Dark Love

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Is it a Dream?

Submitted: June 14, 2013

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Submitted: June 14, 2013



Today isn’t your typical day where you waste it away in fairy tale stories. This is something I thought would never come true.

Something was in front of me. It was tall and had a human-like physique. I couldn’t see any details of whom or what it was, just a dark shape slowly getting bigger as it walked towards me.  

I can’t run, I can’t hide, all I can do is cower away hoping someone will come save me. The air is still and silent like a night without chirping crickets hiding away but somehow that just makes me more scared.

I was sitting on the ground hugging my knees. I was shaking a little too when suddenly I hear something.


I hear faint voice coming from inside my head. That’s my name but who’s calling it?


There it is again. What should I do? Where is it coming from? I lifted my head slightly and slowly then looked around. Everything around me started spinning and my head felt heavy. What’s going on? That figure, it has disappeared.


“Ahh!” My eyes shot open. My heart beat is racing like crazy. It took me a few seconds to realise where I was. Wait, all of this, was a dream? Who cares, at least what I saw wasn’t real.

Here I am lying on my single-sized bed snuggled up into my warm blankets when suddenly they were taken off my body. I groaned and hid my face into the soft pillow that my head rested on.

‘’Time for school Toto or you’re going to be late again.” Yes, that was my mum alright. Hearing her voice makes all that fear I had, go away instantly.

She’s a caring mum, but was it really necessary for her to pull off my blankets? She’s tall and slim as I am the opposite but I am skinny.

She always has this lovely scent that makes you sigh with happiness. She has long brown hair that reaches the ground and beautiful soft blue eyes that are those of who are very trustworthy which also makes you feel safe.

Her cooking is just superb. It’s like a volcano bursting with flavours. My mum is just perfect in most ways but the down side to it is that she just loves waking me up. Even on weekends when you have no school, but if she didn’t wake me up I would miss my school bus for sure.

I watched her walk over to the blinds and opens them making the whole room light up with the morning sun.

“Ok, ok, I’m up.” I lifted my head and rubbed my tired eyes. I prefer the darkness as the sun is really bright in the morning.

My name is Toto Shimiya. I’m an average fifteen year old boy who doesn’t like being woken up early. I don’t have great looks but I’m confident in everything else about myself except my height. I don’t have any siblings, which makes me lonely at home but I get through it without pain.

I yawned loudly with my mouth wide open like a male lion as I sat up slowly with my eyes still closed. Next of course I start getting changed. First I pull up my white school socks.

My mum left the room while I got into my school uniform. I’m not a morning person and I still haven’t learnt how to tie a tie so I’ll have to leave my mum to do it but first things first, I need to remind myself that my shirt goes on first.

“Dammit, I did it again. Shirt first, shirt first” I repeated to myself then sighed and took off my tie that was around my neck. I then slid on my long-sleeved white shirt. At the same time, I looked in the mirror, looking at my skinny framed body. My light brown hair was also a mess like it always is when you wake up. I found it hard to keep my eyes open too.

I reckon just about everyone looks at themselves and pull faces or pose in the mirror. It too hard to resist if you know what I mean.

“Toto, get your butt into gear and stop checking yourself out in the mirror!” Now that was my dad shouting out to me like usual. He’s also in a pretty grumpy mood so I should hurry up with buttoning my shirt. I grab my shoes, school bag with all my books in it and my jumper before running down the stairs.

“Every morning it’s the same. All I hear is a herd of elephants stampeding down the stairs.” My dad complained but chuckled a little as he read the daily newspaper. My dad is really tall like my mum but is broad around the shoulders. He has a strong manly build, just like a real man should be like. He has grey hair and a short spikey beard. He is starting to get a little bald which he isn’t too happy about. Dad’s eyes are something you want to avoid as much as you can. They are dark brown, almost like a black hole that never ends.

“Sorry dad” I simply replied. “What’s for breakfast mum?” I sat down at the table getting a bit excited as the food my mum was making smelt so good.

“You’ll just have to wait and see.” My mum had turned her head to me and smiled. A few minutes passed and she plated up my breakfast then plonked it gently down in front of me. “It’s your favourite so eat up.” My mum always sounds so happy that it is hard believe she has an angry side. It’s scary too.

I look down at the meal that was in front of me as a bright smile curled upon my lips. It was fried egg which was cooked in a perfect circle with a side dish of baked beans. Beside the beans were two sausages. I breathed in deeply through my nose, inhaling the sweet smell of my breakfast.

I picked up my knife and fork and begun cutting the sausages into small cylinder-shaped pieces. I took one bite at a time to get the full flavour of my meal. Next to eat was the baked beans, which I scooped up with my spoon and into my mouth.

It all tasted so good I didn’t want to stop eating.

I glanced at the big dark brown grandfather clock beside the coat rack near the front door. It stood tall and proud as I watched the gold pendulum sway side to side for a moment then looked at the face of the clock. I saw it was seven forty five, almost time to catch my bus. I had to hurry a little.

Mum made my lunch and packed it in my shoulder bag. She then walked over to me and tied my red tie for me.

I finished eating and quickly washed my plate and cutlery before running to the bathroom to brush my teeth. Quickly I give my blonde hair a brush when I heard a beeping noise. It was my bus.

I just happen to live about fifteen minutes away by car from school but my bus driver waits for me anyway which was really nice of him. In my street there are only a few people that go to my school but they are older than me.

I jogged back into the kitchen grabbing all my gear, making sure I haven’t forgotten anything. Flung my jumper over my shoulder then gave a kiss to both my parents on the cheeks then made my way to the door sliding my shoes on. “Bye mum and dad, see you tonight” I said in a hurry as I ran out of the house and down the long driveway.

Running down the driveway is exhausting as I’m unfit. On both sides there are tall green hedges that were recently trimmed by my dad. It’s to keep most of the hot sun rays out making our home just a little cooler in the summer but it is freezing cold in the winter. It snows here every year.

I was already starting to lose my breath as I came to the end of the driveway. Carrying a heavy bag is hard work.

Up ahead was the yellow bus waiting and the doors were open. I climbed on. “Thank you for waiting.” I had a warm smile on my face then picked an empty seat.

I leant against the tall window panting after the run. The bus then rode off down the quiet street, picking up other kids then off to my school.

I took my jumper off my shoulders then put it over my bag. Just have to hope it doesn’t fall off when I walk around at school.





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