The Fantastic Adventures Of Captain Tessa Rose

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The adventures of a female pirate captain who is taken captured by another pirate captain and goes on amazing adventures with him while trying to get back to her crew

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Fantastic Adventures Of Captain Tessa Rose

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Submitted: November 16, 2012



Prologue: Lucas Scarlet

I watched as my older brother, Will, got on a ship headed for London.He had to go to London for a while to get a job and get some more money to support our family.He promised to be back in a year. As I watched him sail away on that ship I noticed that another ship was coming in. For some reason it had a pirate flag up. But that was impossible no pirate was stupid enough to sail a ship right into Port Royal, but yet... I saw the pirate ship change directions. It was now heading towards the ship Will was on. The ship was to far away for me to yell a warning or swim there. All I could do is watch as it attacked the ship Will was on. The pirate ship won that battle and only took one prisoner but I was to far to see who. But I was close enough to see the picture on the flag, which had a skull and the bones of two wings on it. From that day forth I vowed that I shall have my revenge on the people who killed Will no matter what it may cost.

Also as fate would have it there was a noble girl on that ship that day and she just so happened to be the only survivor.

8 years later...

Captain Tessa Rose

It's been 8 years since that fateful day when I was captured by the famous pirate bandits called The Sparrows when I was 9 years old. I would not like to think about my experience of those 3 years because they would give you nightmares. But some of the times during that period were happy. Also during my time on the Sparrows ship I learned how to sail, sword fight, and how to throw knifes. After spending three years with them I finally escaped one night in Tortoga the famous pirate city. I spent a whole year there but it was worth it. I got my own ship named the Golden Goddess and a crew. My crew members are Silent Pete (able bodied sailor also known as A.b.s.), Thomas (second mate), Daniel (first mate), Jake (boatswain), Jack (master gunner), Mills (sails master), Cook (the cook), Doc (the doctor/ surgeon/ carpenter), Joshua (powder monkey), Zack (cabin boy), James (a.b.s), Blake (rigger), and of course me your Captain. We were on our way to Tortoga, for a much needed vacation and we had a lot of money to spend from raids, when we saw a ship heading straight for us. I took out my spyglass to see their flag they had but it was one I have never seen. It had two swords that crossed and a skull with a knife in it's jaw. \"We shall continue on our course and it looks like the sea and the wind favors us today full speed ahead and make it fast I do not want that ship catching up to us.\" I said. \"Aye aye Capt!\" yelled my loyal crew. Then I watched my crew scurry about and do their jobs and set up the rigging and getting the sails just right so we can get the most speed. \"Quickly they are gaining and if they don't catch up to us I will give you all double pay.\" I said. But my crew was so busy they couldn't even answer me. I watched as the other ship caught up to us. \"Daniel tell every to prepare for battle.\" I said. \"Aye aye Captain right away.\" he said. I left the battle preparation to Daniel and went into my quarters and got ready. I put some daggers on my arms and legs and in my boots. Then I made sure the sheath holding my sword was okay. Then I went back outside. The battle was almost ready to begin. They were almost in range for the cannons. Right when they were about to get in range I saw Jack come running up. \"What is it Jack now is not the time to be running about.\" I said angrily. \"But Capt someone sabotaged the gunpowder after I checked it.\" he said. \"What! I can't believe one of me own crew members betrayed me, go back down and see if you can rescue any.\" I said. \"Aye Aye Capt.\" said Jack. I watched Jack leave then I turned to my crew. \"My crew I am sad to say this but we have a traitor among us and I know who.\" I said. \"Who is it Captain?\" said Daniel. When he said that I saw everyone shake their heads in agreement. \"I am sorry to say this but it is Thomas.\" when I said this I saw Thomas go ridge \"I am so sorry Captain Tessa I didn't want to but they offered so much money.\" Thomas said. I ignored what he said and had him tied to the mast. \"You should answer my question with the truth if you value your life, Who paid you to do that?\" I said. \"Some new Captain named Lucas and he's out for revenge and he's looking for everyone who was part of the Sparrows, he's all ready killed the whole group except thoughs who left or escaped.\" he said. Great just what I need another person looking to kill me. I left Thomas and went up to the quarter deck. \"My brothers, my friends, my crew, and Thomas we may not make it out of this one but we shall fight to the death and take those dogs that call themselves pirates with us, we shall show them what true pirates are!\" I yelled. \"Aye!\" yelled my crew. \"Prepare for battle.\" I said. The ship was almost here I went to the starport side and grabbed a rope so I could lead my crew into battle. When they were about to arrived I yelled \"We fight together my brothers! Charge!\" Then we swung on to the other ship and then the battle began. We had the upper hand because of the surprise attack. I started parrying sword slashes and dodging blows. I had just slide my sword through someone when I saw someone coming up from behide Daniel. Before he could land the killing blow on Daniel I threw one of my daggers at him. I hit him right in the heart and he fell to the ground instantly dead then I spun around to parry another attack. As I fended off attack after attack I watched the battle rage on. After I cut down my newest attacker I looked for the captain because I wanted to end this. I didn't have to look hard because he came right to me. \"Are you the Captain of this ship?\" I asked. As we started to circle each other, we were so absorbed we didn't even notice that the battle had stopped. \"Depends are you Tessa Rose the famous pirate queen who use to be part the the pirate crew called the Sparrows.\" he said. \"So what if I am.\" I said as I dodged his blows. \"I have a question for you that no one has answered for me, they all refused to tell me the answer so I had to kill them for being so uncooperative.\" he said. I parried his blow and struck him from the left then I quickly hit on the right than jabbed at his leg. He dodged and parried every move I made. Jeeze this guy is good. \"What is the question you seek maybe I have the answer.\" I said as I dodged another of his blows. \"Okay,\" he said as he relax into a ready position and stopped trying to kill me for a minute. \"8 years ago the Sparrows attacked a ship heading from Port Royal to London, they took one person who was a noble girl named Elizabeth Rosario what happened to her and did anyone else survive?\" he asked. I caught him off guard when I swung my sword nicking him on the cheek, and then I kicked him down and put my sword to his throat. \"DO NOT SPEACK THAT NAME IN FRONT OF ME OR I SHALL SLIT YOUR THROAT!\" I yelled. I took a deep breath and calmed down and said, \"That girl was uncooperative and died a slow and painful death and there were no other survivors but the girl tried saving her friend named Will or something like that but the sparrows ended his life, now you know now give up, now me and my crew shall be leaving.\" I said. I put my sword back in its sheath and turned around. Then I felt a sword to my back. \"You can't leave just yet, your my prisoner, but your crew can go free but just to make sure they don't follow us, we are going to cut the sails.\" he said. I watched as my crew got on my ship with out me. I had to look away because it was so painful. Then I watched as my ship slowly shrinked in size as we got farther and farther away from it. Captain Lucas escorted me to his cabin and tied one end of a rope to his bed and tied the other to my ankle. \"Is this really necessary it's not like I can go anywhere.\" I said. \"Yes it is and besides its fun this way.\" he said. \"Okay let's get down to the point why do you want me?\" I said. \"I want you because you have information and I've always wanted my own pirate queen.\" he said as he put his hand on my face. I moved his hand off my face \"Don't ever touch me got it.\" I said, \"So what kind of information do you want?\" I asked. \"I just want the truth that's all, so what really happened to Elizabeth and I want to know what happened to her friend.\" he said.\"I told you she died and her friend died.\" I said. I sat down and tried to untie the rope but after a few attempts I gave up. \"I don't believe that.\" Lucas said. \"Fine the truth is after spending three years with the Sparrows she escaped and was never seen or heard from again and that's all I know and I don't know what happened to the boy.\" I said. I took out my dagger and cut the rope then I put it back. \"I mean really was it really necessary to tie me up?\" \"Yes, yes it was I wouldn't want my pirate queen jumping over board.\" he said, \"Also give me all your weapons I wouldn't want you hurting someone.\" \"Fine.\" I said. I removed my sword and dagger and handed them to him. \"I mean all of them and if you won't do that then I would gladly search you myself.\" \"Fine I'll give you the rest.\" I said. I handed him the rest of them except the on in my boot. \"There happy.\" I said. \"No... Give me the one in your boots.\" he said. I reluctantly gave him my last weapon. \"Thank you and the name is Captain Lucas Scarlet.\" He said as he tied the rope back on. \"Well /Lucas/ where are we going?\" I asked. \"Well Tess we are going to Tortoga I have some business there.\" Lucas said. \"Great I love Tortoga!\" I said. \"I'm glad but for now your going to keep me entertained.\" he said. \"And why would I do that.\" I said. \"Because your my prisoner.\" he said as a big grin slid on to his face. I hate his guy but for now I guess I have to play along but once I get to Tortoga I am escaping ... Lucas interrupted my scheming when he said, \"You better not think about escaping or I might have to do so something.\" He said as he leaned into me. I shoved him away. \"Get away jerk.\" I said. \" What am I to handsome for you.\" he said. \"No your breath just stinks and I already have someone.\" I told him. \"Ouch that hurt so who's the person?\" he asked. \"No one.\" I said. \"Fine but you will tell me sometime.\" he said. \"Sure what ever.\" I said as I rolled my eyes. Lucas grabbed me and pulled me to him and held me. \"I like you.\" he said as I struggled to get away from him. He laughed then let me go. \"You will be mine.\" he said. \"I will never be yours.\" I said angrily. \"I'm going up on deck you can stay here I'll come get you when dinner is ready.\" Lucas said then he left. I spent about two hours in his quarters before he came to get me. When he finally came he untied me from the bed and made sure the end fasten to my ankle was secure and took the other end in his hand and dragged me up to the deck. It felt good to be in the open air and I miss the smell of salt in the air. I didn't get to much time to absorb my surroundings before Lucas was dragging me some where again. When we got to the table where everyone was eating about half the crew was drunk. \"This is our prisoner we got today let's put her to good use and here's this because she's mine.\" Lucas said as he threw big bags of money to the crew. Lucas pull me up to him and whisper \"Your mine now and go get me food and feed it to me /Tessa/.\" Lucas said as I broke through his deadly grip. I shot him a look that could kill seagulls in flight then went off and grabbed some food. I hate that guy and did he really have to do that it was uncomfortable.... and creepy. When I was a little ways away from Lucas he pull on my rope and I fell on him. I tried getting off his lap but he held me there. \"Now feed me.\" He whispered in my ear. \"Really you have two perfectly good arms for that you don't need me to.\" I said. \"Your on my ship, your my prisoner, and you have to listen and do what ever the captain says.\" Lucas said. \"Fine.\" I said. I feed him like a baby and it was not fun and as I was doing this his whole crew was laughing at me. Right when I was going to give him more biscuit he pulled me in and kissed me. As we kissed it became more passionate and amazing I couldn't pull away I justed want more and I felt like I was on fire. Finally I pulled away from him and looked away. \"Wow that was amazing Tessa.\" He said.I ignored him and I grabbed a biscuit and some water preferring to be not drunk here and said, \"I want to go sleep, where I am sleeping.\" \"Your sleeping in my quarters and I'll escort you there.\" Lucas said. \"I can find my own way there you know the ship's not that big.\" I said. \"Yeah but I wanted to say good night.\" Lucas said. \"Fine what ever.\" I said. When we got to his quarters he pull me to him I tried to struggle but he kiss me and held me tighter. The kiss was amazing, it made me burn with passion. What was scary was that I liked it. I almost couldn't pull away but I did. \"Good night.\" I said quietly and went into his quarters. When I left I didn't look back but I could tell Lucas was still standing there. When I got in his quarters I grabbed one of Lucas' big shirt and wore it as my pajamas, then I climbed into his bed. As I tried to go to sleep I thought about today and how painful and horrible it was. Then my thoughts drifted to Daniel the guy who is my first mate, best friend, and the guy I like. I remembered the first time we met.


It was the second night I spent in Tortoga after I escaped I was walking down an alley when I saw a boy about my age being surrounded by a bunch of thugs. When I saw that it made my blood boil. Blinded by anger I ran toward them. I threw two daggers at them killing two thugs than I attacked the other five. I made contact with one guy and stabbed him in his heart while I parried a blow from another. I killed my attacker and moved onto the next, It went like that till I killed the rest. When I was done I looked around the alley it looked like a masscuer had happened then I looked down at myself and saw that I was covered in blood. When I finally saw the boy hiding in a corner I smiled and then I became a little embarrass because of my state. When I went to go see if he was okay I stop and went still. When I looked at him I could see the fear in his eyes. \"I'm sorry I didn't mean to do that I just got really mad and...\" I said as I gestured to the carnage. I sighed \"I am going to leave now, I promise, but if you ever want to find me again you can just ask around for me and I'll find you and by the way my name is Tessa Rose and I'm lookin for a first mate if you want to be mine.\" I said as I turned around and left. As I was walking away I heard the boy shout \"Wait!\" \"Yes!\" I called to him. \"My... my name is Daniel!\" He shouted back to me. \"So Daniel what is it you want?\" I asked as I lean against the brick alley wall. \"Well I would kind of like to be your first mate but I don't know a thing about sailing or fighting for that matter.\" he said. \"That doesn't matter I'll teach you.\" I told him. \"Really.\" he said as he gave me this big old innocent look. \"Yes but before you go do you have any family or relatives or somebody who might miss you?\" I asked. \"No and can I call you Tess?\" He asked. \"I'm sorry and no as long as I get to call you my minion or henchmen.\" He gave me a look that told me he believed what I said. \"Just kidding don't take me so seriously.\" I laughed. After a while of talking he warmed up to me. As we made our way to the port I did some quick errands. When we got to the port I stopped him and said, \"Just to make this clear I am a pirate and if you stick with me you will be one to, this is your last chance to leave.\" \"No I don't care I still want to be your first mate.\" Daniel said. \"Fine but I am not promising you an easy life and when I teach you I will be mean and even brutal sometimes but only because what I will teach you could save your life and if you don't listen and fail you will died got it.\" I said. \"Yes I do.\" he said. \"Also when I am teaching you I am not your friend.\" \"Got it.\" he said. I smiled at him and slapped him on his back. \"We're going to need to beef you up come on.\" I said. As I headed toward my new ship named the golden goddess. When we got on board I said, \"Welcome to the fun, hard, reckless, and Adventurous life as a pirate.\" I said. \"Wow this is you ship!\" he said. \"Yeap also your my first crew member I have and I have only been here a day.\" I said as I went into my quarters and grab some daggers and a sword. \"Here your training begins now.\" I said as I handed him the weapons.


So that was how I met Daniel I still remember it as if it was yesterday and me and Daniel have been side by side ever since then... I yawned and drifted off to sleep thinking about Daniel.


Lucas Scarlet

I stood there silently as I watched her go into my quarters. A while after she disappeared I mentally kicked myself and told myself I was an idiot. I'm just making things worse. She hates may guts but I get this feeling of needing her and when I'm around her I just feel this huge urge to sweep her up and kiss her. I feel like I can't live without her. I.... I just don't know what to do. I'm still a little buzzed from that kiss. When we kissed I felt like I was on fire. After a while of thinking which is never good I decided to go to bed. I went into my quarters being extra quiet and tried not to wake Tessa. I slipped out of my clothes and wore my boxers as pajamas. Then I quietly slipped into bed next to Tessa. I wrapped my arms around her warm body and I hugged her close to my body. Being this near to her made me really jittery. Also as I breathed I could smell her. She smelled like sea salt and a rose as red as blood. After a while I slowly fell asleep.


Tessa Rose

I woke up to the sound of waves slowly crashing against the ship. For a while I didn't open my eyes because it was to bright outside but after a while I became aware I was not alone. I open my eyes and looked to the right. I saw that Lucas was right next to me... I couldn't breath for a while because he looked so... I don't know I can't even explain it but he looked like an angel but better. I couldn't tare my eyes away from him. I studied him for a while. Man was she breath taking. I think my brain might be malfunctioning or something. Right as I was about to look away Lucas' eyes flutter open. I fell off the bed and landed on butt. \"Ouch that hurt.\" I said. When I was muttering curses on the floor Lucas looked over the side of the bed. \"Mornin Tess\" he said. \"Yeah good morning.\" I said scarcasticly as I got up from the wood floor. \"Slept well my Queen\" he said. \"Nope not one bit\" I said. \"Well I did and I loved it when you put your arms around me.\" he said with a big grin on his face. \"I did not.\" I said as my face flushed red. I looked at him and I it just register in my brain that he has no shirt or pants. \"Ah... Are you naked?\" I said as my face turned crimson. \"Yes I am did you enjoy it.\" he said. \"No.\" I said embrassly. Lucas started laughing \"You actually thought I was naked.\" he said. \"No.\" I said with as much dignity I could muster. \"But I bet you wish I was.\" he said. \"No way you idiot.\" I said angrily as I threw a pillow at him.\"Somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed today.\" he said. \"Did not! And put some clothes on.\" I said as I threw his clothes to him.\"Okay, Okay I will, hold your horses.\" he said as he slipped on his pants. What's with me today, why do I feel this way. I just some how feel like I am betraying Daniel. I shook my head No I am not betraying Daniel and I'm not in love with this... this idiot. He's not even a good pirate. Besides once he finds out who I am he won't even come near me. I was so deep in thought I didn't even notice that Lucas grabbed me. When it finally registered with my brain that he was holding me I tried to push away but couldn't. \"Hey idiot\" I said slowly. \"Never.\" he said. After he said that a silence fell over us and we didn't move. For a while I thought about that word never. It was impossibly meaningful and big. But yet it doesn't last and it can't save anyone. Lucas brought me out of my train of thought by saying \"You know I will never let go of you, I promise you.\" \"Sure we'll see about that.\" I muttered. \"I'm goin up want to come with me.\" he said.\"Why not its not like it could get worse.\" I said as I followed him up the stairs. When we got up there I stretched and sighed. It was good to be in the open air.

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