Growing Up Vampyre

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Alexia Levi. A pretty sixteen year old with a thirst for blood. According to vampyre tradition once you hit sixteen, you have to intergrate with humans.

Alexia is doing well with new friends and a new boyfriend. But when murders are continually linked to her innocent father, Alexia will do anything to protect her father. But when she finds the culprit not all is as it seems.

Not all vampyres sparkle, not all of them burn up in the sun. Not all vampyres are evil. There are ALWAYS exceptions to the rules.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Growing Up Vampyre

Submitted: December 09, 2010

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Submitted: December 09, 2010



Chapter 1 Hell(a.k.a. High School)
Just to start off this twisted tale let me tell you my name. It’s Alexia Levi. Yeah my dad was crazy but he was also in love with a vampyre (makes no sense since he was one). It’s tough being a trainee vampyre.
Sorry that must be a little difficult for you to understand. I am a vampyre. By the trainee part I mean that I am not a full vampyre. See in the real vampyre world, you are born a half vampyre, and you have to go through the vampyre process like you would school. It is boring but completely necessary.
However there are few rules I will warn you about them. First and most importantly: No killing humans. If we killed humans there would be no blood left eventually. Second, vampyres have to have blood regularly to keep healthy. Third, there is no guarantee that you will survive to be a vampyre.
In vampyre training there is not just blood training, but there is physical stuff as well. Plus we have to go to mortal school as well. Don’t know why we must go to mortal school. I have never been, as trainee vampyres must be secluded from mortals while we are getting control of our fangs. We get control of our fangs at around fifteen years. Then we have to wait a standard year. So I am sixteen.
This is my first year, in high school. Dear gosh, I hope that someone does not make me mad. I have all the necessary materials to stay sane in high school (food injected with blood,) good I’m all ready.

I crawled into my bed. No we don’t have coffins. We have normal people beds. I lay there contemplating what mortal school will be like. As I imagined, I fell asleep. In my dream, my secret was found out. I was shunned. No one liked me. Except for my parents,

I ran into the place screaming the words, “I am a vampyre.” In my dream as I screamed I was being chased after with stakes. My eyes flew open. I looked over at the digital clock; it showed the time in blood red numbers; 6:00.

I sat up and looked around my room. There were the familiar movie posters. The same decorations. I blew out a deep breath. I grabbed the edges of my green blanket, and flung it back. My pale legs jumped up. I walked over to the dark cherry wood dresser that my father built for me. Inside were my shirts.

I pulled on a pale green one that said in blood red letters “Bite Me”, in my pants drawer were my favorite blue jeans.

They were worn but loved. I checked out myself in the mirror. Result? I need to brush my hair. As I was pulling the wooden brush through my chocolate brown tangled hair, I heard my mother knocking on the door softly. I called out, “Come in.” She walked in.

My mother looks like me. She has the blue eyes. In the looks department we could be twins. We even have the same height (5” 5). However, I have my father’s hair, smarts, and super abilities.

See we both can read minds. Strangely I also have my mother’s gift of telekinesis. This is the ability to move objects with the mind. In the vampyre world every vampyre only has one gift. Iam rare because I have two. When my mother walked in, the air around me stood still.

“Excited for your first day sweetie?” She questioned. See my mom has it in her head that no one will find out my secret. I however don’t have the optimism she has.

“You know it mom,” I retorted sarcastically. She sighed.

“Hon you don’t know that they will find out your secret. You could be a little more optimistic.”

“Like that will happen.”

She just sighed again. “Well when you’re done with your hair, you can come down and drink your blood packet.”

My mouth watered, at the thought of micro waved blood. It would be fresh, warm, and oh so delicious. I pulled the brush out of my hair. I pulled on my blue Addidas shoes. When I had everything ready for the first day I sprinted down the stairs.

There sitting at the table were my parents. They most likely assumed that I wasn’t ready yet, which was why they were in each others arms. Making out. Yuck, the thought of parents kissing (more specifically my parents) each other was revolting.

My mother opened one eye, saw me standing there, and was out of my dad’s arms. My dad looked back to see what had startled her. When he saw me, he shrugged and said,

“What is the matter?”

“If you’re going to kiss don’t do it in front of me please.”

“Done deal princess.”

I don’t know why he calls me princess. Vampires in tiaras? Not a good picture. I sat at the little island in the kitchen. My mom handed me my breakfast. Fried eggs, toast, and a cup of O positive. Ahhhh my favorite. I shoveled one egg into my mouth. Subtly, as my dad intended, he snuck a kiss with my mother.

Even though it was embarrassing to watch, it was nice to see that they were so in love. I coughed to show them that I saw that. Even so they only pulled apart a little.

“While you are making out, I am going to go to Hell. A.K.A. high school. Wish me luck.”

“Luck,” they chorused.

I smiled, when I had my back turned I could hear them going at it again. I knew however that in a couple of minutes that they would be off to their jobs. I watched my feet as they trudged out the door. At the end of the street I could see about 10 kids.

Their heads turned in my direction. Promptly whispers broke out. I pushed out my hearing to try to catch some of what they were saying. It ranged from:

“Who is she?” from the girls to:

“Wow she is smoking.” from the guys.

I just stood there. There were then the sound of timid footsteps right behind me. When I turned to see who it was, I saw only a chin. When I looked up, I saw a girl who was about 5” 10 or 5”11. This girl had neon blue hair, sharp hazel eyes, and a chin that was set that would not have quivered. When she met my gaze, she asked,

“You new?”


Somehow that was all it took. The bus pulled up as we were chatting. We were already the best of friends. The driver opened the doors. Kylie (that was the girl’s name, last name was Chrism) motioned for me to sit with her, and I did. We chatted on the bus about what the school was like. The cute boys. You know classics. I learned that Kylie was not popular. I told her in response,

“I care if you are popular why?”

“Don’t you want to make a good impression? I can already tell you are going to be asked out today.”

“Really?” I asked in a tone that sounded like I couldn’t believe it. When in reality I knew better. Vampyres were physically attractive to others. Kylie nodded. She then added,

“You might want to just abandon me and go hang out with them.” She jerked a thumb at a group of girls, who upon seeing me looking at them, turned away and giggled with each other.

I tsked at them. Kylie cracked up. I also learned that she was mostly quiet, but occasionally louder than a bull dowser. I laughed with her. Soon though the bus ride was over. I stepped up and was pushed out the door. I looked for Kylie and saw her right next to me.

I jumped a little and then laughed at myself. She showed me to my locker. With a coincidence that was pure luck, Kylie’s locker was right next to mine.

We walked down to the lockers. I spun the locker’s black dial. Inside was nothing but the color of purple metal. Over my shoulder I saw three teenage boys just staring at me. The locker next to mine, was occupied by a boy with black hair, green eyes, and a crooked nose. He was listening to what I presumed was techno, based on the noises coming from the headphones. Kylie knew him though and said,

“Hi Jax.”

The boy looked up, saw me and jumped. When he came back down, he asked Kylie,

“Where did she come from?”

“Where did she come from?”

“No not really,” he said to Kylie to me he said, “Hey my name is Jax Noatak and no I am not Goth.”

“My name is Alexia Levi,” for one moment I thought about telling him my secret if we were going to be friends, but decided against it. It turns out as I put my stuff in my locker, that we all had the same homeroom. I slammed the locker shut, and with Kylie showing me the way walked to homeroom.

In the class there were about 15 students. The teacher was a middle aged lady who introduced herself as Mrs. Kiser. She seemed nice but made me stand in front of the class and introduce myself. I could feel eyes on me as I said my introductions. When I sat back down, a girl on my other side whose hair was cherry blonde asked,

“You must be new, other why’s you wouldn’t be hanging with losers like them.”

Now most of the time I won’t react negatively. This girl obviously didn’t know what would happen if I got mad. I could feel my fangs lengthening a little. Calm I told myself. Like magic my fangs shrunk. I looked at the girl. She kept talking.

“Since you are moderately pretty you should hang with us. It won’t help your reputation to hang with them.” She pointed a long manicured finger at Jax and Kylie. I could feel my anger puffing up like a blowfish. Just to let it out I said,

“What is wrong with you?”

“Nothing is wrong with me.”

“Well there must be something or you wouldn’t be being such a heinous bitch to my friends. So unless you want me to break those fingers back the fudge off.” Yes I did just say fudge instead of the f word. She even looked shock.

“That was your first mistake. Don’t let it happen again.”

“Well excuse me ‘Ms. there is a stick up my butt’ mess with them again or even insult them and that fake blonde hair is coming right off.”

The girl was silent towards me. Kylie and Jax were just staring at me mouths agape, and eyes wide with wonder. Kylie was the first to speak,

“Wow I can’t believe you stood up to her.”

Jax chimed in with,

“I think she’s scared of you.”

“Well if she is scared then she will know not to mess with you right?”

They nodded eyes still wide. As Mrs. Kiser droned on about the new year and a new start, I surveyed my surroundings. There were several boys staring at me. The blonde girl’s posse was whispering reverently at each other. There were a few social rejects sitting at the back. They also had better class than to stare at a new kid.

My guess was that they wanted to fly under the radar. The buzzing of the bell went off. Kylie stood up and I followed asking where room 403 was. This was my drama class. She pointed it off.

With a heavy load (by human standards) in my arms, I headed to drama class. I stepped in the room and was wowed at my surroundings. Instead of a classroom, they had a theatre. I hurriedly put my books in a chair, no one was there yet. I stepped up onto center stage.

I imagined, that I was a fierce pirate battling alongside vampyres. The fight was intense but it was well worth it to save the kingdom. This was the same game I played when I was little.

My playtime was interrupted by the sound of doors opening. I looked to see who dared enter while I was imagining. What I saw was a drop dead gorgeous looking boy. Sniffing the air around me, I checked. Yep he was definitely human. For shame he was cute though. The boy was looking at me curiously because he asked,

“What are you doing?” I responded with,

“Acting, what you haven’t seen it before?”

He laughed at that and I really wished he was a trainee vampyre. Then another devilishly (ha ha devil) boy walked in. I sniffed one more time. Strange he smelled partly like vampyre. Hmmmm, maybe I’m not the only trainee vampyre. He must have sniffed the air too, because his eyes got wide. This is normally a bizarre reaction. So using my super capabilities I read his mind.

What I read in there was weird, yet proved my point. Here I’ll let you read some of what was in there.

“She smells like a vampyre. She acts like a vampyre. I should ask her if she is one but what if she isn’t? She would accuse me of being a freak. Darn and she was considerably hot too.”

Then the swarm of other students walked in. Behind them all was a woman in her late 30’s early 40’s. She walked with an air of sophistication. Then that wrinkled puckered mouth spoke,

“Class take your seats.”

I sat next to the devilishly handsome boy. While the teacher was taking attendance, I wrote a quick note that said: Vampyre?

I tossed it onto his lap. With mild curiosity, he opened it. Then those beautiful green eyes widened. He scribbled, but the teacher walked up the aisle making sure we weren’t up to rift raft. When the teacher walked back to the front he tossed the note into my lap. I quickly opened it and read: Yes. How about you?

I nodded, feeling giggly and like I was on some weird high. Apparently his super gift is the ability to communicate with someone through their minds. I know this because I heard a voice in my head.

What is your name?”

“Alexia Levi. Yours?” I thought back.

“Sam Trueheart. What’s your superpower?”

“Actually I have two. Mind-reading, and telekinesis.”


"Wow I haven't met a vampyre with two super powers."

“Yep that’s me. Ms. Rare.”

Gosh did I have to be so stupid around guys? Especially hot vampyre guys? The teacher caught my attention (her name is Mrs. Blaydon) the only reason she caught my attention, was because she said that we would have to do mirror expressions with a partner. I turned my head toward Sam. He nodded already knowing what we would have to do.

Around us the sounds of heavy footsteps thudded up the stage. I got up also, and walked down the aisle to the stage. Sam was right behind me marveling at the fact that he had found another vampyre friend. I stepped up on that wonderful wooden stage. The kids around me were staring at us.

I winked at Sam, his skin turned a slightly pinker shade. With mock seriousness I made a happy face. He copied knowing that inside we were having a wonderful conversation in our minds.

“So,” he thought.

“Yes?” I thought back.

“What are you doing tomorrow night?”

“I’m thinking about asking a cute boy out.”


He sounded dejected. I made a face of straight out laughter.

“I’m thinking about you silly.” 



“Well let me beat you to the punch. Will you go out with me tomorrow night?”

“Hmmmm, I’ll have to check my calendar. But Yes I would love to.”

His next expression was one of pure joy as he realized that I might like him as much as he liked me. With the sounds of students chatting around us, I looked deep into his lovely green eyes. They were deep and spoke a thousand things.

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