Je T'aime in Europe: A Rummage Across France

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They have to be stopped. But how am I going to do it. They have accomplices everywhere. Even some in the young division of the FBI. I should know I work with some. They all just work with you and when they don't need yeah, bye bye. Kinda a cliché don't ya think? Anyway there are five of them controlling everything, only five. And they all are female. A little sexist but still. So many things surprise me about them but there is one thing that really pisses me off, but also makes me very depressed. And that thing is my old girlfriend Jessica who fooled my for years just to kick me to the curve and reveal herself as one of the five. And before that I thought there were four. Well I'm about to go on another adventure to try and stop them. It all started in my new girlfriend, Jasmine's house at 4:00pm in April of 20... She and I have been together for over a year now. 

"How could you possibly forget,Zack!" Jasmine yelled at me.

"What are you talking bout!" I screamed backed at her.

"There was an important party today, and I fucking needed you there!" She exclaim as is if was stupid.

"You never told me of a fucking party, why is it important anyways!"

"Really now! I told you all of this but now it doesn't matter. I fucking lost my job, and FBI is considering kicking me of the kids division thanks to your stupidity!"

She moved from the living room to the kitchen, with her hand on her face and turning red. I followed to defend myself.

"Well its not my fucking fault since you never told me!" I said as Jasmine turn abruptly to come face to face with me.

"Yes I fucking did! Just fucking go to your house and jerk of to your foot porn!" Jasmine pushed me with one hand.

"Why the fuck did you bring that up. Are you really that mad cause thats fucking mean, and this isn't even my fault!"

"Just leave!" She began to escort me to the door.

"Fine! I will, just don't talk to me again!" I said exiting her apartment. When I walked out the door the door shut loudly hitting me in the back.

I sighed and looked down the hallway as I slid my hand into my baggy short's pockets. The light glistened against my tan skin. I was confused, what just happened? I moved my right hand to scratch my buzz cut hair. I reached for the door with a fist, ready to knock when my phone rang in my back pocket. What now? I reached into my pocket and pulled a cellphone. It stated the caller as a blocked number.

I answered the phone in a not-so-friendly tone "Who is this? This isn't the best time to be calling me. I have an something...."

The caller interrupted me " This is John. We've located the five sisters, and they are in your area. We need you."

My bottom lip trembled as the John continued and I occasionally replied with " Really, Okay, and Sure." John hung up and i headed down the hallway and turned the corner but I heard the door click and open. I saw Jasmine stand at the doorway with her hand out but she recoiled and held her arm. I sprinted a head as Jasmine entered back into her apartment. I walked out the complex and into the street as a car swerved to a stop right in front of me. A guy in a black business suite, with black sunglasses rolled down his window.

"Get in!" he said using his thumb to point to the backseat.


"So your the famous Zack, whose been on after the sisters since the begin. Even traveled all around the world." The man in shades praised.

"Ya that me but I never been to France, and thats the only place I'd prefer to go." I replied.

"Lucky for you, thats where John is sending you, and your flight leaves in two hours." The guy said emphasizing 'two hours'.

"What's so important with that flight? Can't I catch an earlier one or something?" I question my older informer.

"Glad you asked. Some special people will be on that flight."

"You don't mean!" I mused with excitement.

"Yep, the five sisters! They will be on that plane but it would be wise not to confront them. But when off the plane be sure to follow them, understood?"

"Alright! This should be fun a two in one, a trip to France and more leads on the girls!"

"But you gonna have to have a partner, preferably female so you can pose as a couple. Though the five know what you look like, their minions don't. And since you girlfriend and you just had a scuffle, I reckon you would choose someone else."

"What, how'd you find out about that!" I rose up from my seat and came up face to face with the guy. My face was burning like fats in a frying pan. The guy tense up but chuckled.

"We're the FBI, we should know what everyone's doing, let alone our own agents."

I sulked back down into my seat. He has a point. "I swear if you speak of that fight ever again I will rip out your tonsils."

He gulp and cleared his voice "We have are girl on standby, if you want we will call her up."

I nodded, he pulled out his phone, spoke a couple of words and we sped away.

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