Shattering Hearts

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Naomi Fitzpatrick, a teenage girl who always knew her life was like a rollercoaster. When she moves to Maryland Road, she thinks her life is going to continue the way it was back in Beangrove Lane, but she realises that things are changing. Naomi enjoys these changes but when the boy of her dreams has a girlfriend and Mum’s boyfriend, Gary, moves in. Can Naomi handle the heat?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Shattering Hearts

Submitted: March 03, 2013

Reads: 72

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Submitted: March 03, 2013




Once upon a time in a beautiful city a princess lived, she always dreamed of finding her perfect prince one night she went to a ball and found him, they danced all night, got married and lived happily ever after. That’s how all fairy tales go. They always live happily ever after.
Sometimes I wish my life was like that. Life is like a rollercoaster, you don’t know what is going to happen next. You can’t see you’re completely in the dark.
My life feels like a rollercoaster now mum got a new job somewhere in the north. I haven’t seen the house yet but Mum says that it is very big and I have my own room!  I have been sharing a tiny room with my 7 – year - old sister, Casey, for a very long time and now that I am in high school I need my own space. We only have 3 bedrooms here at Beangrove Lane. My 17 – year – old sister, Hannah, has her own room although it’s not much bigger than mine and Casey’s, and my 5 – year – old brother, Rick, sleeps in the same room as Mum.

I looked around my empty house and a warm tear ran down my cold cheek. I just can’t believe we were moving, as much as I was excited to get out of this dump. I was still upset we had to go and leave all the memories. I went into the living room and noticed the red wine stain on the carpet from last Christmas. We were all gathered round the table and we had just done our prayer and opened our Christmas crackers. Rick realised that Hannah got something better than he did in the Christmas cracker and decided to have a wrestling match at the table. Hannah finally let go and Rick slid back and hit the glass of wine Mum had it her hand. It went all over the carpet and all on his clothes. Mum tried so hard to get the stain out of the carpet but it didn’t work, so she decided to cover it with a rug but that didn’t work because it looked silly, so she gave up. Typical Mum.

Finally when I had done everything, and put everything in boxes and bags. I went and sat down stairs, because the TV was packed up I had to read my book. I sat on the chair and starting to read. Mum came in and fiddled with my hair.
‘Hi sweetheart, packed and ready to go are you?’
‘Yeah, Mum’
‘Honey, I’ve been so wrapped up in my own thing lately I haven’t even asked you how you felt about moving house.’
I looked up at Mum.
‘I’m really excited, seriously Mum. It feels good knowing were going to a better, bigger house, and Mum, if your happy. I am.’
Mum smiled back at me.

Gary crept up behind Mum and gave her a hug. Gary is Mum’s boyfriend, another reason why we are moving. Mum and Gary met a few years ago. They meet about 4 months after Dad left. Mum was jobless at the time and Gary got Mum into his job. Gary lives quite far away from us now, but where we are moving to Gary lives a few roads away. Do I like Gary? I have asked myself that every day since the first day I met Gary. I do even though sometimes he thinks that he knows more about the family than we do.


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Shattering Hearts

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