The Day Love Came

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*Belated Valentine's Day Challenge*

Summary: This is a story about how in life you get days where there are some pretty unforgettable days and there are times where things start to collide into a place where it’s so dark you can hardly see from left to right, it’s about having a little faith when everything is going the opposite way. This story is also about a girl who goes by the name _______ who is finally strength to walk away from something finally saying goodbye. This story also slowly connects and intertwines together with Diego.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Day Love Came

Submitted: February 27, 2013

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Submitted: February 27, 2013




Chapter one – Time to say goodbye…

Elycia prospective: Goodbye… for good.

It’s about time that I walked away from you, you played with my heart like it was nothing from the distance I can hear you saying baby please don’t go but I’m already running. I let you into my heart you seemed so different from the rest until the moment you flipped everything upside down and pretended I didn’t even exist. I didn’t want to believe it that you would do such a thing but now that I finally realize what this sick feeling is the butterflies I had for you have died, The way I fell for your smile, The way I fell for your laugh, the way I liked you for who you are everything that I’ve ever loved about you Is gone away for good. My feet finally move from its plays no longer cemented and stuck in this awful place I doubt you will even notice that I’m gone for good or even believe it... But you should because baby I’m gone for good. The father I go the father I run away from you it hits me that I should of done this a long time ago. Just don’t think I’m going to be coming back because I didn’t even take a single glance behind me the only thing I saw in my eyes is new possibilities.

Now you’re probably wondering why I left, what happened that made me want to leave as fast as my two feet can take me well here’s the story. There was this guy he made me believe and feel deep down in my heart that he actually cared about me, that he liked me for who I’m that he didn’t want to change who I’m, he made me believe that he was different than the rest of the guys these days and you’re probably thinking this sounds like a lot of the rest of the stories out there well mines a little bit different.

Finally I got away from you, so I thought well physically I ran away as fast as I could I packed my bags as quickly as I can I knew my time to get away was very slim. I never thought I could have the strength and encourage getting away from you but I did. I didn’t think my two feet could move as fast as they just did and I thought for sure that my eyes would take one glance back but they didn’t. Now I’m thinking all that effort is going right out the window I’m still stuck there at the place I tried my hardest to get away my mind is still stuck on replay over and over it replays the same events . Especially the moment that made me realize you were not different from the rest.

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