Chapter 1: Guardian angels

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It must have been three o‘clock in the afternoon, when Janice Story was getting changed for work, she worked at a bar in Hollywood, Los Angeles. She was a singer at the bar; her boyfriend (fiancé) Adam Stiles worked for a company called Eco Friendly Projects (EFP). She was walking out her front door when she saw a dove fly in to her bird bath in the front garden; her front garden was long with trees surrounding the fence, a few ornamental statues and a long path leading from the front door step to the garage to the big mechanical gates at the gardens end. She went to the garage, when she thought she never locked the door, she went back to the large front door to lock it. There it was a letter on the door step in perfect calligraphy saying;


Look after him for me

 She looked at the note over and found a strange piece of jewellery it looked like a necklace but with a stone with a mixture of colours in that moved, inside it had blue that moved like the ocean, fire that looked as if it burned, green that seemed to grow and white that blew like the wind, with a diamond that seemed to draw the energy from the four colours. She looked around the garden to see who would have left it, but the dove had flown away. She had a puzzling look on her face.


She went into work wearing the necklace, and got onto the stage and started to sing, she sang her heart out. The stage was small but big enough to fit a band on, everyone was cheering to her with wolf whistles and throwing flower pettles. Janice was feeling weak then dizzy, then she all of a sudden she collapsed onto the ground. The bartender rushes on the stage, her friend Jessica screamed and ran for help.


Janice awoke in hospital being surrounded by a doctor and her boyfriend Adam "so how do you feel?" asked the doctor. "Fine" she replied very weakly. "So we ran some tests and we've detected something that may be a shock to you". There was a pause, "What Is It?" she asked as I she was expecting what was coming, "You're pregnant" the sheer look of shock on Janice's face, was more than enough to make it appear she was smacked. "No I can't be I cant get pregnant I'm... I've got problems" she replied in amazing shock with a hint of happiness. "I'll leave you two alone." Adam who rarely talked said "well that's good news isn't it?" but Janice was about to sleep the noise of the room was drowning out.


That night Janice was tossing and turning, she just couldn't sleep at all. From left to right, right to left, the room appeared to be cold but the thermometer was saying room temperature, how could it be possible that is about to be explained when the room was filled with a flash of light the out of nowhere a woman was sitting in the visitors chair next to the bed. "You know why I picked you to be my son's mother?" said the entity in a godly voice that seemed calm. "What do you mean?" asked Janice in a groggy annoying way. "Well I chose you because your soul is pure". Janice and the entity talked on for what seemed hours talking how the baby boy would be called Gabriel. Then all of a sudden the entity vanished.

Janice awoke with a heavy grasp for breath, in the room was a doctor holding a syringe in his hand. "How are you?" asked the doctor with a look of hope on his face, "fine, w what happened?" asked Janice. "Well, you collapsed, your heart rate was increasing and your heat signature was to low." Janice looked aghast. "How long have I been out?" "Since the bar, 3 hours" answered the doctor. "No I was conscience for ages." Janice answered shocked. "What do you mean?" asked the doctor puzzled. "My boyfriend Adam was here" "That's the problem we can't get to him his phone is switched off." The doctor said defensively. "He was here just a while ago" Janice snapped. The doctor grew tired of arguing walked out of the room.


When Janice was able to leave for home, she went to the local pharmacy and bought two pregnancy tests, she followed the instructions and twenty to twenty five minutes later the answers were revealed. At first glance it looked as though it was negative, but in a sudden second it changed to positive unable to believe the tests she phoned her local pregnancy clinic. "Can I make an appointment to see if I am pregnant?" Janice asked over the phone to the front desk. "Yeah can I fit you in on Wednesday?" said the receptionist. "Yeah no problem" Janice replied.




In the clinic Janice found her way to a comfortable chair. Next to Janice was a young girl that seemed fifteen. Janice asked the girl "Are you here with your mum?" The girl smiled and replied. "No I'm here to see if I'm pregnant, accident with the condom." Janice flabbergasted turned away from the girl.

"Margret Mayhew" called the clinic doctor. The young girl got up and followed the doctor in to a room. Janice sat there and waited for a few minutes, and then the doctor called her name she got up and followed to a sterilized room. It was larger than the waiting room, mainly because of all the machines in it. "So Janice I see you want a test?" he said reading a clipboard on what appeared to be a desk. "Yes I need to know accurately if I'm pregnant, because I was told I can't get pregnant, and then I had two pregnancy tests two see if I was, then it turned positive but I wanted a professional opinion, that's where you come in" answered Janice. "Well prop yourself on the chair and we'll see" he instructed her pointing to a chair. She sat on the chair that looked like a toilet. "Here you go you know what to do and I'll leave you to your business" giving her a cup like container before leaving the room. She done what she had with the other tests and five minutes later the doctor entered the room again this time with gloves. "I see thing are in order" he said with a jester as in to hand him the cup. Janice gave him the cup, he left the room. After about half an hour of waiting he entered again and said "Congratulations you're pregnant" Janice was shocked at the speech and felt a warm sensation flow through her body. The clinic doctor told her to take great care and gave her a wallet containing how to care for babies.


At home Janice waited for her boyfriend Adam to return home to tell him the good news. At seven thirty he walked through the door, and he through his keys in a china bowl, the put his suitcase on a chair, then walked into the living room where Janice was waiting to greet him. "I have something to tell you" she said in a normal tone "what babes" he said kissing her on the lips. "You better sit down first" she instructed in a happy tone. He followed her instructions and sat down with a sense of worry in his eyes. "I'm pregnant." The room went so quiet that a pin can be heard falling, then to break the tension Adam got up and hugged his girlfriend. "That's great but how?" "I don't have a clue" they discussed what they will call it all night long, "Shall we call it if it is a boy James and if it's a girl Jessica" asked Adam. "No Gabriel because its unisex" replied Janice. They both agreed and headed off to bed.


9 months later


Janice had everything planed for the baby its room was decorated in kids TV wall paper, and It's cot was fairly big, it was top of the range that sang the baby to sleep if it awoke, and the cupboards where made of oak wood in different colours, the carpet was designed especially for kids that tried to get out of their cot and fell. She felt the baby kick but this time it was different, she rushed to the phone and rang for Adam "yeah, eco friendly projects" "Adam it's time" replied Janice breathing heavily. "Don't worry I'll be there soon" said Adam putting the phone down.


Adam arrived ten minutes later; he helped Janice to the car and drove her to the hospital. Janice felt something trickling down her leg, and then a gush of a watery liquid gushed out. Screaming Janice said "put a foot on it" Adam complied and put his foot on the break. Then finally they arrived at the hospital, "Can I have someone help me, my Fiancé is in labour" Adam screamed. A nurse came over and sat Janice in a wheelchair and rushed her off to the delivery ward. The nurse stopped at an empty cubical "A doctor will be here soon" the nurse rushed off and a couple of minuets later a doctor entered the cubical. "Breath Janice breath" he grabbed her and pulled her onto a delivery chair. "Push Janice" he said, by now Janice was in pure pain. "Almost, there just push" Janice pushed with all her might

Submitted: September 23, 2007

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If you're wondering whether to be a published writer, pursue it! Your writing is really good.


Tue, September 25th, 2007 9:09am


thanks for the comment. The next chapter will be on the way soon.

Thu, September 27th, 2007 3:33pm

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