Leaking Heart: A Novel

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Chapter 13 (v.1)

Submitted: November 28, 2011

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Submitted: November 28, 2011



I asked Mom if Shiloah could stay for dinner.  She said yes.  At dinner, I found that the real reason wasn't because I asked, or because he was my friend, or that she necessarily cared.

She bombarded him with questions.  "Where are you from?  Who are your parents?  Any brothers or sisters?  How old are you?  What grade are you in?  What's your favorite color?  Do you have enough on your plate?  So, what have you and Athan been up to?  Why did your parents pick Shiloah as your name?  When is your birthday?"

But he answered each one with ease, always holding up his smile.  "I'm from Dallas, Texas, but I'm not a redneck or anything.  My mom is Lisa Brown, and my dad's Thomas Brown.  I'm an only child.  I'm 17.  I'm a junior.  It's a tie between blue and blue.  Yes, thank you.  I've been mutilating him, how 'bout you?  They had to pick a normal-sounding name in case I didn't like Darth.July 28th."

"So, how's your mother?" asked Dad.

"Eh, she's a little teary-eyed still at moving all this way.  But I still say it's her own fault for having to move so far for this stupid job," smiled Shiloah.

"Where does she work?" asked Mom, her mouth full of spaghetti.  Gross.

"She's the weather girl, no, woman of Channel 7," Shiloah replied.

"She's not weather girl?" I chuckled.

"Naw, she's too old to be a girl.  She's a woman," scoffed Shiloah.

"What about your father?" asked Mom, leaning forward.  "Your mother's never talked about him.  Does he not live with you?"

Only then did Shiloah's smile slowly fade.  He looked down.  "He's the reason we moved, actually," he said quietly.

"Oh, my goodness," Mom breathed.  "I'm sorry, was he abusive or...?"

Shiloah's smile came back slightly.  He looked up at her with that smile, but I think everyone at the table saw past it.  "He died of a blood clot last year."

"Oh," said Mom.  She had nothing to say to him now.  "Oh, I'm so sorry, Shiloah," she said sympathetically.

I twirled my noodles around my fork silently.  Sometimes my mom was really embarrassing.

"It's fine, really," Shiloah laughed.  "I mean, it's not like he was gonna live forever, you know?  I'm sure we're all going to die someday, and I'm sure Athan will die of mutilation by my hand," he said, poking me with his fork.

I pretended to be electrocuted and fell to the floor, hardly able to contain my giggles.

"Athan, get up off the floor," Dad scolded, peering over his newspaper.

Shiloah, laughing as hard as I was, stood up from his chair with a scrape and leaned down to help me up.  Once I was back in my chair, he settled back into his own and shoveled more spaghetti into his mouth.

Even Mom had to laugh a little at it.  Then she cleared her throat, glad for the subject change.  "Do you plan on going to college, Shiloah?" she asked.

Shiloah looked up, thinking.  "I always loved to go o the movies," he said.  "I was thinking that one day, I might be a producer, or a script writer.  Those guys go to college, right?"

"Yes," agreed Mom. 

"But I was also thinking of becoming a meteorolgist, to follow after my dad.  I know a lot about stuff like that.  I used to lay under the stars and imagine what else was out there," Shiloah continued.  His crooked smile had disappeared again in his thoughtfulness.  He suddenly clapped his hands loudly, causing everyone at the table to jump.  He grinned.  "I could be both.  A meteorologist movie producer.  It's got a ring to it."

Dad laughed.  "Good luck with that, kid."

Shiloah laughed.  "You just watch, old man," he sneered.  "Someday, my name will be all over the big screen and in the news and everything!"

Mom and I glanced at each other, then we laughed.  Dad and Shiloah joined in.

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