Chapter 6:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Alex starred out the window of the small coffee shop wiating for Mr. Hanson to appear. She was on her third cup of latte and beginning to feel like she'd been stood up, when he appeared at the front doors. He had changed into a light blue muscle-tee a bit to small for him and a pair of loose, black shorts.
"Sorry, I had to go change. It's hot outside." He said as he pulled out a chair and sat down across from her.
"It's okay. I wasn't worried." Alex lied as she sipped from her coffee cup.
"Really, then why is there two empty cups of latte on the table." Mr. Hanson said as he pointed at the cups, "Unless your cheating on me already."
"Are you jealous?" Alex asked as she smiled devilishly at Mr. Hanson. 
"Not at all." he replied, "I never have to worry about girls cheating on me. I'm good looking."
"Conceited." Alex said as she reached over and touch his arm, "Muscular."
"I work out." Mr. Hanson said matter-of-factly, "Imma go grab a cup of coffee."
Alex sat back in her chair and studied Mr. Hanson as he walked up to the counter. Getting through the school year would be easy, Alex figured. As long as no one found out about her little affair with the teacher like last year. He returned quickly carrying a steaming cup and sat down.
"Now, anything else you wanna do today?" he asked as he studied her intently.
She's beautiful he thought. The way her light blue eyes shone in the light, and the way her outfit showed enough to make him go crazy.
"Well how about a ride home." Alex suggested a she gazed out the window, "I should be heading home to pick up my brother from his bus stop."
"Home it is.' Mr. Hanson said as he flashed his keys in front of her face. 
Once the smoke had cleared from off the cliff, the group raced towards Riley. He was sitting on the floor, alive and well. He had just shot the gun in the air.
"It's happening." he cried as he tossed the gun over the edge of the cliff.
"Riles man, he's gone." Aaron called out as he plopped down next to him, "he's gone."
"No one cares, everyone's out to hurt me." Tears began spilling from his eyes in an endless waterfall, "my life is over."
"It's not." Dave said as he helped Aaron pull Riley to his feet, 'Wanna go home right now?"
"No, back to the studio, I have to calculate my damage and try to come up with the cost." Riley explained as he shuffled forward with a blank expression on his face.
With Janice and the rest of the small crowd in tow, Aaron and Dave led Riley through the streets and back to the studio. The mess inside was disastrous. Papers were everywhere, there were several dents in the walls, the camera had been tossed and broken, and several other items lay strewn all over in messy pieces. 
"Wanna us to stay and help out?" Janice asked as she offered him a  glass of water.
"No, it's okay you guys go on." Riley said as he sipped from his cup, "I'm okay now."
"Alright man, be safe." Dave said as he grabbed his bags and headed out the door.
Riley waited untill everyone had left before really surveying up the damage. His whole life's dream was crumbling to pieces. Everything he worked so hard for was slipping through the cracks. He made his way to the desk and found the small bag of pills he had hidden under his folders. He knew the crew would kill him if he went back on the stuff, but that seemed to be the only way his life would go back to normal. He tossed a few in his hands  and swallowed then down. 
I'm home mom." Craig called out as he came rushing through the door.
It may bot mean nothing to yall, but understand nothing....Craig quickly opened his phone, it was Aaron.
"He's okay?" Craig asked as he sat down on the couch.
"He tried to shoot his self." Aaron replied.
"It was an impulse, I'm sorry." Craig said with worry.
"Sorry isn't gonna change anything, Riley tried to shoot his self again, who knows what else he might do now." Aaron explained, "You fucked up and now we might have to deal with Riley in one of his mode's again." 
"Can I come by your place later?" Craig asked as he spotted his mom coming in through the door.
"Yeah, in like 25 minutes." Aaron agreed.
Craig hung up the phone and gave his mom a quick hug before helping her take her coat off.
"Mom, how was your day?" he asked her.
"Thats not the problem right now, Riley's mom is worried sick about Riley, he hasn't called her and he won't answer his phone." Clair said as she shoved past Craig and in to the kitchen.
"He's probably at the studio still." Craig said in an attempted to avoid  any questions.
"I hope so." Clair said as she fished around for a beer, 'Anyways how was the first day?" 
"Fine." Craig answered, "Imma go upstairs and shower."
"Okay son, we're having piazza for dinner tonight." Clair called out to him.
With his phone in hand Craig hurried to the bathroom and locked the door, he mentally counted his head how long it would take his mom to come up the stairs, go to her room, and doze off. He was on parole and couldn't be out the house no later than seven. It about 10 minutes before his mom had locked her room  door. With a silent prayer that he wouldn't get caught, he pushed open the bathroom window and jumped out. 
Vanessa finished with the final touches of her room just as her dad walked in carrying a bowl of popcorn. 
"How was the first day?" he asked as he sat down on the edge of her bed.
"It was awesome dad." Vanessa answered as she stuffed her mouth full of popcorn. 
"Well, that's good to hear. Remember no trouble like in the last school you were in. Keep your grades above average and you'll get your car next month." Dad stood up and headed for the door, "Love you Nessie." he added
Vanessa smiled to herself as she watched her dad limp down the steps. Life couldn't get any better for her at the moment. She was falling for this mysterious guy who seemed to be hiding his feelings most of the time, and she was about to get a car. her phone buzzed on the table, causing a loud thumping noise in her room. It was a text from Dennis, the boy across the street.
Loving the new neighborhood? it read.
For now. She replied
Well can I take you out somewhere? Dennis asked
Vanessa hesitated before answering. She'd been in situations like these before, with a guy she barely knew. She wanted no part in it, but at the same time Dennis was extremely sexy.
Sure, but not tonight, I have wrk to do. Vanessa texted back.
Alright then. After skool ride wit me and you'll be amazed by wat I show you. Dennis answered after an agonizing 5 minutes. 
Vanessa tossed her phone on her bed letting it hit the wall with a thud. Dennis, he was such an amazing person from what she knew of him so far. His eyes and his body were attractive. I wonder if he has a girlfriend, Vanessa thought to herself as she let her imagination roam wild about Dennis. If not, then he's about to. Vanessa muttered to herself as she forced herself out of bed and headed downstairs to join her family. 

"Nick, I can't believe you." Janice said as she and Nick were walking home, "Why are you lying?"
"I'm not." Nick answered softly, "Just trust me."
Janice looked into her brother's eyes, they were darker and looked colder but underneath she had a feeling he was telling the truth. His face looked pale and cold and he walked with a slow swagger to him.
"I do." Janice said as she pointed to a park bench, "Let's talk."
"I'd rather not." Nick said icily.
Janice looked taken aback but quickly gained her composure,there was something about Nick that made him a cold but caring person, but he wouldn't talk so how would she knew what went through his head.
"Why not?" Janice asked as she looked into Nick's eyes.
"It's not worth it." Nick answered with a blank tone.
"I'm sorry I asked." Janice said as she took off down the street, "Won't ask again."
"Please don't tell mom about what happened. I can't sent back to live with my dad." Janice turned suddenly to face Nick, for once she heard the sadness in his voice, he was scared. 
"I won't." Janice said as she studied Nick with a new found interest. 
There was something to Nick that made him a mask of emotions and she would figure it out. But does she really want to know is the question...

Submitted: August 20, 2010

© Copyright 2021 youngandhurt. All rights reserved.


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