Eiry - Disaster and Romance

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Chapter 29 (v.1) - Premonition

Submitted: August 23, 2011

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Submitted: August 23, 2011




[Monday, May 30]


She made it to the house a little earlier than usual that day, thanks to getting up so early for that wedding delivery. Guyver’s wounds were mostly healed, and that was heartening, but something else was nagging at her. She hadn’t really felt it during the day—they’d been so busy, as usual. But now, it was getting strong. What was it for?

Tea might be helpful—help her focus—and she went into the kitchen to make some. Absentmindedly, she got mugs and teas, sugar and lemon, as usual when at the House with the great variety of people. She chose a nice green tea, the one that always cleared her head within the first few sips, and, leaving the tray on the coffee table, took her seat to sip and think. Sali had made some comments the other day, about occasionally feeling watched, but hadn’t been so concerned about it at the time. Except now it was a little more than that.

Are you sure you want to do that? Sali asked. You’re not going to freak yourself out?

I usually don’t. Most of the time it’s been right since I’ve had this, Eiry reminded her, fingering the necklace. And then it came; there was certainly something wrong, and it was going to be soon. She just didn’t know how she knew that.

Are you sure no one followed you at the market this morning?

Yeah, pretty sure. But that’s some strong premonition. What do you think I should do?

Tell Jake! And Luke.

I am.

Do you want me to come?

Will it help you feel?

I don’t know. Maybe. But...[it’s you]


Alright, I should be there soon. She shot back the rest of her tea, and grabbed her bag.

“I think there’s somewhere I have to be. See you guys later,” she said to those present, getting in a quick kiss on the cheek for Guyver, and running out for the gate.


Eiry?  She listened a minute. That’s a pretty strong premonition for you.

Yeah. Can you come?

Your Leader may not like that so much.

I don’t care.

There’s also plenty of people at your pack, and I’m sure you’ve got people with her. Whatever it is, you all can handle it. I’ll run a map from here, though, if you like.

Yeah, you’re right. I’d appreciate it.

Alright, I’ll let you know as soon as I’m done.

A mental nod, and they separated, Eiry dashing into the alley by the train station and headlong into the gate.


Eiry wasn’t even to the inn yet when Miara got back to her.

Hey, I found your problem.


Someone there is a Hunter. He’s not exactly active, so I’m guessing one of the guests. It was really deep down there, so I’m not sure which one. But there’s definitely Hunter vibes.

But he didn’t come here on purpose?

Into a pack? I doubt it. Here’s an image for your Dad. Miara pressed it into her, and she could see exactly what she meant without having any words to describe it. Let me know if you guys really do need help.

Thanks, Miara. That contact dropped, she reached for Sali.

Yeah? What’d she…holy hell, this is going to be complicated, Sali said, a jolt of fear running through her.

[calm] He’s just one man, and there’s forty of us.

Yeah. Okay. Jake! Get Dad—NOW.

I’ll be there soon, I just gotta change first.

Jake’s sending Dad to Luke’s, just go there.


They stopped talking, but kept close enough to support and calm each other, and after changing course it was only a few minutes until she slid into Luke and Laura’s open door. Laura shut it just as soon as she was in, while Luke got two glasses of water and waited a moment until she was dressed again before coming back into the living room. She gulped some of it down, and they waited for the Speaker.

“Jake wouldn’t say on the phone,” Luke said to Eiry. “But I assume your Dad knows?”

“I think so,” she said, feeling his encouragement to talk, and the words poured out. “I’ve been having a premonition—the strongest yet—it’s been getting worse the last day or two since Sali said she felt watched. Miara just did a sweep; someone’s a Hunter, but she couldn’t tell which one from so far. It was hard for her to find, I don’t think a normal Speaker would have felt it. She thinks it’s a guest.”

“Are you sure about this?” Lauren asked. “I mean, really sure?”

“She gave me her impression. It’s...I don’t know what else it could be, and she’s got a lot more experience.”

“So Jonathan will be able to tell us,” Luke said.

“Let’s hope so,” Lauren commented, opening the door for Jonathan, red coat gleaming just a moment in the lamplight before he, too, changed and threw his clothes back on. They nodded grimly all around, and he sat next to Eiry.

“Take a look, Dad,” she said, taking his hand and leaving herself open and ready to direct him to the right places.


It didn’t take long to exchange the information, and then they all watched as Jonathan sat relaxed against the back of the couch with his eyes closed. When he came to, however, it was abrupt, and his eyes glowed blue a moment for returning to normal. The set of his jaw told them all they needed to know.

“Who?” Luke asked.

“Robert Lewland. He’s paranoid and not been sleeping well since he got here, so he may have just felt watched.”

“Not the gentle doctor?”

“Not so gentle with non-Humans, apparently. He was out walking extensively the first day, and since then has pretty much kept to his room.”

“That’s not so unusual,” Eiry said. “Maybe he really just came on vacation like everyone else and was just as surprised as we are.”

“We won’t know unless we ask him.”

“Well he won’t be leaving here,” Luke said. “He’s a murderer.”

“Yes, but how do we keep it from the authorities?”

“We have his information, the Office can fix his records, so long as we all tell the same story,” Luke said.

“What if we can change his mind? I know it’s a long shot, but Miara always gives them one last chance.”

“Noted, Eiry. However, we should plan for him not to.”

“Yes. We’ll have to do the rites for him, in that case,” Lauren said. “What can they do without evidence?”

“We’ll also have to get him away from here. Eiry, you go back to the house with Sali. Pick up Roman on the way, and send Jake and Tiena. We’ll have a plan in a few hours.”

“Alright. Use me as bait if you want. I’m the weakest looking adult, and I can play it up.”

“Are you sure?” Lauren asked.

“Yes. There’s only one of him, and he can’t carry around too many big guns unnoticed.”

“Alright, we’ll take that into account,” Luke said. “We’ll talk later about your intuition, but right now you can go.”

“Yes, Leader.”

She let herself out, jogging to the woodpile where Roman was working.

“Eiry, what’re you doing here?”

“Come with me and listen, please.”

“Huh. Alright.”


During most of the day, they all pretended everything was as usual, and that the people stationed in the inn building were nothing unusual. There were a few other guests at the inn, and while they walked some of the trails and sat in the garden or went out into town, the Hunter stayed in his room with the do not disturb sign hung on the knob.

At lunch time, Sali prepared a tray of cold meats and cheeses and a small pitcher of iced tea while Eiry went up to her old room and found a very innocent looking white dress with a peasant top and empire waist that made her look just about legal age—not bad for someone over 30, she thought. Not that she looked it, being Lupa. But still…

You ready? Sali asked, coming up the stairs.


They met in the hall.

“Do me a favor and take this down to Mr. Lewland, will you dear?” Sali asked, giving her the tray and pinching her cheeks to give her more color and hard enough to make her eyes look dewy.


“Yes, Sali,” she said in her best sweet teenager voice, and approached the Hunter’s room. Sali actually did go downstairs—they didn’t know how sensitive or suspicious he might be—but Roman was cleaning the next room since the previous occupants had left that morning. Balancing the tray precariously in one hand, she knocked on the door.

“I do not wish to be disturbed!” said a middle aged baritone voice from within.

“I’m so sorry, Mr. Lewland, but the kitchen sent up a tray for your lunch.”

“Lunch?” there was a pause, and in a moment she heard the door unlock and he opened it, peering out at her. She put on her best sweet young innocent face, smiling at him a bit simply as he looked her over calculatingly. It took a bit of control not to shiver at the creepy feeling it gave her.

“Aren’t you hungry? It’s been so long since breakfast, hasn’t it?”

“Perhaps. Yes, one might say so. You may leave that with me,” he said, taking the tray from her while at the same time trying to keep her from looking into the room. “Thank you, child,” he said, and shut the door as quickly as possible.


When they were all reconvened downstairs, not without the occasional raised eyebrow at her appearance, Luke stopped by for lunch, and Eiry very quietly told him everything she’d observed.

“Very good. Your father is making the rounds.” He didn’t have to say ‘with the plan.’ “Once dinner’s finished, Laura wants you all over for dessert, she’s trying that recipe her from her grandmother.”

“We’ll be there,” Sali said. “Wouldn’t miss it.”

“Excellent, I know she values your opinion,” he said, leaving his plate by the sink for them. “Thanks, that was good, as always.”

“See you later, Luke.”

“Good afternoon.”


All of the available able-bodied members were at Luke and Lauren’s, listening intently as the plan was outlined. Sali shifted around nervously in her seat, hoping everything would run quick and smooth.

“Is everyone clear on where they’re supposed to be?” Luke asked to murmurs of assent. “Any questions at all? Anyone not feeling up to it?”

“We’ll do our duty,” was passed around, and soon the group broke up to go in single or very small groups out into the forest.

“You ready?” Jake asked her, standing beside her on the porch.

“I gotta be. Just be careful.”

“Sali’ll have my guts for garters if I’m not.”

“Come on, we have to get out there.”


The plan, for the most part, had worked, and they now had the Hunter surrounded. The moment he realized it was sudden, and he gaped around as they emerged silently from the trees, encircling him, mind racing on what to do. Eiry and Jake crouched low, trying to become small and back into the circle before he decided. But they were in his main field of vision, and his gun was the first thing he reached for.

“Down!” Andrew yelled, and Jake pulled her down hard under him. It wasn’t quite fast enough at such close range, and he fell on top of her. It was hard to catch with the forward momentum, but she managed it, nearly straining her wrists in the process, but she added some extra muscle just in time. Then she heard Luke’s snarl, and the beginning of the fight.

“Jake!” she said, scrambling out from under him. “Can you feel?”

“Yeah..” One shot had landed way on the left side of his back, another two in his arm. “Sali’s coming, I’ll be fine. Go get ‘em, fearless.”

Sali joined her, Jake along with her, with the express purpose of giving her the edge of three skill sets, and she ran in. Luke and Andrew were having trouble holding him, his style seemed to be full of twists and power moves. Nanette joined her, and between the four of them they had him down on the ground. His bag had opened up, a solid metal pipe rolling out. Both Andrew and the Hunter went for it, but the Hunter had a knife in his hand and quickly jabbed him, grabbing the pipe and smashing it down on Eiry’s wrist with a crack.

Sali handled most of the pain, and Jake reached through with action. Eiry grabbed Nettle, sank it into the first place she could reach, and pulled it toward her. He screamed, dropping the pipe, and Andrew had his teeth in his forearm and then there were enough people crowded around to hold him down. Lauren came forward with the rope, and they had him trussed up like a turkey in no time.

Sali helped Eiry back to where Henry and Lauren had begun fixing up Jake, and she waited her turn. Between the three of them, Jake’s pain was bearable until the medication took effect, and then they disentangled themselves. Eiry’s wrist was red and blotchy, already swollen to twice its size. They missed the rest of the action with the Hunter, but once he was dispatched, someone brought a travois for Jake and most of them got in line by severity of injury and waited their turn.


When everyone was treated and Jake bedded down at Henry’s small pack clinic, Kayla and a few of the elders had prepared a good meal for everyone at Andrew and Ilara’s house for the group that had gone out to wind down and soothe frazzled nerves before going home to bed. Eiry was just glad no one had died; losing the use of her right wrist—even if only for a few weeks—was far from ideal in her line of work. Both Nanette and her mother sat with her, bringing her food and tea and generally taking care of her.

“Are you going to go back to Tokyo yet?” Kara asked. “The day’s probably half over there by now.”

“I know, but the others will be worried. Besides, I can still organize, even if I won’t be standing in the work room for hours.”

“Best leave that until tomorrow,” Nanette said. “More tea?”

“No, I think my bladdar’s going to burst,” she said with a laugh. “Help me up instead.”

They did, and once that was done and she felt relieved, she began feeling very tired. “I guess had better get a nap in,” she said. “Walk me back?”

“Sure thing, dear,” Kara said, grabbing an orange from the table before following the other two out the door. “Your father will meet us at the rose bench, I think.”

“How’s he?” Nanette asked. “Doing the rites for Hunter,” she said with distaste.

“Seems to be fine.”

How’s it going there? Eiry asked Sali. Is he finally asleep?

Yeah, a while ago. And not sleeping to badly, with the drugs, either.

Are you going to stay?

Yeah, I’ll sleep here. Come see us before you go, though.

Don’t worry about breakfast, I’m sure the others will take care of it.

Of course. Don’t do my worrying for me, either.

Yeah, alright.

“Sali says Jake’s comfortable and sleeping,” she reported to the other two.

“That’s good to hear,” Kara said. “Sali was so worried about you two.”

“She’s not anymore.”

Nanette nodded, they walked in familial silence until they met Jonathan and Luke in the rose garden.

“We’ll take her from here,” Luke said. “You all look like you could use some sleep.”

“I think I’ll take off, then,” Nanette said. “You can tell Lauren I’ll relieve her in the morning.”

“I will. Thank you.”

“No problem.”

“I’ll see you upstairs,” Kara said to Jon, although not before getting a hug from him.

“We’ll take care of her, don’t worry.”

She went on, and Eiry sat on the bench as she felt the big horsepill Lauren had given her kick in. But Luke’s presence and steadiness from her dad would get her through the next few minutes.

“I’d do this later, but I’ll be asleep when you go,” Luke said.

“I know, it’s fine.”

“You did a great job tonight, I know Jake felt calmer and confident with you next to him.”

“I just...don’t fear them like I used to.”

“And that’s wonderful,” her father said. He handed her Nettle, cleaned, and she put it back in its sheath.

“That was a good move with that,” Luke said. “I thought for sure you’d be out a minute or two with that kind of pain.”

“That was Jake, actually,” she admitted with a big of a laugh.

“Oh, so—all three of you, then?”

“Yeah. It was helpful. And less painful, for both of us.”

“I’m so glad. Being shot hurts like hell.”

“I’m glad you kids are able to take care of each other like that,” Jonathan said. “No one’s specifically sought me out yet, but I’m sure I’ll have plenty of people to talk to tomorrow. You don’t have to talk to me, but promise me you’ll talk to somebody, okay?”

“Yeah. I have to get back in a few hours, but I will.”


“And about your intuition,” Luke began. “It’s been getting stronger. Any idea why?”

“This,” she said, holding up the necklace. “I found it while exploring ruins of a telepathic society with Matsuo. Since then, my intuition’s been much better.”

“Do you think it’s dangerous?”

“I’ve had it examined, but no one’s been able to find any unusual properties at all. I think it’s so small it just can’t be detected.”

“So it only amplifies what you’ve already got just a tiny bit.”

“Yeah, something like that. Is that all, Luke? I have to go lie down or..”

“Yes, that’s all. I have phone calls to make, anyway. Goodnight, Jon, Eiry.”


Luke set off to his own home, and Jonathan helped Eiry back to the inn building and up to her own room. “Have good dreams, apa.”

“You too, dia.”

He shut the door softly, and soon she was doing just that.

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