The New War

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - The Crazy Girls

Submitted: March 07, 2013

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Submitted: March 07, 2013




I ran to the open alleys of the down town New York streets until I found myself in an open area with no way up or any other way to run, all I could was to be waiting for death to smack me into reality of what was coming.  To my surprise death didn’t come but only a warm body clutching me with what felt like in my gut, was love. Love was the one thing I couldn’t stand unless it only last one night or two. A girl rapped herself around my left arm which was still stained with the blood from the shotgun blast I suffered from two days ago when I ran into those psychos I made from my fantasy world.  She looked like she was in her twenties and her hair was a very light blond and she had a white, tan mix to her skin. She was wearing an old Skillet T-shirt with ripped skinny jeans and all stars for shoes with mixed matched socks.
“Ummm, can I help ya’ miss in any way. If not can you please let go of my arm now.” She didn’t answer she only stood there staring into the alley back at where my pursuers were.  She looked up at me she was only a few feet shorter than me but she had look up at me which made me think of when I was only 4’11 and ¾ in high school, those days were the days that I enjoyed tons but now I was across seas and fighting a war we didn’t want to get into until America declared war on us.
“Please you have to come with me to my house now, you’re the only one who hasn’t gone mad or have you? It doesn’t matter now just come with me! Hurry!” She dragged me past an old street which was nearly blown to pieces during the New York bombing in 2019, six years after we had gotten involved. Of course I could be getting my history mixed up but it didn’t matter to me since America was in over its head in blood that was spilled by its own people. We finally stopped now facing a giant mansion with a golden bar gate and the walls surrounding the mansion were a beautiful brick and cobble design. I came into the giant yard which to my dismay wasn’t a great sight since body’s and blood stained in from the building to the walls, a shame to see it in that state. When we got inside it was almost like I was in a movie but it was a full house and with what I thought it would be with, blood and the occasional corpse.
“Will you stay here with me? If you do please don’t try and rape me or drug me or anything of that manner or after the war I’ll sue you for sexual assault, got it? Good, now let’s have a little fun shall we?” She made a come and get me look which in turn made me want to chase her until she let me catch her.
“Under one condition lil’ girl, no wanting sex got it. I don’t do that with women who are only starting out as an adult.” She looked at me with a raised eyebrow and then smiled a little before walking over to what I thought was forced sex.
“Fine, but you have to do it once or else I’ll let you die out in the open with all those mad men who one tried to put me in a skirt so short it wouldn’t even cover my round ass but make it show and my other parts show too. So let’s have fun once then no more, ok?” She bit her lip with a wanting look in her eye as she swiveled down to my waist. There was a bang at the door, I walked towards it and then it burst open with a crash!  I stumbled back into the girl who dropped my pants and three other girls came in with nothing on which I was surprised to see since these girls where still sane. They all looked at me with a devilish look and all at once made started walking like a model would.
“These are my sisters, we like to have fun and then kill our victim which is you now and we are going to have more fun with an Irish soldier than one who is an American, they know what to do but they don’t do it like a foreign man would. I bet he twists it while going in and out but let’s just see.” I tried to walk but I couldn’t now that I had tons of girls crawling on me which was the other way around since it was suppose to be a man who raped a girl not a girl raping a man. Now it was strange and creepy in America not what you’d expect from a first class country. Lord help now more than ever before these girls kill me after they have their fun.

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