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Being the new kid is never easy, for Daniel it is much tougher. Being in a class full of odd and different students. Daniel is going through a brand new experience involving Love and Humor.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - My Mind

Submitted: April 09, 2014

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Submitted: April 09, 2014



*This is the first time I'm writing anything like this, so i wil struggle a little when it comes to my mortal enemy of Punctuation. Anyway thanks for giving my story a chance. I hope you enjoy :)*


Ahh.....being the new kid is never easy, today I'm transferring into my new high school my Mum found a better job in a different city. I hate moving, I'm leaving all my friends and family but I guess it's only another 2 years of school how long can that be?


“Daniel.....” A voice calls out to me as I lay my head on my pillow “Daniel....” The voice becomes more clearer “Daniel....It's time for School” Someone puts there hands on my back and begins to rock me back and forth. Mum shakes me trying to wake me up I've always been a heavy sleeper.


“Ok....Ok....I'm getting up” I say as I sit up in my bed. I see my Mums familiar round face with brown hair with a glowing smile to wake anyone up. I rub my eyes to get the sleep out of my eyes as my Mum places my new nicely folded uniform on my bed.


“I need to leave early this morning so can you make breakfast for yourself?” My Mum cautiously asks, I supply a small nod. My Mum beams another smile “Have a good day at school and try to make some new friends” My Mum says. My Mum leaves out the door as I look down at the uniform.


I let out a cold sigh as finally get out of bed. I have a short stretch to myself as I gaze around the messy room, I've only been here 2 weeks and my room is already a mess. My clothes scattered across the floor, I never was the person to clean up I'd be a horrible wife If I was a girl.


I go through my usual morning schedule of having a shower and then brushing my teeth. I walk back into my room and grab my green uniform, more like mouldy green. I put on my uniform at the pace of a slug. Do I really want to go to school today? I think to myself but then I realise what would mum think of me? A slacker? A hero? Probably a Slacker.


I finally get my Uniform on a white shirt with a green blazer with black trousers and make my way downstairs, I quickly enter the Kitchen and open the bread bin to have some toast. I look over my shoulder to look at the time 8:42. Crap I'm going to be late I close the bread bin and begin to rush towards the door. Before I exit the kitchen I notice a boxed lunch on the counter and next to it a note, I pick up the note and read it “I made you lunch, enjoy school from Mum” I didn't even think about lunch.


I grab the boxed lunch Mum made for me and bring it into the sitting room where my school bag is. I put the boxed lunch in my school bag and head out the door, as I'm about to leave out the garden. I realised I forgot to lock the door, I run back to the door to lock the door. I head walk out the grassy garden and make my way to school.


Hills.....nobody likes them and nobody wants them unless you want to go down it. Unfortunately for me I have to walk up this long hill. I can tell I'm going on the right direction to school as I spot other students wearing the same uniform as me, its either they go to the same school or people have weird fashion sense.


I drag my feet up this long hill. The hill just goes on and on, does this hill have no end? I can feel the sharp pains in my tendons I know I'm not the most physically capable student but this hill could cause the strongest of athletes to struggle. I look to my left to see groups of students in their moldy green blazers I notice a huge difference between me and them. They have friends I don't, how long will it take to make friends? I've never had many friends but I was never considered a loner.


Finally I reach the top of the hill, it's such a thrilling sense of accomplishment its almost as if I climbed Mount Everest. Whose bright idea was it to put the school on top of a hill anyway? I look at my new school I've been here before a few days ago so that I know where my home room is. Unlike other schools where you have to go to a different classroom for another class the teachers come to your classroom instead. Probably because the students are too tired to walk to another class.


I walk through the gates of my new school to see a lot of green blazers, they almost blend into the grass. I look at my watch to see that class is starting in 10 minutes. I have no one to talk to so I might as well head to class, I walk up a long stairway up. Floor 7....why is everywhere I go is up? I finally get to floor 7 I take out of my bag what room I'm in 7D why are rooms named after letters? They'll run out of letters sooner of later.


I walk outside of the classroom to see the door is slightly open, I peak inside the classroom to see a girl with long dark hair covering most of her face, looking down at her desk. I walk through the door, the dark haired girl startles a little but she continues to keep her head down.


I have a small sigh to myself, I look across the classroom to see she still hasn't moved a muscle. “Excuse me” I call out, silence engulfs the room I slowly shake my head and approach her desk. Each step that I take towards her desk she begins to shake more and more. I'm not exactly physically threatening I'm a skinny medium sized guy with barely a muscle on his body I stop next to her desk. “Excuse me” I say again “Y...yes?” She answers so quietly but I heard her. “Is this Mr. Wilson's class?” I ask, there is long pause before she answers “Yes” She repeats still quiet but louder than the last answer. I have a small smile to myself knowing I'm in the right classroom.


I gaze around the classroom, there are not many desks in this room. It's probably a small class or something I hope my other classmates are more talkative than her. I look down at my side again to see she hasn't moved “Does anyone sit in this desk?” I point to the desk next to her “No...” She answers very quietly again. I sit down at the desk next to her.


“So......I'm Daniel. What's your name?” I ask, there is another long pause waiting for her answer. “I'm....I'm Lily” She quietly answers. Lily? Cute name, I rest my head on my desk waiting for class to start because I won't be able to start a conversation with Lily.


A short time passes as I get my equipment and books out ready for a busy day. “I wonder where everyone is? Class is starting in 2 minutes” I say out loud trying to create a conversation but it didn't work. A teacher walks in I'm going to presume that's Mr. Wilson. He begins to write on the board but looks over his shoulder and to see Me and Lily almost as if he didn't notice us when he walked in, he gives a small smile as he turns his attention back on the board. As soon as he's finished he walks to both of our desks.


“Good Morning, are you the new student? Danny?” He asks. I smirk at the name Danny I never really liked being called that name “Yeah, my name is Daniel” I answer. Mr Wilson has a small chuckle to himself and pats me on the shoulder “Aha, Great to meet you Danny” He says, I'm not sure if he's joking or has bad hearing. Mr. Wilson looks to his side acknowledging Lily is in the room. “Looks like your making friends already, good job Danny” He walks away from our desks. I wouldn't call us friends yet and why does he still call me Danny?


The school bell sounds off, a group of students walk into the class. They take their seats as they chat amongst each other, I learn that no one walks up and talks to Lily. It looks like I'm not the only person here to not have friends. Mr Wilson turns to the class and claps his hands together once to get everyone attention which seems to work as classroom goes quiet.


“Good Morning Students, this year is going to be a very important year everyone begins their important exams” He continues to babble on about how important education is. I'm not exactly the brightest student in the world but I think I know how important education is. “On that note we have a new student. If you'll stand up” Mr Wilson calls me out I stand out of my seat and all eyes turn to me. I hate being the centre of attention “Come lad in front of the class” Mr Wilson invites me in front of the class. I'm hesitant at first but Mr Wilson isn't backing down, I give up and walk to the front of the class.


“This is Danny, tell us a little about yourself Danny?” Mr Wilson asks, I take a small sigh and look out across the class its almost as if I'm on stage and the spotlight is on me. “Well my name is Daniel.....” Good start now what do I talk about? “My hobbies are reading, watching films and er....drawing” I say as I scratch the back of my head. Lily puts her head up looking at me as I say that, my eyes are diverted to her she isn't bad looking I didn't even realised she wears glasses. Do we share a common interest or something?


Two of the students clap....what a thrilling welcoming, Lily puts her head back down looking at her desk. “Welcome, I hope you enjoy yourself” Mr Wilson says as he points back at my desk. I walk back to my desk it feels like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I sit back in my seat, as I think all the troubles are all done a student behind me leans forward so far that his head is almost resting on my shoulder “Your the new careful there are some demons out there” The student sits back in his seat. Demons? How can a school be that bad?

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