The New War

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - New Life

Submitted: March 04, 2013

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Submitted: March 04, 2013



I turned over on my side now staring at the shack wall, it was damp and musty with the stench of decaing corpses probaly under the shack. When I turned back to face the man on the other side of the shack I came face to face with an American soldier who pointed a shacking gun right in between my eyes. I sat up and twisted out to face him and his reaction wasn't what I had expected at all from the first time I made eye contact with him which was on the way here.
"You lay back down you stupid idioit! Who's holding the gun between your demon and evil eyes? I could shot you right now and no one would care cuz' all you are is worthless dirt that everyone can walk on you hear and don't try and be a hero and run cuz' when we find you, you'll come back here in a bag and I'll be the one who killed ya'." I sat there staring him straight in the face which only made him more scared then he was already, that I liked about people who are told something about you that they think is true and they can't stand it.
"Answer me you peice of shit! Answer me now and quik before I put a bullet through your head!" He had to hold onto the gun with both hands now from how bad he was shaking. Of course I had gotten use to the accosional physco who would try and put a bullet in my brain but he was scared which I didn't know how to handle in that situation. I stood up now casting a shadow which covered part of my face which scared him to the limit he wouldn't look at me he was so scared. Without thinking I punched him dead in his jaw which made him shut up but also alarmed the other soldiers from the guys crying which was almost like he was 5, that was a pathetic thing to me and made me want to kill him for being so weak at a time you just got punched a deffenceless enemy soldier and you are holding the gun. Soldiers rushed into the shack and srounded me with FN's, AK's, and some with a pistol, I had no choice but to put my hands behinde my head and kneel to the floor so I wouldn't get shot.
"It's not my fault your lil' soldier was to weak to kill the enemy on sight because if it were me I would've shot him without hesitation but I guess he's special since he couldn't even put his finger on the triger. I must say you guys weren't trained the way we were, you might hold the guns but we hold the world in our hands. Just think the Russian Mafia could rule this world and we could have peace with crime and killing but no country would attack another since already massacures would be exploding all over the place so no one would have time to argue with the other. Now wouldn't that be a perfect world?" Or course I didn't want that my self but it was the only way to make them think of a better solution while I could take them down. I waited as they stood there, no one made a movement to get out of the shack and no one spoke for almost what felt like hours. It have been hours I couldn't tell, finally after waiting all of them left including the soldier who had just tried to kill me but what was strange is that he was smiling and whinked at me like he was saying "That's a good point there." which was what he might have been saying by just whinking. BangI jumped as a bullet hit metal and suddenly gun fire broke out apon the prison camp, I roled under my bed and tucked my arms to my side waiting for the firing to stop but it didn't no side won infact I think it's not two diffrent sides of the war but the American's fighting each other. Soldiers ran into the shack killing all the prisoners except the ones who had gone mad from the polishing and waxing the cars.
"Where did that damn Irish soldier go, I wanted to thank him for giving us this idea." One soldier said in a slightly insane tone and his voice seemed dark and almost scarey.
"Maybe he ran for freedom like we are doing and killed our commander already which wouldn't make a diffrence since I'm still gonna kill'm and skin him after he's dead!" The second soldier was the boy from only a few minutes ago, well more like an hour ago since he tried to kill him at first. I breathed littly so not even I could hear me breath which was almost holding my breath, finally the soldiers left and maybe ran for another location to destroy. This new life amoung Americans was going to be hard and not easy to do since I would stand out like a horse in a sheep herd. I roled back out onto the shack open floor were I laid in a pool of blood which seemed sticky and cold like how my fellow soldiers were killed coldly with no honor to their death and their killers had gone insane thanks to me and my big mouth. At least that made my escape easier and less of a death wish now that most of the soldiers are either dead or had gone insane and ran out of the prison camp like a mad dog chasing a cat for fun. I got up and walked to the door which was almost like one hundred years old from the gun fire and killing of the guards at the shack. I made my way out into a mass of fire and burned shacks with the rare sound of a scream from a dieing soldier coming from the bruning shacks. Now I made things harder for the Americans but harder for Russia, Scout Land, and Irish reinforcements now that made soldiers where running around. What have caused now, all I can do now is to run and hide untill I get back to my base camp. Lord help me now.

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