Chapter 1: Jersey High: The Drama Begins

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

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"That's good for now Alex." Aaron called out to his brother from where he was talking to Vanessa Wright, "We're gonna grab a bite to eat.'
"Wow you really love your brother don't you?" Vanessa asked as Aaron turned his attention back to her.

"I'm all he has right now." Aaron replied softly.
"Sorry didn't mean to bring back any memories." Vanessa said as she caught the distant look in his eyes.
"Don't worry about it." Aaron said s he flashed his killer smile at her, "Wanna join us for lunch?"
"I wish I could but I have to get my sister down to the high school before they close to register." Vanessa replied as a tall, slender girl appeared at her side suddenly.
"Jersey High?" Aaron asked
"Yes. I attend there so she gets to go to school with me." Vanessa replied, "This is Carly."
"Nice to meet you. I'm Aaron and that's  my brother Alex. He's also going to Jersey High to." Aaron said as he spotted his brother running towards him.
"Do you go to?" Vanessa asked
"Actually I do. I'm suppose to be a senior but I got into some things during my sophomore year and I ended up repeating a grade.' Aaron explained.
"How did I do?" Alex asked as he approached his brother with his skateboard under his arm.
"Great. We gotta work on your air time though. But we have time the competition isn't for another 2 weeks." Aaron replied as they started for the car.
"It was nice to meet you, and I hope I can you see another time." Vanessa said as she trailed behind them.
'Definitely." Aaron replied, "I'll give you my number and you can give me a call whenever you wanna meet me again."
"Okay." Vanessa said as she took his number down on the back of a piece of paper, "It was really nice meeting you.'
"Likewise." Aaron said as he waved bye.
"Baby we're gonna be the cutest couple in school." Erica said as she ran a hand though her curly hair.
"I guess." Dennis said as he watched her from his position on the bed, "I don't really care for that."
"But you have to." Erica stated as she turned to face him with a puppy dog look on her face, "Please?"
"Whatever babe.' Dennis said as he smiled at her.
"Okay so we're going shopping tomorrow and you're coming along." Erica said as she plopped down into Dennis's lap.
"Who's we, because I don't go shopping with chick. It's a waste of my perfect time. Dennis said as he ran a hand through her hair.
"Well Jessica, Aaron, Hazel ,Riley, and Janice. I think so more people might be going but that's who I know right now." Erica said.
"Did you forget that I'm in a band." Dennis said as he glanced out the window
Erica followed his gaze to the truck that had just pulled up to the house across the street from his. A tall, slender, female came stumbling out carrying a load of boxes. She had shoulder length hair and an athletic body. She was wearing a pink wife beater with a pair of short shorts, showing off her perfectly shaved and soft legs. Dennis grabbed his hoodie from off the back of his bed and tossed it on.
"I'm going to go see the new people and offer my help." he said as he kissed Erica on the cheek before dashing out the room.
It was a breezy day and the wind swept around the trash that littered the sidewalks. The sun beat down on them from it's postion behind the clouds. he jogged across the street and was almost hit in the head by a stack of boxes. The person holding them lost their balance and toppled over backwards. Dennis ran forward and and was met by the stunning girl he saw from his window.
"I'm so sorry.' he said as he leaned down to help her up.
He was transfixed by her light golden eyes, he held her gaze for a second longer and then dropped his head.
"It's not your fault I couldn't see anything from all those boxes." She dusted her clothes off and then bent down to stack the boxes back up, "Good thing I was carrying any glass."
"That's a great thing. My name's Dennis I live right across the street from you." Dennis said as he helped her collect the fallen boxes, "let me get those for you this time."
"I'm Vanessa." She said as she handed him the stack of boxes, "Thank you."
He followed her down a long winding path to a back door that led to an immaculate room covered in boxes. A stout, chubby man was putting up a pair of curtains on the big window. She maneuvered expertly around the boxes and led him up a a flight of dusty stairs to a long corridor with rooms on either sides. She stopped outside the second room and gestured him inside.
"Just set them in the corner. I'll go through them later." Vanessa said as she stood in the doorway.
"Should I help with the next load?" Dennis asked as he stuffed his hnads into his pockets and began rocking on his heels.
"If you don't mind." Vanessa with a mind blowing smile.
"Very well then lead the way." Dennis said as he smiled back at her.
What a year this is going to be Dennis thought. Indeed it will be, but the drama starts before the school year.

Submitted: July 24, 2010

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