Stray Leaves of Tervar'i

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When did the World turn so cold? I keep getting this feeling everytime I look to the Chapel. My soul shrinks and cowers like it knows if or when I go there everthing I have ever known will come crashing down. I turn my head to the side and walk away, the wind to my back. Then, everything began to rock and shake. I hear a deep roar and I slowly turn around... My Biggest MISTAKE.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Stray Leaves of Tervar'i

Submitted: August 28, 2012

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Submitted: August 28, 2012



Tervar'i Resources- Most uses unknown to Humans

Uses for fire and lightings and ect.Heaven's Flames- a bright white flame.Witch Soul- A dark ever moving green flame

Uses for drinking and healing and ect.Mey Drop- a light clear blue healing water.Dark Curse- A cloudy black water.

Uses for building and Magick and ect.Earthen Angel- A golden brown wood.Mage Broom- A red brown twig tree

Uses for weather and warfare and ect.  Southern Dragon- A Hot brazen wind.Northern Sprite- A Cold icy breeze.

Tervar'i Powers- Tara-born unique

Beast Mastery, Shapeshifting, Mind reading, Elements, Future Telling, Tongues, Enhanced body, and ect.

The Island Of Four Brews- Home to Tara-born and Tervar'i uses. A castle-like island split into four sections. Ash, Oak, Yew, and Maple.

Each section with its own Tervar'i.  Ash- Heaven's Flames and Witch Soul.Oak- Soutern Dragon and Northern Sprite. 

Yew- Earthern Angel and Mage Broom.  Maple- Mey Drop and Dark Curse.

Winterburn- A cold northern continent. The people there are called Ezk. Most cold barren rock land. Every few trees, more plains and mountains.

Owlflown- A floating warm climate continent. The people there are called Rowlx. A Huge continent floating in the sky. Lots of trees and farms.

Gearscorch- A hot scorching desert continent. The people there are called Ayel. A large barren desert continent with many underground mines and cities. No trees and plenty of sand.

Rosensun-  A normal four season continent.  The people there are called Sens. A continent full of plains, mountains, deserts, and treelands.


Masha Greenburg- Female, Rowlx- Owlflown

Immature; slightly stupid; pinkish eyes; Likes to sing; Black hair with purple streaks ( Tribal markings); Tomboyish; tan skin; Spearmen.

Isador Crown- Male, Ezk/Rowlx- Winterburn

Silent; mature; wears fake glasses; Charcoal black hair; pale skin; Light blue eyes; Tara-born- Beast Mastery; Winged tattoo on chest ( Clan marking).

Bon Que'- Female, Ezk- Winterburn

Outstanding; tomboy; loud mouth; Red hair with Black Streaks (Tribal markings); Red Eyes; Dark Brown skin; Swordsman.

Cara Knight- Female, Sens- Rosensun

hyper; talks alot; girly; Light brown hair; Golden Earings (Clan Marking); Violet eyes; pale skin; Female Knight.

Nika Grave- Male, Rowlx/Ayel- Owlflown

Long deep red hair; grey eyes; eyepatch; likes to fight;  Funny; Mercenary; level-headed; seven bangles on right arm (Tribal Marking).

Alice Fallen- Female, Ayel- Gearscorch

Dark brown hair; carmel brown eyes; sleepy all the time; reads lot; Dark brown skin; glasses; smart; Bear paw tattoo of wrist (Tribal Marking).

Natall Haven- Male, Ayel/Sens- Rosensun

Blonde Hair; green eyes; Strong-willed; sharp temper; stubborn; loves horses; Tervar'i User- Earthen Angel; Claw mark on face ( Clan Marking).


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