Leaking Heart: A Novel

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Chapter 10 (v.1)

Submitted: November 22, 2011

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Submitted: November 22, 2011



Somehow we ended up on the bed.  We laid on top of the covers, still kissing, tongues exploring the inside of one another's mouth.

I was still naked, and I wanted him to be, too.  His jeans were chafing me.  I pulled off his shirt.  I regretted having to separate for even a moment.  I was panting and gasping for air again.

Shiloah took my wrists and sat up on me, not out of breath in the slightest.  He smiled down at me mysteriously.  He was so hot.  He had abs, and a hairless chest.

Then he leaned down and kissed me again, pressing harder.  Holding my wrists down on the bed.

I could feel myself getting hard. 

Shiloah detached his lips from mine again and started trail kissing down my chin, down my throat, down my chest and lingered on my nipple for a miment, then continued down my belly.  He let go of my wrists and ran his hands down my body to my thighs.  He pushed my legs apart a little, then put his mouth around my cock.  I moaned in pleasure.

He started to suck me off.  I could hardly breathe from the intense pleasure.  I panted and moaned, loving every minute of it.

Then I came.

Shiloah calmly sat up and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.  I suddenly felt embarrassed and pulled my legs together.  I couldn't believe I moaned like that.

Shiloah crawled over to my side and laid down next to me.  My dick had already gone limp again.  "First time?" he asked.  I could hear the smile in his voice.

I blushed harder.  "Sorry."

"What?"  He sat up and looked at me.  He laughed.  "Sorry?"  He prodded my belly, forcing an instant reflex of me having a spasm. 

"You did everything for me instead of yourself."

"So?" he laughed.  "If I wanted something for myself, I'd have started jerking off in the middle of it."

I was silent.

"Hey, what time do your parents get home?" he asked suddenly, glancing over at my clock.

"Um, like 5:00," I replied.  "What time is it now?"

" 'Bout ten in the morning.  We've got like, seven hours.  Unless you want me to go."

"No," I said, almost too quickly, almost too loudly.  "Stay here as long as you want."

" 'Kay."

"Oh.  And please don't tell my parents," I added.  They still don't know.

He laughed.  "Never."

He turned and studied me for a moment.  "You ever think of getting a piercing?"

"Piercing?" I frowned.

"Nothing too serious.  An earring, maybe.  Bet it'd look cute on you," he sang, tugging one of my earlobes playfully.

I pulled away from him.  "No way!  My parents wouldn't pay for something like that."

"Why pay when I can do it myself?" he suggested.

I paused.  I thought of how my parents would react.  I suddenly laughed to myself.  "I could be the daughter they always wanted."


I snapped back to reality.  "Oh, nothing.  Sorry."  I sat up and looked down at myself.  There was no cum around my penis or on the bedsheet.  I looked at Shiloah.  "Did you...?"

He burst out laughing.  "You should've been there the first time I ever swallowed.  It was hilarious!  Jake was screaming at me for puking all over his new carpet."

I chuckled lightly and went over to my dresser.  I pulled on a pair of boxers, but decided it was too hot for anything else.  I started to walk out the door.

"Hey, think about it, will you?" he asked suddenly.

"About what?"

"A piercing.  I can do any place you want it," Shiloah said.

"Do you not like me the way I am?" I asked, mocking pain.

He laughed.  "No, it's just you seem like the type of person who would have piercings.  Most guys really dig it.  And a little guyliner, maybe."

"The hell is guyliner?" I frowned.

"It's short for guy eyeliner," he explained, stretching out on my bed with his hands entertwined behind his head.  "I don't mean you have to wear this stuff, but I'm just saying you seem like the type of person who would wear it.  Think about it."

I rolled my eyes and told him to come watch tv with me.

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