Moon Bane Mountain

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Moon Bane Mountain Academy seemed to always there... in the corner of my eye... Did the stones always feel so cold... Or am I going into shock?... I look down at myself... My body shook as the rain bombarded me and my blood slowly washed away..... I think the day is ending for me...

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Moon Bane Mountain

Submitted: July 25, 2012

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Submitted: July 25, 2012



Character Intro:


Eldest Son: Fuyuki Amaya

Reserved, Cool, and Smart

Snowy white blonde hair with sky blue eyes. (Glasses)

Class President and Student Rep.


Twin Set:


Eldest Twin: Ken Amaya

Perverted, and Laid-back

Rich brown hair with Clear blue eyes. (One Dimple)

Vice President and Most Popular Guy


Younger Twin: Takeo Amaya

Rebellious and Quick-Tempered

Bright Fiery Red hair with Baby blue Eyes. (Lip piecing)

Head Gangster




Eldest Triplet: Shuu Amaya

Possessive and Intense

Shiny Black Hair with Deep brown (Almost black)eyes. (Scar across upper-lip)

Archery Captain and Kendo Captain


Middle Triplet: You Amaya

Optimistic and Energetic

Light Brown Hair With Green Eyes. (Black Thorn Vine Tattoo under right eye)

Basketball Star


Youngest Triplet and Son: Hyosuke Amaya

Shy and Cute

Chocolate Brown Hair and Caramel Brown Eyes.




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