Elf Arrival: Part 1

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A young, shy elf find himself in the adventure of his life.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Elf Arrival: Chapter 1

Submitted: June 08, 2009

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Submitted: June 08, 2009



"I must be the only elf on this ship that isn't crazy!"Eldoai muttered to himself as he walked to his dorm, "I can't believe that these people believe that humans actually excist. Ha, of all the fairy tails they could have choosen fron, thet chose humans. They could have at least have gone with something cooler."

Eldoai's parents had told him that the reason that they sent him to serve on this ship was to overcome his shyness. But he knew the real reason. He was an embarrassment to them. Normaly, an elf would be born with tanned skin, dark eyes, and dark hair. But Eldoai was pail, with bright green eyes, sandy blonde hair, and freckles across his nose and cheeks. He had always been an outcast because of how he looked, always casted down for trying to fit in. He was always considered different and people never wanted to talk to him. Because of this, Eldoai didn't get out much, was shy, and publicly ackward. His parents thought it would be good for him to be among people who were also different. In their minds, at least. At first, Eldoai thought he would be among people who looked liked him. At the time, he welcomed the idea. What his perents didn't tell him was that the ship he would serve on would be the Cryptic Dream, a ship of cryptozoologist,who chased after fairy tales for a living. What was worse was that, at fourteen, Eldoai was the youngest elf on the ship. As if he already had problems fitting in. Because of his light skin, every scientist on the ship wanted to disect him in some fashion. So he never left his dorm except to go to work, eat, and go to the bathroom.

When he got back to his dorm he was happy to see that his roomate was already there. His roomate, Valian, was the only person he could relate to. They both had pale skin, freckles, and green eyes. They even had similar features. The only major difference was that Valian had bright orange hair. Valian had become a brother to him, and it was a good thing too. Their dorm was only big enough to have two double beds pushed together on one wall and a small dresser in the corner. Usually, people got their own dorm, but both of their parents insisted that they had a roommate. Regulation only aloud roomates to dorm if they were the same sex and their birhtdays were less than three months apart, which was lucky for both boys because neither of them would want a different roomate.

"So, do you still enjoy working with Dr. Iana?" Valian asked soon after Eldoai entered the dorm, "or do you just look a her?"

Eldoai worked in Dr. Iana's lab, but she didn't have him do much, so he didn't have much else to do other than watch he work. It helped that she had a gorgeous face and an amazing body.

"Watching he is work!" Eldoai replied.

"If you say so."

"How was your day, anyway?" Eldoai asked, sitting down on the end of the bed.

"Interesting," Valain replied. "The captain nearly blacked out for no reason and had to go to medbay. Other than that, everything was nowmal."

"It's getting late. We shold go get our showers before it gets crowded."

"Okay. I hate than only the officers get their own bathroom."

"Same here," Eldoai said.

Eldoai and Valian got up early the next morning, then went to thair separate posts. When the doors to Iana's lab opened, he was surprised to see that there were several people in the usually nearly empty lab. They were all around a table in the center of the lab, blocking what was on the table from Eldoai's view. Iana spotted him asked him to come to her office.

"What are all those people doing in there?" Eldoai asked as soon as the door was closed.

"They are performing an autopsy on the captain's body," Iana replied.

"The captain!" Eldoai said, jumping out of his seat.

"He died last night, some sort of infection attacked his heart. The only thing we knowis that this infection causes the skin to bruise before anything else."

"If he's dead, then who's incharge of the ship? As far as I know, the first mate is sick."

"You shouldn't worry about that. But be careful. We think that this infection can spread, but only to people you are close to alot. If it were in someones limbs, we could replace them with robotic ones, though. I think I have said to much already, so just get on with your work."

Eldoai did just that for the rest of the day. The day wasn't exicting until he walked into his dorm. Valian was laying on the bed, without any clothes on. Most of his upper left arm, both legs and his groin were bruised.

Valian tilted his heas towards Eldoai and said: "i think I was around the captain to much."

"Why haven't you gone to medbay yet?" Eldoai asked, frozen in place.

"My legs don't want to work, that why!"

"Let me help you," Eldoai said, moving towards the bed.

"Wait," Valian said, "I have to know. Take off your tunic."

Eldoai did so, then wished he hadn't. His left arm was covered in bruiuses. He quickly took off his pants and saw that he was bruised in all of the same places Valian was. Before he could do anything, he collasped onto the bed on top of Valian. They both grunted when Eldoai landed.

"This is a problem," Eldoai said.

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