Chapter 2:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

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 "Sound check, take 3." Riley said as he focused his camera on the band, "Ready and play."

"It's the first day of school......" Aaron sang as Riley circled the room getting clips of the drummer, and guitar players.
"Hey dude's sorry I'm late got busy at Chill and Grill." Craig said as he came flying through the door tossing his bags in the corner.
"Take 5 everyone. Let Craig get ready." Riley called out as he set his camera down and shuffled over to where Craig set tuning his guitar, "You can't keep coming late, school begins in 3 days and we need to be prepared for this."
"I said sorry, okay it was a 1 time thing I swear." Craig said as he ran a hand through his golden locks, "I'm ready."
"Alright let's take it from the top." Riley called out as he grabbed his camera and focused it back on the band, "Take 4 Craig lead us in."
The sounds of Craig's guitar filled the room and with the mellow soft sounds of his acoustic guitar. Aaron followed up with his soft voice blaring through the speakers set up in each corner of the room.The take lasted a full 3 minutes before the final sounds of Craig's solo closed them out.
"How did we do?" Aaron asked as he swallowed half a bottle of water in one gulp.
"It was great. Your voice sounds perfect and the beat was great. Now we have to be prepared to do this on Tuesday." Riley said as he packed up his camera and equipment.
Riley stashed his bag inside the safe and sat down at the desk to check his gig list. This was his project,  his life. Ever since he was kicked out of the house at 13 the only thing he had going for him was his skills at producing. He was taken in by his best friend Dave for awhile until he turned 17 then he bought his own apartment which he lost after a drug bust and he moved back in with Dave. Ever since then he turned his life around he stayed off of drugs and focused on producing career. The band started his first year of middle school. It was only Dave and Aaron at first but pretty soon they recruited Craig, Alan, and the backup singer Janice. Riley smiled to himself as he realized he built this up from the ground, he was a nobody for years but now he was a somebody with high status around the school.
"Day dreaming?" Dave asked as he jumped on top of the desk scaring the hell out of Riley.
"Nah, just doing some deep thinking. You should try it someday." Riley joked as he closed his laptop and packed it up, "Anyways any parties to hit up tonight?"
"Yeah. Craig's throwing a back to school bash on tomorrow night. He said we'll be preforming there if that's okay." Dave said as he pointed in Craig's direction.
"That's fine. Hey Imma catch up with you later tonight. I got some things to do before tomorrow." Riley said as they did they hand shake.
"Remember home by 10 tonight or my mom is gonna kill us both." Dave reminded as Riley darted out the door.
"Janice please be nice to your brother when he arrives." Carla, Janice's mom, said as she joined her daughter at the kitchen table, "He's got some issues so don't be to  hard on him."
"What's wrong with him?" Janice asked.
"He's got ADD, depression, and he's Bi-Polar." Carla explained, "He's on a lot of meds right now but I'm gonna have him checked out when he gets here."
"Shit he's fucked up." Janice said with a smirk, 'When will he get here?" Janice asked as she glanced at the golden clock on the wall, 'I'm have plans."
As if on cue the door bell rang, a long buzzing noise that filled the house leaving behind a hallow echo. Carla hurried to the door opening it to reveal a tall, lanky boy with long hair that covered his eyes. He was wearing a pair of jogging pants and a dingy blue t-shirt with several types of stains on them.
"Nick, oh my God you have gotten big." Carla said as she embraced him inside a big hug.
"It's been 3 years mom, what do you expect." Nick's voice was soft and he sounded bored and unsure of himself.
"You're still handsome though." Carla said as she grabbed his two duffel bags that were sitting on the porch.
"You must be the brother I've never met." Janice said as she came flaunting into the room, "My my you look like me."
"Nice to meet you." Nick said with a slow shrug of his shoulders, "Um is there like some water to drink I have to take my last dose."
"Yes. But first Janice will take you to the guest room until we Finish your room." Carla said as she handed Janice the bags, "go on."
Janice led him up a flight of stairs to the second floor landing.
"That's the bathroom, computer room, game room, library, balcony that leads to the pool, my room, and here's where you'll be staying." Janice said as she pushed open the door.
The room was immaculate. It was painted a light blue color with blue curtains, and bed spreads. The floor was polished and shiny you could see your reflection in it. The bed took up half the floor, it was massive and extremely soft. An oak dresser and desk were pushed against either side of the room. Two door ways led off to a walk-in closet and half a bathroom.
"Wow this is huge." Nick slurred as he gazed around in awe, "This is my room?'
"Indeed. Well get settled in I'll be down stairs." Janice said as she started for the door.
"Um wait." Nick said as he stood uneasily in the room, "I kind of don't like being alone, so do you think you can stay with me while I unpack?" Nick asked
"Sure." Janice said as she looked at him with a new found interest, What have you been through?"
Janice sensed she hit a soft spot on him. He drifted his eyes to the floor and began rocking back and forth on his heels.
"Never mind don't answer I'll stay with you." Janice said as she climbed on top of his bed and laid back against the headboard.
"Thank you." Nick said as he dragged his bags to the dresser.
Saturday arrived quickly. Craig was pacing around his room in a panic screaming at Riley on the phone.
"What the fuck you mean we're not performing?" Craig yelled as he kicked over his basket of dirty clothes.
"The drums were wrecked and we need new ones." Riley explained.
"You know what this is bull shit. Well get Aaron to get over ASAP so we can rehearse a song." Craig ordered as he sat down on his bed.
"I'll do that." Riley said, "Sorry."
Craig grunted and then hung up. he tossed his phone behind him and laid down on his bed. A massive headache had started forming on the sides of head.
"Everything okay baby?' Alexis asked as she appeared in his doorway wrapped in a white towel.
"Yeah I'm fine." Craig grunted, "get dressed before my mom gets home and suspects something."
"Don't get an attidue with me. This is your party that you set up last minute." Alexis said as she dropped the towel on the floor revealing her slim figure and tanned body, "WE really worked it out this time Craig, I'm glad for that."
Craig nodded his head slowly. he was still sneaking around behind her back but he couldn't tell her that. Craig had dated Alexis on off for most of middle school. After she caught him in bed with another girl she ended it and he begged for her back. They had went steady for the first year of high school before Craig returned to his dirty ways and he was caught with Janice in the locker room. It took 7 months to win her back and now here they were dating again for going on 4 months.
"I know way to many people here right now that I didn't know last year." Craig grabbed his phone he had received a text and that was Janice's ring tone.
I need you right now. It read.
I'm with Lexi. Can't leave srry. He typed back.
You don't understand I really need to see you. was her response.
"Who are you talking to?" Alexis asked as she came out of the bathroom dressed in a pink top with a pair of short shorts.
"Umm, no one just the boys you know letting me know they'll be here early with the food." Craig lied as he stuffed the phone inside his pocket.
"Well then if  I want to be the life of this party, I gotta get home and change." Alexi said as she bent down to plant a kiss on Craig.
"See you at 9 babe." Craig replied.
Craig watched her as she left, swinging her butt side to side. He loved Alexis, but there was something about Janice that he couldn't resist. She was rich, popular and hot. Ever since they first met the day he lost his virginity he hasn't been able to stay away from here. His phone buzzed again with Janice's ring tone.
He smiled lightly to himself as he read the message, he loved Janice to and he knew it would come to a point where he had to pick between which one he wanted.
Is the bitch gone yet?
Craig quickly typed, Yeah just left. Look baby i'll get over there 2 u wen I leave to go pick up this shit 4 the party...K?
The reply came after 5 minutes, Okay..:)
Craig rolled off his bed and threw on his black and white pole shirt and black Jordan's. It was gonna be a hell of a night both Alexis and Janice were attending the party and with school just around the corner, the drama that happened tonight would sure as hell continue into the school year. With a sigh and a smile at himself Craig headed out.

Submitted: July 27, 2010

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