Under Chains and Under Clouds

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I am kind of a quiet person, I try to never get in the way of people. But, nothing ever goes my way. I have secrets. Family secrets and personal secrets. I am unable to do a lot of things and as my Father's motto goes. Succeed Or Suffer. It leads to things I wish not to talk about. But, I found a way into a place that lead me to peace. In this place Wishing is more than useless fantasy, it is more, and I become more.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Under Chains and Under Clouds

Submitted: July 25, 2012

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Submitted: July 25, 2012



Chapter One: The Blackened Heart of the Swallow

I walked into the house of my dearest friend, Riku. “Mr. Hashish?” I called out. “Yes? I am in the kitchen.” He answered. I sat down, untied my shoes, leaving them at the door, and continued towards the living room. “Mr. Hashish is Riku home?” I replied. Mr. Hashish appears in the room, sets down a plate of sandwiches and some tea. “Not at the moment, though he will be back in an hour. Will you stay and wait or will you leave?” Mr. Hashish asks. I sit down at the table with the snacks and reply. “I would like to stay. There is something I need to tell him.” Mr. Hashish smiles and sits down across from me. “Then, would you like to talk with me as we wait?” he asks and I smile. “ Of course, being in your company and involved in your conversions is always enjoyable Mr. Hashish.” I answer with a flick of my hand. Mr. Hashish’s eyes light up and he leaned forward. “Let us down the formalities then and talk casually. Call me anything that would add to the light mood.” He suggests and I nod. “Will uncle be fine?” I ask and he pauses. “Why of course, that seems acceptable.” He replies quietly. “So Uncle, how has your day been so far?” I ask, starting the conversion. He sighs softly. “Well, it has been quite pleasant. How about yourself?” This time I paused, slightly nervous. “That was something I wanted to tell Riku.” I answer, looking to the side and Mr. Hashish frowns. “Is there a problem? If you need any help just ask me and I'll try my best.” He says leaning closer with a concerned look of his face. “You do look a little pale, I thought at first it was the lighting. But, now it doesn't seem that way. Are you sick? He bombarded. “Mr. Hashish I thought this was going to be a light conversion.” I inquired lightly. He leaned back and sighed. “Forgive me, I have intruded.” He mumbles. “Why don't we talk about school then?” He continues. I shook slightly and stared at the tea. “I wish not to talk about school, either.” I twitched. Mr. Hashish frowned deeply and set a hand on my shoulder. “Alright, I think its best if I go start dinner. Please, try and tell me if there is something bothering you. I am concerned.” He answers and leaves the room. I flop down against the table and close my eyes.

Mr. Hashish is nice. But, he must never know. He is kind but, I don't know if he'll understand. Only Riku does.....Only Riku does......I think as my mind drifts off.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~Some time past ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I drifted in and out of sleep. “B.......En.........en.......Be..n.........Ben......Wake Up.....” I hear a voice calling my name, trying to get me up. I swipe a hand out and mumble. “Leave....meh......alone....” There was a quiet giggle and I peeked around, one eye open. “Ah! So, you are awake. I come home and in my living room is a sleeping bear on the floor. Tsk.. What will I do with you, Ben?” Riku says looking down at me. I smile sleepily and pushed myself up. “ I was waiting for you...” I mumble and he grins. “How sweet of you.” He coos. I extend a hand and he grabs it, pulling me up. “ugh.. You keep getting heavier and bigger, each time I meet with you. I swear.” He jokes. I brush off my pants and straighten my tie. “I wanted to talk with you...” I say with a small frown. He grips my hand and I look down at it. “Alright, come on up to my room.” Riku answers, pulling me along.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I watched from inside the kitchen at the both of them. Once I heard Riku's door close I followed up the stairs and leaned against the door, listening. I must know what happened to him..

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Riku pushes me onto the bed and undoes my tie. “Now, tell me what happened. Every single detail.” He demands and I nod my head. “ Mother.....Past away today.” I choked. Riku looks up at me startled. “No.... I am sorry, Ben.” He says looking down at the ground. Hen noticed my twitching. He gasped. “What DID he do to YOU.” Riku growled in angry. I looked away. “He blamed me.......” I reply quietly. Riku unbuttoned my jacket, shirt, and pulled them off slowly. He stared at the bloodstained shirt and grimaced. “ What did he do...?” He inquired softly and quietly. “I know by the outside but, not by the inside..” He asked poking my chest over my heart. I smiled sadly. “That my friend is locked under chains.”

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