The Paper Thin Series: Paper Vampire

Status: Finished

The Paper Thin Series: Paper Vampire

Status: Finished

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The Paper Thin Series: Paper Vampire

Book by: Zach734Nay

Genre: Fantasy


Book by: Zach734Nay


Genre: Fantasy



in the small town of long ridge, new boy Dylan Estella is outside looking in, watching as his Ex boyfriend, Cody and his new fling live out their highschool life while Dylan is forced to deal with the heartbroken state he was left in. he begins to notice a change in himself. his wounds heal fast, he is suddenly more agile and now he is drawing the attention of another boy, Kallin. who seems too good to be true. when tensions rise Dylan will discover his true nature, he will fall in love, and find himselfs on the oposite of the razor blade this time.


in the small town of long ridge, new boy Dylan Estella is outside looking in, watching as his Ex boyfriend, Cody and his new fling live out their highschool life while Dylan is forced to deal with the heartbroken state he was left in. he begins to notice a change in himself. his wounds heal fast, he is suddenly more agile and now he is drawing the attention of another boy, Kallin. who seems too good to be true. when tensions rise Dylan will discover his true nature, he will fall in love, and find himselfs on the oposite of the razor blade this time.

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 06, 2013





9 Kallin







I had to say, I was just a little bit giddy when Jamie shut her house door behind her. she had left me alone with Kallin Carver, and he wanted to walk me home. I didn’t know if I should put too much thought into this, because I normally though too much about attention from boys, seeing as how we had just met. But it still felt good when he offered to walk home with me, I still had a ways to go which left a lot of room for conversation. So I had to come up with good topics quick.

“So thanks for walking with me, it’s actually a really lonely walk usually. It’s nice of you to.” I say. Giving my best smile.
“I understand. I usually walk alone too.” Kallin replies.

“Where is your house at?” I ask, realizing I didn’t even know if walking me home had been completely out of the way for him.

“You’re going to think I’m crazy, but I live in the woods. My family owns a property out there.” Kallin admits. But I didn’t think it was too insane, seeing as how my aunt’s house was right on the out skirts of town, just before the woods that surrounded our town.

“Actually, that’s not too crazy. I live like right on the forest. It’s my back yard.” I reply, hoping to make him feel just a little better.

“Seriously? Wait, your aunt is Carmon Estella right? That’s so crazy, if you were to walk right out your back yard and just keep going straight you would probably reach my home in about five or ten minutes.” Kallin shocked me, it was crazy.

“Whoa, really? Why don’t you have anyone drive you too school?” I ask.

“I could ask you the same question.” He responded.

“Well, I could get a ride with my sister but she is usually late. And my Aunt works in Hope City so she leaves way early. And I guess it’s just extra exercise.” I explained. Kallin laughed.

“As if you need it, you’re perfectly shaped.” He says, I sensed some flirtation. Yet I proceeded with caution.

“Thanks, but I don’t look nearly as good as you.” I heard myself saying. Ignoring my own warning. Screw caution, throw that shit to the wind Dylan. This boy is hot. Kallin laughed again.


“Welcome.” I added.

“So, you have a sister?” He asked.

“Yup.” I replied.

“Older or younger?” He added.

“Older. She is a senior.” I explained.

“We have a lot in common. I have an older sister too.” Kallin connected more dots between us. I, however, still had that too good to be true feeling.

“How old is she?” I ask.

“She is twenty-seven. She actually still lives at home.” Kallin revealed.

“Wow, that must be nice though. I love having my sister at home.” I admit. Because it was the truth.

“It is. We are pretty close.” He replied. I was in awe of how many similarities I had found between us. They way we carried on our conversation was so easy, the simplicity of being able to communicate took away so much time and I hadn’t realized how close we had gotten to my house. It was in my site now, and I was bitter to end the moment.

“Well, that’s my house up a head.” I announce. A little sad.

“Wow. Feels like we just started walking. If you don’t mind, can I just cut through the back yard?” he asked. And I was all too willing to let him, it gave me and excuse to spend more time with him.

“Yeah, that should be fine.” I answered willingly. I was celebrating inside.

“Great.” Kallin smiles again, so adorably shaped It made me giddy. In fact, I felt a random burst of courage that I had no idea of where it came from. Before I had a chance to ponder it, I blurted out; “Do you want to sit out back with me? My Aunt has a really nice gazebo with a comfortable swinging bench that looks out into the forest. I mean, I will be home alone for a while. My sister is out job hunting, my aunt works and I would like to have company. If you want.” Kallin’s face kept smiling, his pink lips pulled up.

“That sounds nice, actually.” He replied. I couldn’t wait. So by the time we were opening my front door with my spare key, I was practically a mess. Almost dropping the key when I tried to slide it into the lock.

“You okay?” Kallin asks. But I only nod and smile at him while I turn over the lock and open the door. The house is clean, smells like vanilla, I’m happy to bring in company to a nice house. Not one shred of disappointment in the way I’ve helped maintain this home. Not like when I lived with my parents, it would never be comfortable to invite anyone in. I walked into the safe haven.

“This is a really nice house. I like it a lot.” Kallin comments.

“If my aunt was hear, she would probably die to hear you say that.” I reply. Smiling, and half glad she wasn’t home. I know she would jump at the chance to embarrass me. Kallin only laughs, as he peers around corners and observes the fullness of the living room, then kitchen and the back door.

“The gazebo is right out back.” I say. Kallin nods and follows me onto the back porch. Its brown wood floored, and wraps around the back of the house. Directly from the back door though, it had steps that lead out ward to an octagon shaped wooden structure. There was pillars at each point reaching upwards to support the cone shaped roof. Hanging in the center was the swinging bench made from the same brown wood, with a cushion made from white fabric and fastened to the bench. Kallin stares, clearly impressed by it all. I am too, even though I live here. I step up to the swing and set down, then pat the spot next to me when Kallin approaches the swing. He sits down.

“The view is nice, all the trees and the shadows in the forest. It’s really beautiful.” He states, as my veins and heart begin to pound from being so close to such a beautiful boy. Our thighs were nearly inches away, I kept my hands in my lap. Kallin, on the other hand, sat with his thighs slightly apart and with his one arm on the benches and the other across his lap. I remember to check the time, so I slip my phone out of my pocket as I continue saying;

“Yeah, honestly I know I live here. But this is probably the first time I’ve even sat here.” It was almost four, who knew how long it be before anyone was home. And by that time, would Kallin still be here?

“That’s hard to believe.” He says, looking at me. His two blue green eyes shifted and swirled between the two colors. Mesmerizing.

“Yeah, it is actually.” I confer. I’m taken aback by his voice, the way he talks and the jolt of cheery that rolls from his tongue. And we talked, again. So easily and smoothly. Never running out of things to laugh about, or things to rant over.

“So, do you know about that kid who got drug into the school? Or the one who was taken to the hospital?” Kallin asked. I felt a sharp jolt, not knowing how to answer or where to even begin.

“Kind of, well, more than that. I actually, dated the boy who got arrested. Cody. And the boy he hit was his current boyfriend. Though, I guess now they are probably not together anymore.” I explain. My shoulders shutter, and I shrug them together not realizing that the sun had faded and the automatic lanterns turned themselves on, while the strings of ice sickle lights followed the auto timer. Kallin caught his breath, and I did too. I completely forgotten that there was an auto timer that went off if it sensed movement outside. I silently thanked my aunt for her over the top style, because of the way the lights illuminated Kallin’s face when he looked at me smiling again.

“Wow, that’s pretty cool.” He says. Almost ignoring what I said. Then Kallin did what I would have never expected, he scooted closer and draped his arm around me. I shivered, and turned my head away in an attempt to hide my face from him. I smiled as big as I could then suppressed it by biting my lip. “I didn’t mean to intrude. With my question.” He adds. I turn to face him, covering my mouth to conceal any leftover smile, but it fails.

“Its fine. I’m over him. Over it all. Now I guess you could say I’ve finally checked out of rehab.” I explain. Kallin’s expression becomes more serious.

“Are you scared of Cody? After what he did to that boy?” Kallin askes, he seems to be inching closer to my face. his eyes moving back and forth reading my own eyes, waiting for me to respond. I barely begin to open my mouth when I hear the house phone ringing. It made me pull back a little from him. I realized it must be six already. And I checked my phone to confirm what I already knew. Kallin and I had talked for two hours, we just met and we have spent most of the time out of school together, and that my parents were calling again. Kallin pulls back too, and puts his arm back In his lap.

“Should you go answer that?” He sounds like a little kid who just got caught coloring on the wall, except I had no clue why he would feel like that enough to let it slip through in his tone. Even so, it did make me smile. I thought it was cute.

“Maybe.” I say. Then I stand up and head for the back door. Kallin follows behind me, towering over me keeping right on my trail. I stop at the door, ready to turn the knob. I can still hear the phone ringing.

“It might go to the answering machine soon.” Kallin observes. And I turn around putting my arm behind my back and still holding onto the knob.

“No.” I say.

“You don’t have an answering machine?” he asks. His face puzzled. I shake my head, knowing I should have evaluated better.

“No, I mean. Yes I do. But I was saying, no I’m not scared of Cody. Not one bit, I used to be. And maybe earlier I was but I thought about it. and there is nothing he could do to hurt me, I won’t give him that power over me anymore. And not just emotionally, physically too.” I evaluate. The phone stops ringing. Kallin creeps closer to me causing me to lay my back against the door. He brushes my bangs out of my face, the touch of his skin changes my pulse. And I only anticipate what it means.

“Good. I know you are stronger than him Dylan.” Kallin almost whispers. “I guess you do have an answering machine.” I tilt my head up to him, making eye contact and making sure I don’t break it. I tried not to count the seconds we stood there like that. Until, Kallin reached for my cell phone that I had securely clenched in my free hand. He takes it and holds it up between us. Then, types in what I assume is his number. He Types again, probably his name. while the whole time I’m unable to move. No. I was un willing, I wanted to stay close to him. He then begins to type, hits one last button and hands me back my phone.

“Now, you have my number. I sent a text to my phone so that I will have yours.” He explains.

“Thanks. I guess were friends?” I ask. Unsure of how I should act, with him being so close I didn’t want to read into anything. Yet, at the same time it was just as hard not to. Kallin doesn’t say anything back. He smiles very brightly. Pushes himself from the wall and turns away. I watch him quicken down the steps and walk off into the trees when the lights all shut off. my phone vibrates against my knuckles, I pull myself out of the trance to answer the text as soon as I could. It was Kallin. His name in plain text with a smiley emotion-con at the end. The text was simple.



I guess we are something. 


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