Carols life

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

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Submitted: February 23, 2013



*Beep Beep* The alarm clock went off. It was 7:00 AM in the morning and Carol got up as soon as the alarm clock went off.
"Carol! Wake up, and turn that damn thing off!" Carol's father said.
"I am, father, just go back to sleep!" Carol replied. Carol got dressed and headed down stairs to have breakfast. She could hardly wait to go to school, new classes, a new locker, new friends, and last but not least, Jack. As she was thinking, she quickly
ate her cerel. She tossed the bowl in the sink and ran to school. As she was arriving, she was looking for Jack. She couldn't see him anywhere, until he ran from a crowd, and came and gave her a big hug. Carol blushed as she slowly gave him a
hug back. Carol was very surprised, you can say he is attractive, and Carol has never had a guy friend. Jack looked at Carol and her face did not look happy, but surprised.
"What's wrong, Carol? Did I hurt you ?" Jack said.
"No,.... I just, I've never been hugged by a boy before....  And when you did, I was surprised..."
"Well I'm sorry if I made you uncomfortable, I was only trying to be nice...." Jack said as he took his hand off of her shoulder. Carol smiled. She grabbed his hand;
"It's fine, I'm happy, sorry if I seemed upset with you. I'm not, at all." Carol said reasurring him. They ran to the front doors, and laughed because they knew it was late, and they had made a fool of themselves.

"1:00, My favorite time of the day!" Jack whispered as the teacher was talking. Carol looked at the clock, it was almost 12.
"What makes this your favorite time of the day?" Carol asked.
"Because, its lunch time and after lunch, we only have two classes left."
"Oh yea.....huh...."
"Class, you may be dismissed." The teacher said as the bell rang. Jack and Carol ran to the lunch room and straight to the food line.
"Danget, theres whole big line infront of us." Jack said.
"I know right!" Carol said in dissapointment.A guy turns around and looks at them.
"Oh look, lil' Jack and Carol a couple. GOD I'm sick of those......" The boy says sarcastically.
"We're not a couple..." Jack says. Carol blushes, the kids around her was staring at them in silence.
"Oh, REALLY?Whatever. You guys must be the angry couple, I mean, look at the bruises on her arm." The boy says. The teacher yells for them to stop but they wouldn't listen.
Carol starts to get upset, and sheds a tear, she was mortified with embarresment.
"Just beat it, why would you would you want to hurt someones feelings like this?" Jack said. The boy tempts to punch Jack in the face, but Jack takes Carol's hand ran as fast as he could before he did. They look back and see that the teacher
had seen what happened and was talking to the boy in furi. Carol and Jack we're hiding in the supply closet, without anyone noticing because the 6th grade had there eyes on the discussion with the teacher and the boy.
By now Carol had already broke into tears.
Jack looked at Carol and laughed, in relief. Carol laughed and took a deep breathe.
"Hahaha, did you see how close I was? Haha oh my god..." Jack said laughing.
"I know right! Did you see how fast we ran?" Carol replied. They laughed until they finally calmed down. There was a moment of silence, until the bell rang for class.
"Lets ditch school!" Jack said.
"What??!! Where will we go??" Carol said. She laughed  at the situation.
 "I know this place, come on before anyone notices we leave!" They run out of the closet and through the front door. Jack says to fallow him.
Carol was getting tired of running, and she looked back to see how far they were from the school.
"Jack! Where's the school? I can't see it anymore!!!" Carol says.
"We're almost there, just shh!" Jack says, laughing. There running through a meadow out in the middle of no where. They come to a stop at an apple tree.
"How did you remember where this was?"
"My dad came here to hunt birds when I was 8, and since then I've been coming to this tree. I come here to relax." They sit down and rest on the oak tree.  Finally Carol stops laughing and rests her head on Jack's shoulder. Minutes pass by and Jack & Carol haven't said a word.
"Carol?" Jack says.
"....." Carol doesn't reply.
"Carol...?!" Jack says. He looks down to see she has fallen asleep on his shoulder. He decides to take a nap too.


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