Tales of Medeira

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Chapter 1 (v.1)

Submitted: April 29, 2012

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Submitted: April 29, 2012




Chapter 1

"Most people lack the strength to grasp their power but that doesn't seem to be your problem, you lack any sort of control whatsoever Eldos." He says sitting on the grass with his head leaning on his left hand. "We have been out here for an hour and I haven't eaten yet, let's just take a break."

Eldos sighs and opens his eyes "I don't think I will ever get this right, why is it so hard for me to read your mind?" the surrounding forest is silent as a small breeze blows through the opening to the small forest grotto. He runs his hand through his short brown hair as he slides off of the large rock to his feet.

"I wish I could understand but I was born without any special powers, all I can tell you is what  I know from class Eldos. A lot like the other powers, being a mind seer takes a lot of concentration and effort to get the hang of." He reaches his hand up to Eldos from his seated position on the grass.

Eldos grabs his hand and helps him up "I'm sorry Talber you must have heard it a million times by now, thanks for the help with practice" He says nodding to Talber. They both stretch after having been sitting still for the past hour, Eldos then follows Talber out the wooded grotto and onto the path.

Walking the path and nearing their home town of Barrow Spring they spot an Ithra sitting on a bench. He is hunched over, and wearing a large brimmed straw hat and green cloth clothing. It isn't uncommon to see Ithra around Barrow Spring but the Ithra had always intimidated Eldos, their tall lanky stature and usually short temper. The Ithra are much more athletic than humans and just the thought of knowing that if he ever got on an Ithras' bad side, it could tear him apart always kind of made him a bit weary of them, at least the ones that he didn't know personally.



The market place in Barrow Spring is bustling with people as it usually is in the afternoon, the street in the marketplace is lined with vender shacks and small temporary stands used by traveling merchants. The tall two story wooden houses have balconies hanging out over the sides of the street, multicoloured rooves, and overshadow most of the marketplace.

"It's getting late in the day Eldos, I'm going to get something to eat and head home. You are just going to eat at Axo right?"

Eldos laughs "Yes Talber" I haven't eaten axo in a week, I have been way too busy with classes and training lately Eldos thinks to himself as they part ways.



Eldos walks into his favorite eatery, the sign hanging above the door reads Divine Axo. "A bowl of bright blend please" Eldos says to the man behind the counter before taking a seat at a small table.

A woman comes out of the door leading from the kitchen carrying with her a bowl of food and a glass of water. She sets the glass of water on the table before lying the bowl down in front of Eldos. Axosite or Axo as it is more commonly named is a light brown coloured square that is broken into small crumbly pieces and mixed in a lot of different sauces and spices and then spread across different types of meat.

"How are things going with your schooling Eldos?" the woman asks Eldos while lying out his utensils.

"It's coming along I suppose, I won't ever be able to do any of the advanced stuff of a mind seer of course." He looks at the bowl in front of him "This looks delicious Vesa."

"Thank you, I know it's your favorite" she laughs. "But what is this talk about not moving on to the advanced stuff?"

He picks up his fork and fiddles with his food "Not a lot of Mind Seers are able to comprehend the basics not to mention the advanced stuff, also I don't know if I'm allowed to move into the advanced parts of being a Mind Seer. There are some pretty dangerous aspects of the advanced skills, such as mind control" He laughs.

"There are dangers with all powers, but don't give up if things get difficult Eldos" she smiles and walks back toward the kitchen.

He finishes his meal and heads home.

Eldos walks into his home, it's late and Talber is already asleep. Maybe tomorrow will be different, maybe I will make some progress, probably not though. He turns off his bedside lanturn and falls asleep.



"Good morning Eldos" Talber walks out of his bedroom and into the main room of their small house where Eldos is getting ready for class "Training again after class today?"

"Hey Talber, does it ever bother you that you don't have any powers?" Eldos picks up his bag and slings it over his shoulder.

"Well sometimes it does, but it isn't really that big of a deal: so why do you ask?"

"I was just curious, being a Mind Seer takes up a lot of my time, time that should just be our free time."

"Life isn't fun and games for me either Eldos, I am getting pretty good with a blade" He laughs.

"Let's take today to do some sparring, let's see if all that training is paying off" He laughs.

"You're on" He nods and closes the door behind Eldos.



"Hey, Mr.Ogaro" Talber runs over to the clearing where a tall middle aged man stands "classes don't start until later right?" The man is only a little taller than Talber with short brown hair and blue eyes. He is wearing an academy uniform which is a dark green shirt with black stripes on one shoulder and dark pants.

"Good morning Desdin" he adresses Talber "That is Zesal Sage,I told him I would give him some pointers before classes today so that's what i'm doing." He looks toward the young man with long black hair hitting a heavy bag.

"He looks like he is hitting that thing pretty hard without your help."

"Some members of Zesals' family are born with the Forcer power, you remember how the Forcer power works right Talberon?"

"Increased physical strength right?"

"Well yes but at the cost of increased inner energy consumption. Of course people regain their inner energy from resting but using your own inner energy as fuel for your power is very dangerous."

Talber looks at Zesal punching the heavy bag and it swings with every punch That heavy bag must weigh a ton and his hits are making it swing with ease. "I'll let you get back to what you were doing, see you in class Mr.Ogaro."

"Nice talking to you Talberon."

I hate it when people call me by my full name, Talber thinks to himself while walking off.



Eldos sits down on a roof in the empty west side of town, he comes here often when there is nothing to do or he is waiting for classes to begin.

He takes out a dull looking knife with scratches all over it. The knife looks to be in bad shape and has chips taken out of it all along the blade. He takes out a rough looking rock and begins grinding the blade to a sharp edge by hand.

Eldos can see a young woman running in the distance and she crosses the bridge and heads toward Eldos when she sees him sitting on the roof.

The young woman with long dark hair in a ponytail looks up at Eldos with hrown eyes and a clear complection besides a small horizontal scar below her right eye. She is wearing her green school shirt but with black shorts and a belt with two sheathed knives on her left side. "Eldos right?" she asks.

He tries to remember where he seen her before but nothing comes to mind "Yes."

"I need your help, my brother was fighting some punk from Alderra but it got out of hand" She tries to hold back tears "I think one of them is going to kill the other."

No one else is around I have to do something "Lead the way"

Eldos slides down from the roof to a balcony and then jumps off the balcony to the ground, he ignores the slight pain in his legs from the jump.

The young girl turns and begins to run toward the bridge and suddenly Eldos realizes where she is from. A large family symbol is displayed on her back, it is the crest of the Sage family.



She leads Eldos out of the west gate and to the edge of the forest where two young men are waiting.

One of the men has short hair black hair brown eyes that resemble the young womans. The other is very tall with short light brown hair.

"Now hear me out Eldos, my name is Lyris Sage and this is my sister Syrici Sage" He leans his head in the direction of the young woman that lead him here. "The big guy is Rollan Noroc" Lyris takes a few careful steps forward "You must be wondering why we lied to you."

He notices that Syrici is behind him and blocking him in. "What do you want from me?"

"Just a spar, no one has ever seen you fight and I was afraid that would would decline an invitation." He reaches into his pockets and pulls out a pair of black gloves.

"This isn't about me is it?"

"You and your brother are just about the only people I have yet to fight and beat."

"We aren't brothers and he doesn't have any powers it wouldn't be a fair fight. Why don't we wait until this afternoon at the academy, i'll fight you then or if we don't get the chance then afterward." Eldos turns and walks away.

"Syri" Lyris calls to his sister and she blocks Eldos' path "We are already here why don't we just get it over with?"

Lyris takes a few more steps toward Eldos They aren't going to let me go Eldos shut his eyes and tries to read Lyris' mind for his first move.

"He is trying to use his power Lyris!" Syrici shouts.

Lyris runs toward Eldos

He opens his eyes and turns to Lyris there's no time, Eldos instinctivly crouches under Lyris' first overhand swing and returns a counter punch to his stomach and then moves aside.

Lyris stops and turns back toward Eldos.

"Just land one hit Lyris" Rollan shouts.

Then Eldos remembers the Sage family uses the Forcer power, he puts all his power into each punch. That last one could have taken my head off! Eldos takes his stance and waits for Lyris to come at him again.

"You can't dodge everything Eldos" Lyris walks toward Eldos with his hands up and throws a three punch combination which Eldos dodges. He shifts his stance quickly and throws out a horizontal kick.

Eldos cannot move out of the way quickly enough and takes a stunning kick to the stomach. Lyris follows the kick with a punch, the punch hits Eldos in the face and he falls to the ground on his back.

I must have blacked out on the way down he quickly tries to gather his thoughts as he is still at the feet of his opponent. Eldos takes a kick to the side while he is down and he holds his rib in pain.

"Stand up!" Lyris yells while he takes a few steps back "Is that all I get from you?"

He is able to put so much power behind every hit, how can I win?

"Are you going to get up yet? you can't win" Lyris put his hands down to his side and starts walking toward Eldos.

Eldos staggers to his feet and lifts his hands.

"That's more like it" Lyris pulls a knife from a shealth at his side and runs toward Eldos.

"Lyris, what are you doing!? you said you wouldn't kill him!" Syrici shouts.

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