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“Where are we going?” said Yuuki with a little of confusion in her voice.
“We are travelling to the underworld” replied Jasmin.
Yuuki was confused; she thought no-one would be able to get to the underworld or out.
“But there is no entrance to that retched place” said Yuuki.
Jasmin and Shaun both join hands and start chanting, together we are here, using our powers, open this door, to the place that is not ours. A beam of glimmering light touches the ground, Yuuki is amazed by their powers, and a creature comes through the portal.
“It’s a demon!!” screamed Jasmin.
Yuuki kills the demon by slashing around its neck with her claws. For curiousness, Jasmin starts to read Shaun’s mind, he is thinking about her but not in the way that she intended. He loves her......
“Shaun, why do you love me?” asked Jasmin.
“What do you mean?” replied Shaun.
Jasmin gave Shaun an evil glare, he was lying to her.
“You can tell me.... please tell me” said Jasmin.
“I love you Jasmin, I have loved you since the first time our eyes met” said Shaun spilling out his feelings for the girl.
Jasmin hugged him as she loves him also..... But they can never be together as they are in the middle of an apocalypse and they might not be able to live through such havoc.
Yuuki, Jasmin and Shaun step through the portal and the portal closes behind them. The leader of the mingonians met them at the portals entrance, they shot down Yuuki, at that split second, and Shaun felt a strange feeling in his hands, his mouth spoke without him speaking; for I am here, and you are not, please help this girl, in her knot. Shaun’s hands start glowing; the cuts on his hands start to heal. He now knows his destiny, he puts his hands over Yuuki’s bleeding injury and the bullet disappears like magic.
“Are you okay Yuuki?” asked Shaun and Jasmin.
Jasmin starts crying as Yuuki did not reply, but then her fingers start to move.
“Jasmin, please don’t cry, I am fine” said Yuuki.
Shaun and Jasmin leap into the air with joy as Yuuki did not die. Yuuki and Jasmin were amazed of Shaun’s amazing powers.
“Shaun!!” shouted Jasmin.
“What?!” replied Shaun.
“Hurry UP! SLOWPOKE!” screamed Yuuki and Jasmin.
Shaun catches up to them and their journey is still ongoing through the ages.
But what the trio do not know, the enemy are now regenerating all creatures to become immortal. A new race of demons..... They call them Night Stalkers.

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