dancing elephants

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It is a random chapter and is about a school for 'dancing elephants'

Chapter 1 (v.1) - dancing elephants

Submitted: December 20, 2012

Reads: 78

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Submitted: December 20, 2012



So you have just joined our story to when I became a Dancing elephant. Yes I just said a Dancing elephant. It was very unexpected and all very sudden. It started one sunny afternoon when I was with my friend Ellen. She told me about this boarding school for talented people. Little did I know these talented people were Dancing elephants! She wanted me to go for it as I was awesome at gymnastics. It sounded very interesting at first! After our afternoon at the park was over and we took the picnic things back to my house, I begged my mum to let me go to this boarding school. There was no fee, but you did have to have a special talent or NO ENTRY! It seemed that Ellen wasn’t going with me and we would keep in touch with each other and ring every night. My mum being supportive of my future obviously said yes to this amazing experience.  This amazing experience started on Monday morning and that means I would have the weekend to pack any necessary things.

I literally packed all my clothes in my closet in TWO and ½ suitcases. I was so excited about the whole thing, I could not keep still. My head was getting so dizzy from me being a perfectionist and all that I forgot that I was supposed to be hanging out with my boyfriend Geoff. Oh dang it! What will he say! Will he break up with me? Oh man I am so confused. One thing at a time Millie, one thing at a time. Think of your dream. Think about your future. Men are no part of your life now.  I will finish what I started (packing).

Monday came in such a rush that I was unprepared for the shock that was to come, the greeting of the Dancing elephants. It was so weird they came up to me all dressed in normal teenager clothes and then they started dancing. They were dancing to Moves Like Jagger. This so far had been the most embarrassing thing in my life and I have many embarrassing things happen to me in my life. One of the actually sane elephants (ha just slightly less insane than the others) came up and welcomed me into the world of elephant-hood. “Someone will be with you shortly, but in the meantime try and stay out of the way of the ceremonial dancing of the elephants,” said the very odd, apparently secretary.

After something like 10 minutes of waiting for my acquaintance I decided to have a look around on my own. Then out of the blue came a person painted as an elephant (yes he had trousers on). He charged towards me and trumpeted his imaginary trunk in my face. I was flabbergasted yet i burst into laughing fits. Then he held up a sign saying i do not speak English. Let me show you to your room. Going through the wide but very wavy corridors, through many intersections and down a very long walkway later I was outside my future room. What lay behind this door would be my future life.

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