Chapter 4:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

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 "First day of school....." Aaron sang to himself as he shaved off his morning stubble.

The day had started out great for him, he woke up an hour early, jogged 2 miles, and made it home in time to get his brother up. 
"How do I look?" Alex asked as he came running into the bathroom.
Aaron gave his brother the once over, he was wearing a red and white plaid shirt, with a pair of baggy jeans that hung at his waist showing off his white boxers, "Pull up your pants, find a belt, and you'll be okay."
"Fine." Alex growled as he sauntered out of the bathroom. 
Aaron turned back to his shaving chuckling lightly to himself. Another year at the disastrous place they call a school. With the drama already beginning before school started this year will top the charts. 
I'm not afraid (I'm not afraid). To take a stand....Aaron reached for his phone and glanced at the number, it was a text from Vanessa.
Hey do you mind giving me a lift to school. He read
He typed back quickly, No problem. where do you stay at, I can come get u in like 20 minutes.
The reply came back five minutes later as he was brushing his teeth, 123 Rock-road Place. I'll be waiting. My sister's with me 2.
Not a problem see you soon. Aaron replied as he rinsed his mouth out.
"It's been ages since I've been here." Dave said as he came running into the announcement room, "I love this place."
"What we need to do is set up." Riley said as he stood in the doorway, "We came an hour early for a reason." 
"We will, I promise." Dave said as he tampered with the microphone.
"Dave and Riley nice to see you here early." Principal Gates said as he came bouncing into the room. 
"Mr.Gates." Dave said as he looked up with a lost look, "Wow umm nice to see you again."
"I'll be choosing a new announcer for the year, so you two don't belong in here." Mr. Gates nodded at them before leaving the room.
With Dave in tow Riley led the way to the back of the school where they were going to set up the band. Aaron was already there with his kid brother and two girls.
"Where's the other crew?" Aaron asked as he spotted Dave and Riley.
"Who knows man, not how today was suppose to turn out." Riley said as he set his camera bag down. 
"They won't bail on you. No one will." Dave said as he patted Riley on the shoulder, "So let's start and in the next hour everyone will be here."
"Okay." Riley said as he put a false smile on his face.
Riley watched as Aaron and Dave began setting up the speakers and camera's. His whole life he had always been an outsider, always been a loser. And this year was suppose to be the year he raised the bar and became the hottest student there. But his dream was crashing down all around him. Craig was late and with him and Dave fighting probably wasn't planning on showing up. 
"Hey Riles." Riley turned and spotted Craig coming around the corner followed by the rest of the band and Alexis.
"You came man." Riley said as they gave each other a quick hug.
"I wouldn't fail you man.' Craig replied as he set his guitar case down, "Hey Aaron."
"Glad you made it man." Aaron said as he shook hands with Craig, "Riley was worried."
"We all know we can't fail Riles." Craig replied, "So don't think I will ever." 
"It's the first day of school....." Aaron sang as he watched the crowd forming below him. 
Janice watched as Craig strummed the cords on his guitar. his large hands moving at a rapid speed. She wished Craig was all her's but for some reason he had a thing for Alexis. Alexis the skank of the school ,the girl that slept with more than half the boys in the school was what Craig wanted. Well he can't be all hers. She spotted Alexis at the front of the crowd dancing to the music, she was wearing a short skirt, and a pink tube top. 
"The skank is back." Janice muttered to Erica who was studying Dennis pounding on the drums.
"Yeah, we all know that." Erica replied, "If you want Craig you gotta trap her." 
"I know, but he really like her for some odd reason." Janice said.
"Why?" Erica asked, "She's like a hoe and more."
"Who knows." Janice answered. 
The band continued on for another 10 minutes before Craig's solo led them out. Sweat lined Craig's forehead as he strummed the last strings his mind in a different place, a peaceful place. He looked down at the crowd, catching Janice's eye. He smiled at her before steeping up to the mic. 
"WELCOME!" He screamed to the crowd, "My name is Craig and this right here is the school band put together by Riley Brooks. Please put your ahnds up for him. He wrote the lyrics and started the project." 
The crowd below went crazy clapping and chanting Riley's name. Riley stood to the corner beaming. Maybe everything would be all good.
"Step up here Riley." Craig said as he pointed to Riley.
"Thank you guys for coming. You're helping me make my dream come true and if you wanna see more of the band come to the Chill and  Grill every Saturday for free." Riley said, "Thanks again you guys."
Nick wandered aimlessly down the halls, his mind elsewhere. He was at a new school with new rules and new people. The school was huge, about 4 floors and over a  hundred class rooms. The halls were empty as he walked up and down the halls looking for a sign of life. 
"Hey you." Nick turned around to face the girl he met at the party yesterday. What was her name he thought as she approached him.
"Are you lost?" she asked as she stood close to him.
"Kind of." Nick said shyly, "What's your name again."
"Erica." she said, "How about I give you a tour?"
"Um, I'm actually looking for Janice.' Nick answered as he began to feel uneasy.
She stepped closer to him, he could smell the strong scent of her perfume as she invaded his space, he began to feel nervous and shaky. 
"Erica!" Nick turned around towards the voice but was shoved into the lockers, "he messing with you?" 
"Yes, he tried to take me to the bathrooms." Erica lied a she began to cry, "Dennis get him."
"You must be new here, huh?" Dennis asked as he glared at Nick.
Nick stayed silent, his mind was racing and his heart rate was rising. his anger boiling inside of him.
"Answer me.' Dennis yelled as he shoved Nick into the lockers again.
"Don't touch me." Nick spat between clenched teeth. his face had turned bright red.
"Or what.." Dennis said as he shoved him again.
Nick struck out hitting Dennis with a thunderous punch to the gut. Dennis doubled over in pain and Nick kicked him in the gut. 
"Stop." Erica called out as she saw Nick continue to beat on Dennis.
"I told you not to hit me." Nick said as he jumped on top of Dennis and rained down on him with a fury of punches.
Erica spotted Riley and Dave coming her way and called them over. It took them 5 minutes to grab Nick from off of Dennis. Blood covered Nick's shirt and face. He had a murderous look in his eyes as he looked down at Dennis's body sprawled out on the floor. 
"What the fuck man." Riley said as he bent down to help Dennis, "you okay?"
"No I aint okay, what the fuck." Dennis replied as he sat up, blood dripping endlessly from his face, "he's fucking crazy." 
"Calm down, I'll go grab the nurse." Riley said as he headed down the hall. 

"Yo, Janice you're brother was in fight." Aaron said as he approached her, " he beat the fuck out of Dennis."
"What the hell." Janice said as she shoved her way through the crowd.
The hallway was filling up as people found their way to  the scene. Dennis was propped up against the wall with blood covering his whole face, and Dave was pinning Nick against the wall. 
"Let him go.' Janice said as she shoved Dave out of the way, "Nick what happened?"
"I don't know." Nick said as he looked at Janice, "I don't know."
"What do you mean you don't know?" Janice asked, concern in her voice.
"He attacked me." Nick answered, his voice was soft and barely audible, "He attacked me."
"Excuse me.' Mr. Gates came through the crowd followed by Riley and the school nurse, Ms. Tech, "What in the world."
"The crazy mother fucker attacked me.' Dennis said as he pointed at Nick, "I think my nose is broken."
"Watch your language Dennis." Mr. Gates warned, "Was there any witnesses to this?"
"Me." Janice turned to face Erica coming through the crowd with more paper towels, "Dennis spotted Nick trying to hit on me and got mad, so he yelled at him and next thing I knew Nick was beating him up and wouldn't stop."
"That's not what happened." Nick said softly, "He shoved me into the lockers and I defended myself."
"Well, this is the first day of school and this how we start out." Mr. Gates said, "Everyone go to class. Erica, Nick, Janice, Riley, Dave, and Dennis my office." 
The first day of school has started with a major fight,  that's Jersey High for you. Nick has a dark side but what's with that. Hmm well let's see how the rest of the year goes.

Submitted: August 19, 2010

© Copyright 2021 youngandhurt. All rights reserved.


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