Chapter 5:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

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"For the first day of class I would like you guys to partner up with another person and put together an essay on one of the topics on the board." Mr. Hanson said as he paced the room.

"Man Mr.Hanson is so sexy." Erica said as she gazed at the teacher from behind her notebook.
Greg Hanson was a new teacher, 23 years old fresh from college. He was tall and athletic with shaggy black hair and bright blue eyes that sparkled in the sunlight. He was wearing a red polo with a pair of loose fitting cargo shorts. He had a smooth voice that sounded like a melody every time he talked.
"Don't crush on him, he's mine." Alex said from her postion on the side of Erica.
"Erica and Alex mind telling the whole class what your talking about." Mr. Hanson said as he approached them.
Alex felt her heart beat stop as she starred into Mr. Hanson's eyes, "N-n-n-n-no.' She stuttered.
"Well I advise you to stay quiet or you'll be meeting with me after school." With a swift wink he headed back towards the front of the class.
"He winked at me." Alex whispered to Erica, "I think he likes me."
"Well if he does thats risky for him." Erica replied, "back to the school work."
"Alex, are you still talking.' Mr. Hanson said with a smile, "Come up front and work with Dave."
"Mr.Hanson, eww." Alex cried as she stood up, "Please not him."
"Well since you don't wanna work with  him you can." Mr. Hanson replied as he pointed at the extra desk, "Plus I'll see you after class."
"Whatever." Alex sighed as she plopped down next Dave.
"Anyways back to work class. We have about 5 minutes left so if you don't finish now take it home and work on it." Mr.Hanson said as he directed his attention back to the class.
Class ended a little after 12 and Alex took her time smashing her books into her bag, while secretly studying Mr. Hanson. He was sitting at his desk reviewing the essays he was handed by several students. He had undid the top few buttons off his shirt revealing the top of his tan chest. 
"Mr. Hanson what did you wanna see me about?" Alex asked as she walked over to his desk flipping her hair, she opened up her shirt a little revealing her pink. lacy bra.
"Just a second." Mr. Hanson replied as he went over to the door and shut it, "Now about your class work."
"Thats all you wanna see me about?" Alex asked as she sat down on the edge of his desk.
"Umm, well how about we go for coffee and I know a nice place we can have dinner at." Mr. Hanson suggested, "How about that."
"Why that just sounds splendid. Meet me at Freshca's in like an hour." Alex said as she jumped down from the desk, " Bye Greg." 

"Baby how was school?" Alexis asked as her and Craig was walking towards the basketball courts.
"It was cool." Craig replied, "how about you?" 
"It was great." Alexis said with a small smile.
"Whatchu smiling about?" Craig asked as he shoved her playfully.
"Nothing of importance babe." Alexis lied.
"Stay here I'll be right back, gotta go sign up for football." Craig instructed as he took off down the field towards the athletics department.
Alexis watched as Craig ran off towards the building. That was her boy friend but she was getting sick of him. She knew he was still fooling around with Janice. She had seen the messages but she hadn't confronted him yet. This was it, this was the last straw, she couldn't take it anymore. And with Dave hangin gthier relationship over her head she knew she had to end it before things got worse.
I bet the neighbors know my name....Alexis reached for her phone and glanced at the number it was Dave, I won't tell him, but do you really love me?
Alexis was about to reply when Craig walked up followed By Riley, Aaron. and Aaron's brother.
"You ready babe?" Craig asked as he grabbed her backpack from off the bench, "I have to go with the band, if you don't mind."
"Finally I can see what you do inside that building." Alexis said as she reached for Craig's hand.
The walk to the small studio they rented was about 10 minutes. Riley unlocked the door and they all swarmed in. 
"Riley's pride." Craig introduced s he led Alexis to the sitting area,
"Nice job Riles." Alexis said as she took in the decor, "You did this by yourself?"
"Pretty much." Riley said as he dug out his camera equipment.
I bet the neighbors know my name...Alexis phone rang out echoing on the walls in the studio.
"Who's ring tone is that?" Craig asked as he reached for her phone, "Who's ringtone is it?"
"Craig man calm down.' Aaron said as he stepped in front of Craig, "Please we don't need no fighting around here."
"Aaron i advise you to move before I hurt you." Craig said as he shoved Aaron out of the way, "Give me the phone."
"Baby calm down.' Alexis said as she moved out of range of his fury.
Craig yanked the phone out of her hand and went through the messages, his face turning redder.
"Dave, thats who your texting."
As if that moment couldn't get worse, Dave came running through the door waving a red paper in his hand, "We got the gig at 6th Street." 
It took a Dave a split second to realize Craig was flying at him with his fist raised.
"What the fuck man." Dave yelled as he side step, just barely missing a crunching blow to his skull. 
"Craig man stop." Aaron called out as he pushed Alex into the other room, "stay here please"
Craig was on a rampage when Aaron made his way back, he had shoved Dave and some boy who had just walked in into a wall. Riley was sitting in a corner hyper ventilating as he watched the scene unfold before him. 
"Craig man stop." Aaron reached out and grabbed his hand, ducking a punch aiming for his stomach.
'Hell no, Imma murder Dave." Craig screamed as he tossed Alexis's phone into the wall. 
Craig, baby just listen to me." Alexis said as she tried to comfort him.
"Bitch hell no." Craig said as he slapped he across the face.
The whole room went silent. The echoing of the slap vibrated off the wall. 
"Don't you ever hit a girl." Everyone turned their heads, Riley was up and headed towards Craig, "What the fuck is wrong with you."
"Alexis are you okay?" Dave manuevered around Craig and Aaron to help Alexis off the floor.
"Stop, please man. You already ruined everything in here just stop." Riley pleaded.
"Imma do whatever the fuck I want when I want." With those words being said he punched Riley in the face.
Another uneasy silence filled the room, Riley was sprawled out on the floor with blood gushing from his nose, Dave and Alexis were frozen.
"Riley." Craig said as the realization hit him that he just smashed Riley's face in. 
Riley pulled his self up and ran out the door in tears.
"You hit Riley." Aaron said as he shoved Craig towards the door, "Just get out man." 
"I'm sorry." Craig spluttered, 'I didn't mean to."
"Your anger is out of control, just go now." Aaron ordered. 

Janice, Erica,  and Nick were seated outside the Chill and Grill sipping on slurpies, when they spotted Riley running past them. His shirt was covered in blood and he left a trail. 
"That's Riles." Janice said as she stood up, " Erica watch Nick for me."
Janice took off out the door and down the street. She spotted Riley a few feet ahead of her headed for the cliff. Not again Janice thought. A few years back Riley had been involved in a  fight where he lost his girlfriend, and his best friend, and he tried jumping off the cliff to end his life. She shoved her way through the crowd and turned the corner in time to see Riley pull out a gun.
"Riley no." Janice cried out.
Riley turned around to face Janice, he  had tears in his eyes as he held the gun close to his skull, "It's happening all over." 
"Calm down." Janice pleaded as she slowly stepped towards him, "Please."
"It's useless Jane, history rewrites itself and thats what's happening." Riley said as more tears spilled from his eyes.
"Riley don't do it." Janice turned  around and found Dennis standing there with Aaron, "We love you man, please."
"Fuck you guys." Riley spat, "No one cares go to hell."
"If we didn't care we wouldn't be here." Aaron pleaded.
Riley clicked the safety off the gun and held to his face, "I'm sorry. I don't belong here."
"NO!!." Janice screamed.
BOOM, the gun went off, a loud crack. The noise forever embedded into their skulls.




Submitted: August 20, 2010

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