Star moves to Canada

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Star moves!!

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Star moves to Canada

Submitted: September 26, 2009

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Submitted: September 26, 2009



Star moves to Canada
Well, for Star school had just began in her little town in England. Her mother and Father had been fighting and arguing alot lately,- Star atleast thought that they had patched things up, Not only for her, but for them, too.
Star knew something was up, Mom and dad NEVER fought. She went home that afternoon, Relieved and hoping. Mother was sitting on the couch, sewing, 'Well hello hunny. How was you're day?' she asked, Trying to force something down her throat. Star looked at her and said 'Fine, you'res?'. Mother didn't reply, Instead she sat down beside Star on the couch and FINALLY said 'I need to tell you something'. Star was hoping for good news 'Good or bad, Mummy?' she asked, 'I don't know HOW you'll feel about it, For me I think of it as a happy sad situation'. Star braced her self and said 'Ok... tell me' Mother looked at her and said 'me and daddy are getting a divorce, I know it seems like alot all at once, But trust me! It's for the best, I promise.'. Star didn't suspect even the CLOSEST hint that Momma and Daddy were getting a Divorce!!! Star tried to stop tears from crashing down 'ok mother, what's the happy part?'. Mother stared at her 'We're moving...' she said, Reluctantly picking Star's clothes off the floor. 'To where????', Star thought it would just be like a movement to the next door town or something like that. 'To Canada.' mother said. Star glared out the window 'What?!? I don't want to move that far! Why Canada!?! Wht not the next town over or something simpler than CANADA!'. Mother glared 'Star! This is an Argument we DON'T need at the moment! Complain about it later! I have to go get the Divorce papers! And, If you don't want to go to Canada with ME, then go to Mexico with you're FATHER!'. Star was SO upset, she didn't even speak, Not one word, She didn't want to go to Canada let along Mexico. She had seen mother was JUST as upset as she was, she didn't want to make it tougher on Mother. Star hopped on the computer and began typing, she typed 'Facts about Canada'

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