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Why here of all places? I have one mission here at this establishment of war. And I'm going to get it. Even though my mind is still indiviually minded, I will pull through.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Surprise

Submitted: December 16, 2009

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Submitted: December 16, 2009




"So if I go I'll be able to finish my credits to get into the med
school here?” A nursing student named, Yuki, asked her advisor one
morning right before first quarter was ending. Yuki had been trying to
fit in her classes plus her pre-requisites for med school. She was
running back and forth each quarter to try to schedule herself to get
in Medical School in time right after nursing school.
“Yes this will be the first time the academy has allowed outside stud
ents to go in. We're mostly there to their research and see what
advances they have made in medical technology in the military.” Her
advisor explained.
“Military?” Yuki tilted her head.
“Remember we talked about this?” Her advisor continued. “Will you
be able to pay for the plane ticket.”
She remembered now and decided against the plane ride, “It's okay I'll
drive myself. Shouldn't take that long.”
That was it. Yuki signed the papers and on the next day she drove
off to Colorado Springs. With her essentials packed she set off on the
road alone. It was a once in a lifetime chance. Not only she will be
able to complete her final pre-requisites for med school, she would be
able to see her friend that was her best friend during her times in
JROTC in high school. It had been two years since she last seen him.
Yuki had went to see him off with his family and a couple of his
closest friends at the airport when he left for the Air Force Academy.
Yuki signed up for the trip there when she heard of the program. She
and eleven other students would spend the spring semester there,
taking classes and working with the most leading experts in the
medical field. This would be last obstacle she would encounter. She
already had completed the MCAT, started to apply for her scholarship
for med school for the next four years and now she was on the verge of
getting accepted to Loma Linda University. She just need that letter
of recommendation
for the scholarship and complete these units. It
took her two days for her to get there. Her classmates left just hours
before she arrived at the academy. They were all waiting for her at
the front with the officer in charge of the medical department.
“Welcome my name is Colonel Artega. Unfortunately only the men's dorm
has spare rooms so the ladies will have to sleep there. I do hope
you know there is no marriage around so please do not pursue any
relationships.” She calmly explained with no expression on her face.
Yuki looked at her and saw almost no care for them.
“Hey Yuki it's like we have a chaste belt on us.” A med student
that Yuki worked with at the centennial complex during simulation
whispered in her ear.
Yuki laughed, “It's the rules. I think we may have to wear uniforms.”
The colonel kept going, pretending she had heard nothing, “You will h
ave to wear the uniform at all times. You will be fitted in a month
until then you may wear your civilians clothes.”
Yuki didn't pay attention after that. It annoyed her to conform to
there regulations and it reminded her of the times in JROTC.
“Is that understood!” The colonel yelled.
Yuki snapped to attention, “Yes m'mam!” Everyone else looked at
her. Yuki sheepishly returned to her shell. The colonel looked at her
with an intent look and gave small smile. They were led off for a tour.
“What was that?” The med student asked. 'It was like you belong
She whispered to him, “Ren, it was a force of habit...look...I was in
Air Force JROTC in high school.”
“WHAT!!” Ren yelled. Yuki slapped him upside the head. “How? Oh
wow so how was it?”
“I never liked the rules or the curriculum. I did like the friends I
made.” Yuki said barely above whisper. “Look let's not talk about
The colonel gave them the grand tour, but all Yuki wanted to do was
read her book. On the front was medical terminology, but really she
was reading on the military code. Yuki secretly had a vast knowledge
of the air force, trying to avoid the embarrassment of being
ridiculed. Such as the planes, aces, and basic drill, but dealing with
officers was something she still lacked.
After two hours they finally stopped at the dorm. They were all put
into pairs except for Yuki. She had to put up in a room by herself.
They were already down to elven students. The twelfth had left before
the got to the chapel. The student could no longer take the rules.
Yuki wondered if they were going to go down just like.
Yuki looked around her room. It was completely bare, not even the
mattress had sheets on. She guessed that she had to do it herself. Not
that she minded. She started unpacking her books and electronics.
Yuki knew first years could not have access to electronics but she
figured she didn't have to comply to that rule since she was an
outsider. She started to look for the sheets when she heard a knock on
the door. When she turned a young man was at the door.
“May I help you sir?” She sweetly asked.
“I can help you get you those sheets.” He offered. Yuki shook her
“That's quite alright. I'll be able to look for them myself.” Yuki
walked to the door. “Good night.”
She closed the door on him and walked to the closet and found the
sheets she was looking for. She decided to store the books on the air
force in there so that if her fellow classmates ever came in they
would never know. In reality her classmates didn't want anything to do
with the military. They were just here for the science. She was too,
but she gave a sigh and laid on the bed.
“This is going to be a long semester.” She groaned and curled up to
In the room right above her two third year cadets were up studying.
One of them still practicing his rifle movements for drill team.
“Would you listen Kentaro?!” his roommate shouted.
Apparently, he was trying to get his attention for the last few
minutes. “It's perfect! Stop doing the Queen'sAnne Salute! I'm trying
to tell you something!”
He switched to rotating his rifle, “I'm listening.”
“Our academy has been infiltrated with civis! They let in about eleve
n of them for this medical school in California!” He yelled.
“I already know about that. The captain told me.” He stopped his
“Nothing gets past you two huh? Heh I hear the girls are held up here."
His roommate snickered. “Sweet huh?”
“Uhh yea.” Kentaro, Kazuya mind wandered off. Kazuya thought about
it for a second and the brushed it aside. He knew there was no way
that his friend would be here. He knew she would hate this place.
Beside she would have told him. Then again, they havent talked for a
year. Kazuya put his rifle down and sat in his bed. It still was in
his mind. He picked up his book and a photo of his family inside. His
friend had took this picture and ran to her house and back to LAX just
to give it to him. On the back it said 'Good Luck' -Sachiko, Yuki. He
remembered the tears she was holding back just before he left. He just
patted her head and left. Since then he hadn't heard from her since.
“I'm sorry.” He whispered.
The next day Yuki woke up early so she could head to the showers
before any guy could soil it. Her classmates came out with her to the
mess hall a few hours later. When they arrived she could see the
seperate table all set up for them. She felt alienated from everyone,
but this is was what they would get for being outsiders.
"Are you serious?" Ren groaned. Yuki sighed and walked through the
other rows of cadets all staring at her. She could feel their leering
stares, saying that she didn't belong here and she should just run
home like that other student. Yuki wanted to prove them wrong. They
all sat down and went to get breakfast. Yuki stayed behind until they
got back.
"Hey." It was the cadet that wanted to help her out. "How is the
place so far?"
Ren came back and nudged at Yuki, "Who is this guy?"
"Sorry my name is Li, Matthew. I'm your R.A while you're here." He
smiled. Yuki looked at his uniform and saw he was a Captain.
"So Matthew when do we..."
"Li." Yuki inturrupted him. "I think he's trying to ask what's with
he setup?"
"Hey.." Ren scowled.
"Well, if you join a sport or be a part of student body then you can
move away from this table." Matthew explained.
Yuki raised an eyebrow, "I'm guessig this is the probation table?"
Just then the doors of the hall open and came a flight of cadets at
double time came in and started to get breakfast. The rest of the hall
were silent and went straight back to eating. They had been staring at
the med students but now paid attention to their food.
Yuki continued with her questions, "Do we have to be part of group
formations, do daily procedures or do anything involving the air force?"
"Who are these ppl Li?" The leader of the group came to visit them.
Yuki figured he was the drill team commander. According he carried a
rifle and wore the captain rank. "They could if they want. That is if
they know how!"
The rest of the team laughed except for one. Yuki saw this cadet
standing by the captain's side probably his NCOdid not join in the
fun. Yuki gave one glance at the name tag and her eyes widen. Her best
friend was NCO for this loser.
"So what's your name civi?" The captian demanded. " Know this we
rule the place and if you do as we say, I promise your time here will
be smooth."
Yuki decided to be smart with him, "My name would be too hard for
your mind to even register. I do hear that people in the air force have
bad spelling."
"Why you...?" The captain growled.
"Hey Jackson, back off." Matthew blocked him.
"Fine. Let's go team." He walked of with the team but her friend
stared at her for a second longer. "Kentato leave the civi alone.
Let's go."
"Next time don't do that." Matthew warned and walked off.
Yuki prayed Kazuya did not recognize her. She had changed so she
might have fooled him. She had a month. Then it was back to conformity
for her.
Meanwhile, Kazuya was still wondering if that was his friend, Yuki.
He concluded she would never come here so there was no point in
pondering. Little did he know she had recognized him.
Next few months would turn this academy from the inside out.

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