The Intellectual War

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7 mentally gifted young teens are granted special abilities by a mysterious scientist, who suddenly dies a few days later. Each of the young men must decide how to utilize their new powers, and determine where their allegiance lies in a civil war. Then a seven-way game of cat and mouse ensues as each uses their powers and their intelligence to defeat one another for control over North America.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - A Mysterious Letter

Submitted: October 30, 2012

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Submitted: October 30, 2012




The sound of shooting echoed through the dark halls. A frail, skinny middle aged man with white hair raced through dark, wearing a lab coat and dark glasses. He grabbed seven sealed envelopes on his desk and whirled around into the mouth of a rifle. He dove for the intruder’s legs, and the rifle barked. Blood starting dripping from the scientist’s shoulder, and he leaped onto his opponent before he could get off another shot, and knocked him out.
Hearing footsteps, the scientist ran to a nearby open window. After a moment’s hesitation, he chucked the envelopes out the two story building. A moment later he felt the sting of a bullet in his back, and then another. Soon, black enveloped him.

Chapter 1: A Mysterious Letter

A man, a woman, and a small child were having a picnic in the middle of a beautiful meadow. The sun shined brightly, and the lush green vegetation was a sight pleasing to the eye. The child look up and smiled with his big, brown eyes. And suddenly, the vision changed. The same family was there, but the field was gone. Now they were surrounded by flames, and the looks of joy had faded away into despair. The child cried out, and the flames engulfed everything.

Jake Strong jolted awake, his breaths coming short and fast. He sat up, wiping away the sweat dripping from his forehead. “Just another dream” he thought. Jake yawned and went to the washroom. He gazed at his short brown hair, his medium build, and his green eyes. “Just like mom” he thought. Jake pushed thoughts of his family out of his mind and got dressed. He didn’t have time for this.

“Spam... spam... spam...” Jake was about to toss the pile of letters into the trash bin when one caught his eye. “Jake Strong” he read out loud “You have been chosen”. Jake chuckled. “More spam”. He almost tossed it, but something about the envelope pulled at him. Finally, Jake opened it. “Can’t hurt”. He pulled out a sloppily handwritten letter, and on the ground fell a pill. It was white, with a silver tint to it, and two red stripes on each end. Jake’s eyes widened. “Drugs?” He thumbed open the letter.

Jake Strong
I know this is short notice, but I had no time to prepare. Of all the kids in this country, you’re IQ lands you in the top seven, intellectually speaking. Congratulations, this may be the best or worst thing that ever happens to you. I have designed seven special drugs, and I have administered one to each of the seven most intellectual kids in this country. Your pill will grant you the ability to analyze situations more deeply than others, and even to some extent predict the movements of others. You will need the aid of a physical object however, which will be the first thing you touch after consumption. You may do with this power however you like, although the purpose I have for it is peace. You and I are very like minded, Jake. We strive for peace. I designed these so that this great war tearing apart this land will be ended. Good luck in your endeavors, Jake.

There was no signature. Jake sat down and turned the pill over in his hand. “I don’t trust this guy, but...” The images from his dream returned. “Nothing to lose”. And with that, he swallowed the pill.
Jake looked around. He didn’t feel any different. Recalling the words of the letter, he realized he had to touch something. Jake gazed upon his only sentimental possession, the wooden chessboard given to him by his father before the accident. Jake laid his hand on it, and suddenly he had a strong urge to move the pieces. He quickly set up a position, but one foreign to him. He observed it, and then realized what it was. It was a position of his life. And he saw his next move.

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