Carols life

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Carols life

Submitted: February 23, 2013

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Submitted: February 23, 2013



 Chapter one
"Eat your supper, Carol." Her father said sternly. He had prepared chopped liver and onions.
"I refuse. I do not like, liver and onions." She said confidently.
" This is your last warning, Carol. You know what happens if you don't eat." Carol looked down, with a tear rolling down her cheek. She stuck to her word  not to eat liver.
"Fine, hit me, it doesn't do you any good." Carol, looked up, her fathers face was not happy. She was scared to death. As she loooked into his eyes, she glared. Her father got up from his seat quickly, yanked her out of her seat, pulled out his belt,
and slapped her 5 times as hard as he could. She grabbed her book, from her living room, and walked to her room in shame. It was eight o'clock. It was the mid winter. She shut off the light, grabbed her flashlight, curled in her covers and started reading. As she
was reading, she kept whispering to herself "I want mommy, I want mommy..." But mommy would not come.  Carol is 12. Her mother died when she was nine. She got into a severe car accident.
Without her mom, her father had been in depression, deep depression, Carol hasn't seen him smile since before the accident. He has also has been more aggresive. Whenever her father had tempted to hurt her, her mother would put a stop to it.
Carol started school today. She's new to middle school, and hardly anyone from her elemantry school went there. She met a boy, his name was Jack. They got along very well.They have four classes together. Jack is a very sweet boy, very kind to her,
very gentle. Carol really likes this boy.
"Hi, my name is Jack;" Jack had said when he sat next to her in science, their first class together.
"My name is Carol." She said witha big grin. They laughed, they talked and they smiled all day. As we we're saying, Carol was reading her book thinking about her mother. Carol put down her book,  turned off the flash light, and and grinned.
She could hardly wait to see Jack, he would make her feel alot better. And at the same moment, Jack was laying in his covers nonstop thinking about her too.


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