’t survive he was the villages one fighter. Grandpa knew he was strong but not invincible. The ground stopped shaking, so grandpa took the chance to go in the cabin and wait hoping Nathan and Balmunk would come home.

Moments later Nathan and Balmunk had made it back to their cabin, but as Nathan was getting ready to walk in Balmunk turned around as if he didn’t want to go in. Nathan turned around in Balmunk’s direction.

Nathan: Brother, are you okay? Aren’t you coming in?

Balmunk: I just don’t wanna see grandpa’s face right now.

Nathan: That’s mean why not? Did something happen between you guys?

Balmunk: Nothing, I’m just in a bad mood.

Nathan: Brother I’m not stupid. It’s not hard to see the signs and put two and two together, so just tell me.

Balmunk started pointing and laughing at Nathan.

Balmunk: So serious. Man I just want to stay out in to the fresh air. So I’m going to sit under our tree K. See you in a little.

Nathan knowing that Balmunk was lying just “whatever-ed” it. Entering the living room grandpa saw him walk in and jumped out of his seat with happiness.

Grandpa: Where have you been?!?! Are you okay?!?! Where’s Balmunk?!?!

Nathan stepped back slightly startled.

Nathan: Grandpa calm down we’re fine we were at the river. Balmunk’s sitting under the tree in the front.

Grandpa: Good, umm…..so did Balmunk seem mad at all?

Nathan: Not really, I thought so but he seems fine so I didn’t worry. Why did something happen?

Grandpa: No I just thought something might be wrong he left kind of angry.

Grandpa put his hand on Nathan’s head smiling.

Nathan Oh that’s good I was starting to wonder.

Grandpa: Would you go get Balmunk I have to talk to you boys.

Nathan: okay.

Nathan began making his way to the back to the front. On the way he saw the sword grandpa was using lying on his bed. Nathan thought nothing of it and kept walking to the front yard. Nathan called out to Balmunk as he made his way to the tree he was sitting at.

Nathan: Hey brother!!!!

Balmunk’s head popped out from behind the tree.

Balmunk: What?

Nathan arriving at the tree said.

Nathan: Come inside for a second gran………

The ground started shaking again, Nathan cut his sentence short and began looking around in a panic. Moments later with in the distant shadows of the forest horrid, giant, small disfigured fiends started appearing. Nathan and Balmunk became paralyzed with fear not knowing what to think. Grandpa Balmunk sensing the massive amount of energy the fiends were giving off, ran to his room grabbed his sword and made his way to the front. Once there grandpa made his way to the boys. Balmunk looked over seeing grandpa running over yelled out.

Balmunk: What the hell is going on!?!?!?!?!

Grandpa: Listen to me Balmunk, grab Nathan and try to get as many villagers as you can. BUT YOU MAKE SURE YOU AND NATHAN GET OUT, UNDERSTOOD!?!?!

Before Balmunk could even say anything back grandpa dashed at the army of fiends. Balmunk tried grabbing Nathan and running, but Nathan was too shocked by fear. Balmunk began shaking Nathan yelling at him.


Balmunk started hearing the loud scream of pain the fiends were letting out. Hearing this he turned in the direction of the sound. He saw his grandfather disappearing in flashes of lightening, reappearing in random spots slicing through dozens and dozens of fiends. To him what he saw was the most amazing thing ever. Seeing this made his feel like he was safe, like his grandpa could do anything and was going to kill them all saving the day. Then suddenly grandpa Balmunk saw what seemed like thousands of arrows soaring through the sky at him. Grandpa smirked and jumped so high it seemed like he was flying higher and higher into the sky. In a matter of seconds he was over all the arrows.

Grandpa: Die fiends!!!!

From the corner of grandpa’s eyes he glanced fire, when he turned to see what it was. He saw a fire ball the size of his body zipping at him. Grandpa moved his sword in the way to block it moments before it hit him. The instant the fire ball impacted his sword it exploded. Blocking it so late caused the explosion to knock his off balance throwing him like a rag doll through the sky. He hit the ground sliding a few dozen feet making an impact crater. Nathan seeing his grandfather hit the ground with such force set something off inside. Nathan stood up and began walking toward the army of fiends. Balmunk tried reaching for Nathan’s hand to stop him, but when he got close something shocked him out of nowhere.

Balmunk: Ouch!!! What was that?!?!?!

Balmunk look at Nathan noticing strange things, like the foot print he was leaving was way too big and deep for his size and weight and sparks of lightning were shooting off him. Grandpa Balmunk regained conciseness leaned up in pain. He looked around and slightly smiles.

Grandpa: Haha curse this old body of mine, broke a damn rib.

Grandpa Balmunk got up with one arm holding his side.

Grandpa: Well it’s time to finish this.

Grandpa got back in his battle ready stance and ran at the army of fiends with intent to kill them all. While running he noticed Nathan and the strange state he was in. He stop running, that instant Nathan seemed to melt into the ground. Balmunk jumped up in confusion.

Balmunk: WHAT?!?!?! NATHAN WHERE’D YOU GO?!?!?!

Balmunk saw a flash come from in between all the fiends, at first he thought it was his grandfather but when he looked closer he saw it was Nathan just standing there. Balmunk surrounded his mouth with his hands.


Nathan turned facing Balmunk, Balmunk stepped back with a fear as if he was going to die. Seeing that where Nathan’s eyes were suppose to be sat white flames. Nathan then slightly crouched and began yelling at the top of his lungs.

Nathan: AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

A giant vortex of black energy shot out of Nathan like a beam, clouds in the sky began to circling the energy as it shot forth into the sky. The army of fiends all started running for their lives sensing that death awaited them. Then time seem to stop, Balmunk looked around pondering the reason why everything around him was moving slower than a snail can crawl and he was moving normally. When the time slowed the vortex coming from Nathan subsided, the second it did a tiny, lightening fast, blue beam shot down to the ground just in front of Nathan.

Balmunk saw a strange floating lady in front of Nathan, this woman was beautiful. She had a light blue silk dress on that seem to flutter perfectly with her as she floated there. Her skin light bronze with long white hair, Balmunk was so focused on her he didn’t notice his grandfather walk up behind him. So when grandpa Balmunk put his hand on Balmunk’s shoulder, Balmunk jump up and turned around in a fright.

Balmunk: Grandpa, what’s going on?

Grandpa: My boy you know I love you. In time you will find the answers you seek.

Floating Lady: One of you have awaken…

The floating lady lightly touched Nathan’s forehead. Nathan became shrouded in some kind of black goop. Nathan then got taller by about a foot or two in height, his muscles doubled. The black goop hardened into armor around Nathan, in this armor form it gave off a soft black mist. Long black blades shot forth from Nathan’s hands appearing from nowhere, the blades where all black, all but for two things. The edges where the sharpened part of the blade was, was red. The other was a chain coming from the handle of the blade had a white feather at the end of it. Once the transformation was complete the mysterious lady shot back into the sky, Nathan over whelmed with power, regained awareness of all his senses. Feeling his body being torn apart, Nathan grow frightened and cried out.

Nathan: BROTHER!!!!!!

As Nathan called out to Balmunk, it like you could see the air around him slow circled him faster and faster. After a few seconds of Nathan screaming, what looked like black mist shot in every direction like a continuously growing dome. Every living thing the mist touched was disintegrated into ash. As the mist made its way to Balmunk he cried out in fear.

Balmunk: Grandpa it’s getting closer. GRANDPA!!!!

Grandpa put his hands on Balmunk shoulders.

Grandpa: Calm down my boy you’re going to be fine. I have only one thing to tell you. If you intend to protect the ones you love, never and I mean never fight for self gain and you’ll be able you achieve unbelievable power.

The moment Grandpa Balmunk finished what he said the mist was within feet of hitting him.

Balmunk: But grandpa what do………

Before Balmunk could finish the mist had reached them and grandpa Balmunk turned around holding his blade in front of him. The mist clashed with Grandpa’s sword with such force he began to slide back on his feet. He turned back to see Balmunk in the fetal position crying and shaking with fear. Seeing this gave him the extra strength to plant his feet still. The mist still spread over and around him but the little area where he was guarding remained untouched. As the mist kept growing killing every person in their village, the mist also began to overtake Grandpa Balmunk’s guard. The mist breaking through his guard started cutting and eating away and grandpa’s clothes, body, and face.

Grandpa: Never lose faith.

With those words said the mist broke through grandpa’s guard turning him to ash. Balmunk closed his eyes, than nothing the silence that filled the air was bone chilling. The mist had diminished Balmunk moved his arms to see the armor around Nathan’s body slowly fade away. With the complete deterioration of the armor Nathan fainted. Balmunk jumped to his feet and ran over to Nathan, he fell to his knee’s hugging Nathan crying.

Balmunk: Nathan please wake up, please. You can’t be dead. Please…

Nathan slowly opened his eyes, Balmunk hugged him as tight as he could.

Balmunk: YOU’RE OKAY!!!!

Nathan: I won’t be if you keep squeezing me so hard. You’re going to brake me in half.

Balmunk: Oh sorry. Haha I just thought you were hurt or something.

Balmunk stood up and helped Nathan to his feet.

Balmunk: Do you know what happened back there I mean how did you do that?

Nathan: Do what…? What happened to grandpa and where’d all those monster things go. Better yet what happened to me when I felt my body being torn apart?

Balmunk: So you really don’t remember anything…. Nathan….

Nathan: No all I remember is seeing the monsters then calling out for you looking at the sky as it felt like my body was being torn apart.

Balmunk walked Nathan over to a tree and sat down with him. He took this time to think. Balmunk wasn’t sure if he should tell Nathan the truth about him getting that armor and killing everything. He wasn’t sure if Nathan would be able to handle something like that.

Balmunk: Well here’s what happened. Grandpa called those things fiends and they got a hold of you. That’s probably the pain you remember them fighting over you. So grandpa rushed slaying every fiends in his path saving you. I almost thought he was going to get them all but those last damned ones. They got him took his body and retreated.

Nathan: So we’re the only ones left....?

Balmunk: Yea I’m sorry Nathan I know it hurts.

Nathan look into Balmunk’s eye’s seeing his emotion didn’t change and that he was serious. Nathan and Balmunk started crying.

Nathan: Why did this happen to us brother?

Balmunk while still crying balled his hands into fist and starting to get angry.

Balmunk: Not why Nathan, but who. Who did this to us, someone sent those fiends and I swear if it takes the rest of my life. I will find them and kill them.

Nathan: But brother I don’t think that’s what grandpa would want you to do.

They both whipped their eyes being that they weren’t crying anymore.

Balmunk: So you don’t care that someone sent those creatures to kill grandpa.

Nathan: Well to be honest brother, if they were just trying to kill grandpa. Do you think they would have sent so many?

Balmunk jumped up in frustration.

Balmunk: You know what I mean. They killed grandpa and I will avenge him.

Nathan: Like I said I don’t think grandpa would want you to pick up the sword for such a reason.

Balmunk turned toward Nathan.

Balmunk: Nathan at this point I don’t care. Tomorrow I’m going to start looking for the person who did this. You can either come with me or stay here.

Balmunk reached his hand out offering it to Nathan.

Balmunk: So what’s it going to be?

Nathan: Brother, do you really have to ask.

Nathan grabbed Balmunk’s hand, Balmunk then pulled helping him up.

Nathan: But you have to promise me that you you’ll out why his happened and stop that person, not just take life blindly, Deal?

Balmunk: Fine I promise, On one condition.

Nathan: Depends.

Balmunk started walking toward the cabin giving Nathan the sign to follow.

Balmunk: You let me do all the fighting. That way you don’t have to stain your hands just in case it comes down to it.

Nathan: Deal but brother, wait a second.

Balmunk: What is it?

Nathan pointed at the ground next to him.

Nathan: Isn’t that the sword that was on grandpa’s bed.

Balmunk turned to look. Confirming that it was the sword he was using.

Balmunk: Yea it is. I think I’m going to use it. It’s only right don’t you think.

Nathan picked up the sword and handed it to Balmunk.

Nathan: Yea I do. That’s one thing I think he would want.

Balmunk grabbed the sword, once in his hand the sword began to glow and speak.

Sword: You who now hold me. Do you wish to wield me?

Balmunk dropped the sword with a jumpy fright, shocked the sword was talking.

Balmunk: What the hell!!! Did the sword just talk?

Sword: Hey I may be a big hunk of magical steel but I do feel pain. Can you please pick me up?

Balmunk: You’re not going to hurt me are you?

Sword: No I was actually just going to talk to you…..geez…so jumpy. Big baby.

The sword then exhaled deeply. Balmunk took what the sword said as an insult and got angry.


Nathan: Brother that’s not what he said.

Balmunk looked over in confusion wondering why Nathan wasn’t scared.

Balmunk: Huh, Nathan aren’t you scared.

Nathan chuckled at Balmunk cause he was freaking out on everything.

Balmunk: What’s so funny?

Nathan: You, plus why should I be scared of a sword grandpa use to use.

Balmunk stopped freaking out as he thought about what Nathan said.

Balmunk: Huh….Good point.

Sword: So does that finally mean I’m getting picked up?

Balmunk: Oh yea, sorry.

Balmunk picked the sword up.

Balmunk: So what did you wanna talk to me about again?

Sword: Would you like to wield me? Just as you grandfather did.

Balmunk: Yes, I would be honored to fight with the very sword my grandpa was using.

Sword: Very well, I shall bestow my powers upon you.

With that said a lightning bolt came from the sky striking Balmunk. The force of the lightening hitting Balmunk knocked Nathan off his feet. Balmunk began to yell out in pain.

Balmunk: AAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!

The lightning bolt stayed on Balmunk for a minute. The lightening then began to circle around Balmunk, his body absorbed the energy. Balmunk dropped to his knee’s as smoke lightly came off his body. Nathan jolted to his feet checking Balmunk thinking he was injured.

Nathan: Balmunk are you okay?!?!?!

Balmunk slowly made his way to his feet.

Balmunk: Yea I’m fine. I actually feel really good.

Balmunk looked down at the sword knowing it was the swords doing.

Balmunk: So wanna tell me what you did to me?

Sword: I have bound us together. So that no other person can wield me, also giving you the powers stored within me.

Balmunk: And what kind of powers would those happen to be?

Sword: That would be too easy master. You must master me through experience.

Nathan: So do you have a name or something?

Sword: Yes and no. Your grandfather called me “Azur”. But you may call me what you wish.

Nathan: So what are you going to call him brother?

Balmunk: I’ll give you that honor Nate.

Nathan: I wish to call him……. What grandpa did “Azur”.

Balmunk: Fine by me.

Azur: As you wish I think it’s time to start our quest.

Balmunk held Azur up to the sky.

Balmunk: Yea, and with you I vow to never lose.


Vol. 1 End



This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events locales, or persons, living or dead, is a coincidental.


Created by: Raymond Gracia

Made: 10/16/2010

© Copyright 2020 Yin and Yang Productions. All rights reserved.


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