Eiry - Disaster and Romance

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Chapter 74 (v.1) - Good Morning

Submitted: January 24, 2012

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Submitted: January 24, 2012



Good Morning

[Written by Souldier, edited by me.]

[Monday, January 9]


Guyver awoke to Eiry's warm, gentle embrace, which was always something good to wake up to. She advised him to get used to it, and it was something he didn't have a problem with. If anything, he slept much better feeling so loved. Again he thought of how lucky he was to have someone like her at his side and how worth it all the effort he'd put into the relationship was.

He moved to get up, which woke her up as well. "Nnn…morning, Guyver."

"Mi Angelita, good morning," he replied.

Eiry pushed back the covers, intending to get up, but found Guyver holding her fast, arm fully healed now.

"No no no," he said with a warm smile. "Let me take care of you today, ata."

So she let him lay her down with a gentle kiss, watching as he stood and stretched his arms out. Soon he'd opened the curtains and grabbed a shirt, but lazily stayed in his underwear, which got a smile from her.

He hit the bathroom to freshen up a bit, then set up shop in the kitchen, getting eggs, cheese, toast, and salchichon for an omelet, reminding himself to not make too much as she wasn't one to eat large meals. With those cooking, he peeled an orange, sliced a banana and washed some strawberries. The music in the suite got a bit more upbeat and that got him moving and grooving. He'd come to cherish the times he got to do something sweet for Eiry. Lost in daydreaming of the woman he could never get enough of, he scrambled the eggs, cheese, and salchichon together instead of an omelet. He always enjoyed that crazy looking but tasty mess in between some toasted bread.

Filling a pair of glasses with apple juice and setting up the tray, he headed over. Peeking through the door, he caught a glimpse of her stretched comfortably in the bed, waiting patiently. He walked in with a big smile on his face.

"Breakfast in bed for the sweetheart~?"

"And someone to share it with.”


He'd soon sat next to her, with another kiss or two, and they began to eat.

"So. Work work work today right?"

"Yes. Right after breakfast. And then we have to get the train quick."

“Just tell me what time to be there; I’ve got the pic you sent, so that should work just fine. Got something funny for you today, actually."

"Oh really?"

"Yep! Remember that hunt we did with the Congalala? The one for that spoiled girl?"

"Oohh. That was so long ago. Who won the bet?"

“Heh heh. No one."

"Really? Don't tell me."

"She actually tamed it." They both laughed. "It's all polite and what not, has tea with her and everything."

"Now I've heard it all."

The rest of breakfast was a fun affair, if a bit hurried, and he teleported Eiry to work, promising not to be late that night.

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