Locked Heart

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A boy from the past who broke her little sister's heart, is back. Liz is still out for revenge against him for doing that to her little sister Gracie. But it doesn't go as plan and some things start to develop.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Locked Heart

Submitted: April 06, 2013

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Submitted: April 06, 2013




A cool breeze rushed pasted me as I lounged about underneath a big oak tree. I can't believe mommy made my come along on my little sister's play date with this one guy. I could be at home drawing but instead I'm stuck out here at the park when it's hot out. Mommy doesn't think I should still be coloring when I'm in my third year of elementary. But who cares, that's a stupid rule.

Iscan the playground out of boredom. Then my eyes land on my little sister Gracie holding hands with a boy. Grrr.... No boy has the right to touch my sister like that she's only in her second year of elementary. I stomp over to them. I see that the boy has Light blonde hair and light blue eyes that put the sky's own color to shame.

"Don't touch my sister like that, you have no right." I say calmly with a sharp edge to it.

"But Lizzy, he does." Gracie pleads.

"How does he then Gracie?" I demand.

"We'll he's my ..... Boyfriend." She whispers.

"Your what!?!?!?!" I shout.

"He's my boyfriend, okay Lizzy." Then Gracie turns her back on me and says to the boy ,

"Come on Sky, lets go." Then they run of and leave me standing in the sand alone, for the first and definently not the last time.


I lay huddled in my blue blankets in my bed. Today was the first time Gracie ever treated me coldly. It's all that stupid boy's fault that she was mean. I hate him for that. A tear falls down my cheek. Gracie doesn't like me now. Who's going to love me? I try to hold back the rest of the tears that are threatening to spill. But then a distraction comes knocking.

My sister softly knocks on my door and slowly opens it. I quickly wipe away any unnoticed tears and turn around to see my sister crying. I motion for her to come here. I lift the covers for her and she slips into the warm space. I drop the sheets, letting them float down, and hug my sister tight.

"Gracie what's wrong?" I ask softly as I wipe away her tears.

"Sky..." She sniffles.

"What about Sky? Did he hurt you or something? Because if so...." I say angrily .

"He... He.... He broke up with me." Then that's when she starts crying again .

"Shhh...Shhh... Don't cry Gracie, he's not worth it." I say as I hug her tighter. As I drifted off to sleep I made a silent promise.

Gracie I swear to you I will make him pay for hurting you.

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