Chapter 3:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

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 By the time Riley arrived at the party it was in full force. Music was blaring loudly from the speakers set up outside the house. Craig was seated outside the house in one of the deck chairs with a bottle of beer in his hands and Alexis in his lap. His usually messy hair was combed neatly and parted down the middle. He was wearing a black, leather jacket with  a pair of black skinny jeans and biker boots. 

"Riles, Dave get your asses over here, you're already late." Craig slurred as he waved them over.
"Wassup guys. Alexis." Dave said as he took a seat next to Aaron. 
Alexis glared at Dave angrily before getting up and leaving. The history and tension between Dave and Alexis went back to 5th grade when Alexis had  slept with Dave. Ever since that day they had never been able to get along. They had a moment of peace before she started dating Craig and then things got worse after she slept with Dave a second time and never told Craig. Dave glanced at Alexis as she left the room, her butt bouncing slightly in her skin-tight jeans. 
"What you looking at?" Craig asked as he stood up to follow after Alexis, "Eyes on your own prize."
"You should tell her that.' Dave muttered under his breath.
"What you say?" Craig growled as he turned to face Dave.
"Nothing." Dave replied.
"Don't get shit started before school. I will kick your ass no problem." Craig threatened with fire in his eyes.
"Is that a threat?" Dave asked as he jumped down from the railing.
"What does it sound like." Craig stepped forward so that he was face to face with Dave.
"It sounds like shit from a punk ass. Now why don't you go get your girl before she goes and fucks another guy." Dave said with a snicker.
Craig shoved Dave with intense force that he sent him flying off the porch. 
"Hey man calm down." Riley said as he jumped in front of Craig, "Go inside."
"Riles you better move, I wont be scared to knock the fuck out of you either." Craig said as he pounded his fist into his palm.
"Craig man he's right." Aaron grabbed Craig's shoulder and with the help of Riley direceted  him towards the house.

Janice watched as Alexis came prancing onto the room like she was the most sexiest girl there. Nick was standing on her side observing the scene. She glanced at her brother, he was tall for his age and handsome. He had light blue eyes and shaggy black hair. There was a deep scar on the left side of his face that was lightly faded. 
"Who is this cutie?" Janice turned to face her best friend Erica, and Erica's flunky Hazel.
"This is my brother Nick and he's off limits. Where's Dennis?" Janice said with a small shove at Erica.
"Somewhere with the guys." Erica said pointing to the crowd behind her.
"Well, wonder what the first day of school is gonna be like." Janice said as she sipped from her glass of punch, "I heard there was some drama this summer." 
"Come on it's Jersey High, shits always happening.' Erica replied.
"That is so true." Janice replied, "Nick you doing okay?"
"Yeah." Nick said with a soft nod, "Loud though."
"It's a party." Janice replied, 'Ever been to one?"
"Yeah. The last party I went to I went to jail for something." Nick replied softly." 
"Well I got your back here so anything you need or anyone bothering you let me know." Janice replied as she put a hand on his shoulder.
"Cool." Nick said, and Janice for the first time since he arrived saw a flicker of a smile on his lips.
Nick turned his attention back to the raging party. The memory of the night everything turned bad kept playing back in his head like a bad horror movie.

"Bet you a hundred dollars if I drug Alicia's drink you won't fuck her." Vashon said as him and Nick made their way through the thick crowd clustered in the living room of Trey's house.
"So you'll give me a hundred dollars to pretty much rape her.'" Nick replied as he downed his third beer, "Why would I do that?"
"Well that's how you'll prove you're one of us." Vashon answered, "Imma go put this pill in her drink and give it five minutes lead her up the stairs and put the smack down on her." 
Nick watched as Vashon maneuvered through the crowd carrying the spiked drink.  His mind was feeling sluggish as he downed his fourth beer, the alcohol getting to him. He watched as Vashon handed the drink to Alicia and she downed it happily. 
"Score buddy." Vashon said as he popped open a can of beer, "Now it's all up to you."
Five minutes went by longer than Nick imagined. he quietly led Alicia up the flight of stairs and into the guest bedroom. She was sluggish and wavering on her feet.
"Thank you." she manged to mutter as Nick laid her out on the bed.
Nick went to work quick, pulling off her blue shirt and skin-tight jeans. he gazed at her pink, silky underwear before taking them off. The next ten minutes were a blur for him. Alicia woke up while he was still on top off her, the police came storming into the room, and the last thing he saw was Vashon smiling wickedly from behind the officers as he told them the story.

"Dave are you okay?" Riley asked as he helped Dave wash the blood from off his shirt.
Dave glanced at his self in the mirror, his face was covered in blood and dirt, and he had a black eye forming under his left eye.
"Do I look okay?" Dave growled as he wiped his face off.
"Do you want to explain what all that talk about Alexis is about?" Riley asked.
"Don't worry he'll find out." Dave said.
Riley knew Dave and the look on Dave's face spelled revenge. But when Dave got revenge he took it to far, he excelled the limits. Riley knew whatever Dave had in mind was not good for anyone. 
"Be smart Dave." Riley said as he handed him his shirt.
"Don't worry about it. It has nothing to do with you." Dave glared at Riley and stormed out of the bathroom. 
Riley had the strongest urge to follow him but he fought through it, he wanted no part in Dave's dangerous acts.

Dave pushed his way through the crowd untill he reached Alexis. She was posted at the mini  bar downing a glass of gin. 
"We need to talk." Dave replied as he grabbed her arm, "NOW!" 
"Don't pull on me bastard." Alexi growled as she shook away from his grip, "What is it?"
"I'm telling Craig." Dave said as he grinned, "But not only will Craig know the whole damn school is gonna know." 
"Hell no." Alexis said as fear flew into her eyes, "You little piece of shit no one is gonna believe you."
"Why not?" Dave asked, " Because Imma loser right?"
"Dave you already know how far back we go. I love you, but this game we play is just so no one else knows about it. You know how much I need you." Alexi said as she slumped against the wall, "Dave don't do that to me. I need Craig right now."
"You love me?" Dave said as he sat down next to her, "You never told me that."
"Because the we had sex I thought you knew. I cheated on Craig, I risked a lot you know." Alexis stood up and wiped her eyes, "Enough with this bull shit, if you tell him I will deny everything." 
"You know that's gonna be pretty hard when I just recorded this whole conversation." Dave said as he showed her the small, black recorder he had hidden in his jacket, "Did you forget, I'm head of the newspaper, I still do announcements, and tomorrow everyone will find out just exactly who Alexis Taylor really is." 
Dave pushed passed a stunned Alexis and into the crowd wearing a big smile. 
Sometimes you have to get down and dirty in order to really get back at someone, pay backs a bitch aint it. But remember if you get down with dogs you come up with fleas.....

Submitted: August 20, 2010

© Copyright 2021 youngandhurt. All rights reserved.


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