At A Bakery - Shizuo/Kasuka Heiwajima Love Story

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My name is Aki. I am a kid who lives at a Bakery and helps kids who rarely have food eat with food I give them. And I come across these two boys, claiming as the Heiwajima brothers. They were so cute~! But I didn't expect to have a crush on them.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - At A Bakery - Shizuo/Kasuka Heiwajima Love Story

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Aki's View

"Kyah! You guys are so cute!~" squealed Aki, a ten year old girl who lived at a bakery along with her grandmother. She was seeing the real Heiwajima brothers, Kasuka and Shizuo, the two boys that her grandmother was possibly talking about. "So you two are the Heiwajima brothers I have heard about from Grannie~! You guys... so cute!" she squealed more, making Shizuo's ears hurt a bit.

"Can you please stop yelling?" kindly Kasuka had suggested. Aki had realized what she was doing once Kasuka said that and stopped herself from screaming and squealing over the two. Before he was about to say anything else, Aki ran off inside the bakey, a slow aroma of flowers piling in the air. Kasuka and Shizuo both smelled the inhuman scent and kept it in as Aki came back in with two cookies and milk. "Thank you..." Kasuka thanked. Aki smiled brightly, a perfect row of white showing and glistening at the shining sky above them. Shizuo felt a pink tinge in his cheeks, and he was flaring up.

"So why aren't you in school?" Shizuo asked, being a little curious, the way he is. "You go to school, don't you? I never seen you around..." Shizuo added, drinking the milk with his useful left hand that wasn't held up in a light cloth.

Aki shrugged, "I just came in the neighborhood to visit Grannie... I don't go to school here really, since Grannie is sick, I wanted to help her too. You know, since she grown sick, so I help those people who want food~ Like you guys. And you guys seem so friendly, and especially Kasuka!" she was going at it again. Shizuo almost gave off a annoyed look but didn't show it to not hurt this girl's feeling. Kasuka just looked up from munching his cookie, Aki smiled brightly. "So, where do you guys live?"

Kasuka swallowed his cookie, "Are you planning to stalk us if we tell you?" he monotonously question with his eyes closed, as he drunk in the milk from the glass, soon finishing it and setting it down on the table. 

Aki choked on whatever, maybe her saliva, "No! Of course not, why would you assume such thing, Kasuka?" she seemed to whine a bit but it was mixed with emotions that both the brothers haven't heard in a while. Shizuo looked over and ate his cookie quietly, hoping not to be noticeable, "Hey, Shizuo? What happened to your arm?" Aki looked over at the boy with the cast.

"Oh... I uh, tried to lift up a fridge. I broke my arm like that." He explained, or tried to. 

"Wow! That's... AWESOME!" Aki giggled, Kasuka and Shizuo gave her some kind of look of shock, despite the poker face sticking onto Kasuka's face but wanting to come out and ask the hell why she would think it is 'awesome' like she said. "I mean... I never met someone strong like you! Does it hurt?" she tilted her head. Shizuo stared at her as he scanned her face, gentle caramel brown eyes that swirled with many colors and personalities... it shocked him to see those kinds of eyes from someone he rarely knew. "Shizuo?" he broke out of his trance.

"No, it doesn't hurt. Well, not anymore." Shizuo answered.

"Oh! Good, I was about to go get some bandages if you want." Aki smiled.

"Brother... we're going to be late for school." Kasuka reminded, Shizuo frowned and looked at Aki. "We had a wonderful time with you, Aki... We'll be here after school, is that alright?" Aki nodded eagerly.

"Stop by any time! I'll be here everyday!" Aki giggled, her curls bouncing too. Shizuo stood up, "Oh, Shizuo, you can bring your cookie and milk to school if you want~!" Shizuo nodded and wrapped up his cookie in the wrapper and took his milk with his free hand. "It was nice meeting you guys! I'll see you later!" she said, running inside her bakery as the two boys left the place and discussed in their mind.

What a different girl.

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