Locked Heart

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Questions

Submitted: May 12, 2013

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Submitted: May 12, 2013




I land the car with precision. My past expirences making it mostly smooth. But the car's still sliding. I block my sister's screaming out and jerk the wheel causing us to make a sharp turn. We spin to the right leaving donut marks in the grass and stop facing the school and the parking lot. I sit there my already wild brown hair even more wild and windblow. Then a huge smile cracks my face and I start laughing.

"That was AMAZING!!! I've never tried that with a car." I scream. My sister's finally shut up, I think I might have put her into shock..... Oh well. "Gracie you okay?" I ask any ways. Her head snaps up and I just see the hatred boiling on her face.\\

"What were you thinking!!!!" Gracie yelled.

"Gracie calm down, its over." I begged.

"NO I WILL NOT!!!" Gracie grabs her bag and flings the door open and steps out.

"Gracie, WAIT! I'm sorry." I say but I can tell she's still mad. She slams the car door leaving me alone with Luke. I watch her walk away.

"Why is she like that Luke?" I ask.

"Liz she's just going through a rough time thats all with what happened and with your dad always being away." he says with sincerity.

"Yeah I know but I just don't know why she blocks me out sometimes and why she's always yelling at me, I'm trying to do my best." I sigh and shake my head.

"Liz that's something for you to ask, I don't know how Gracie thinks." Luke says as he grabs his backpack and slings it on.

"You right I'll try too ask her, how i don't know but I will." I say as I take my keys out and grab my backpack.

"You ready for another day of this nightmare and we're still on for tonight right?" I ask.

"Yeah we are, they say alot of people are coming tonight and yeah I am." Luke says as he pops the door open.

"Okay then lets go." I say as I open the door and step into the blinding light.

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