Love across dimensions

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

Submitted: March 14, 2013

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Submitted: March 14, 2013




I didn't know what the time was, but I heard some suspicious music coming from the living room. It was very dynamic and I started to sway to it, but that’s when I saw what was happening in the living room and that just made my swaying stop. My mum was doing twister. Ouch that shouldn't even be possible to bend your body that way. Wait is that a stripper I see in the corner? What kind of party is this? Whoa the stripper is joining in with twister. Alright he has got a nice behind. He isn't playing twister he is just putting them off. He says to them, “The person who wins gets a personal ‘session’ with me.” That made some drop and others join and the ones that were still playing have a more serious look on their faces. This game just got serious and I don’t even know why. All I know is that my mum wanted to win this thing.

I didn't want to stay to see who would win, so instead I headed up to my bedroom. I’m glad mum agreed that I could keep Dmitri in my room. Oh sorry, Dmitri is my rabbit. He’s white with black and brown areas here and there. He has always been there for me and me for him meaning treats and when there is something wrong with him vets, but whatever is thrown at him he fights through. I've had him since I was eight, so if your good at maths you can figure out he’s seven, if not, well I've given you the answer, so don’t strain yourself. He popped his feet on the side I was on when I entered, its how he always greets me. I think it’s his way of saying ‘tell me how your day went’. So I tell him. If it’s sunny/warm enough I take him for a walk and tell him what has happened. They make leads for rabbits you know. He only bites when he disagrees with you.

I took Dmitri out of his cage, placed him on my lap and started brushing his hair, telling him about my day whilst doing it. I think he found it disturbing because he leaps from my lap and back into his cage. It could also be because he is tired, but he is the one that wanted to know, crazy rabbit. I decided to go to sleep after that as I didn't want to live in this day anymore.

I was startled awake when a bang came from the wall. That wall separated my room from my mum’s. I think I know who won. Welcome boyfriend 104. I really don’t want to hear this, it is just wrong. Fall asleep Haley, don’t listen to this torture. You won’t get any nightmares. Think about Blake and how you get to spend time with him in less than 24 hours. That made sweet dreams come.

I woke up to the sound of arguments in the morning. No songbirds here. They get frightened off by us. When I got out of bed I was all giddy and cheerful till I realized there will be a tonne of washing up to do and clearing up the house, also probably meeting guy 104 in the process. So if I have to face this guy I might as well get dressed. Now let’s see its June, raining outside, so shorts are out, but Jeans are in and then I can wear a top and a hoodie because I’m not trying to impress him.

When I thought about the mess that would be downstairs I was well off and I was thinking sea of rubbish, somehow it’s even worse than that. The floor is clean, but everything else harbors rubbish. I’m guessing the floor is lava and the rubbish doesn't want to get burned.

“Is that you, Haley?” Well my mum sounded normal like she hadn’t been drinking last night. “I started cleaning the house before you woke up.” Who are you and what have you done with my mother?

“Thanks mum, where are the black bags?” I was hunting in the cupboards for them with no luck what so ever.

“Oh yeah about that, you’re going to have to go down to the shop to get some.”

“But I’d only bought some 2 days ago.”

“Yes, and most of them were used at the party last night.” She has got to be kidding me. “Luckily you’re already dressed, so here’s the money, off you trot.” This is getting harder by the minute to not insult or even batter her, might as well do as she says or no Blake tonight.

I went to the shop, got what she wanted, came home and delved into the caves of waste. You wouldn’t believe what I found in there, a few examples include: a shoe that I know is not my mum’s or even mine, a box of condoms (open), a person looking bedraggled and a phone with some interesting and rude contacts in it. After an hour I’d barely put a dent in the room, but I had taken out one pile in 5 black bin bags. There are only about 22 in a pack, should have gotten 4 or 5 not just one. I took a look at the clock, that had been knocked down earlier, but I put it back up on the wall. It was coming up to 11 o’clock, so about 8 hours till Blake. There is my motivation to carry on with this and get it done quickly. If only I was the Flash, but I think even he would have problems opening these bin bags. In retrospect I only have 6 hours to do this as it will take 2 hours to pick out my clothes and do my make-up and hair and don’t forget about the shoes. They have to compliment the outfit you are wearing.

*3 hours later*

It appears that I have cleaned just over half the living room. With one run to the shop half way through that. This time though I bought 3 rolls of 22 bin bags. So can you figure out how many bin bags I had? I feel like a bad TV show. Well the answer anyway is 66. You can guess what I have coming up. That’s right GCSE’s and I am trying to remember everything I've learnt. Not easy at all. At least memorizing maths is easier because you give yourself number problems and it helps with your mental maths. The one I’m having real trouble revising for is English because it isn't a right or wrong answer so you have to bring your understanding across clearly and work on your writing skills. You also need handwriting that people can read first or they literally won’t know what you are saying. I've given this advice to my friends multiple of times, so back to the room. I was down to my last 10 bags and only 3 more hours till I will have to get ready. It’s a race against time and I haven’t even seen mystery man yet. Do you think he left sometime during the night? Or did he leave whilst I was down at the shops? He could still be in my mum’s bedroom, but I highly doubt that. I rummage through the remaining heaps while also putting the rubbish in a bin bag. I come across a magazine which I was going to put in the bin when I saw what it said. I then decided to put it aside till I could do some questioning, but I can’t do it now because I have work to do.

*2 hours later*

Yes! I finished it with an hour to spare. Well better start getting ready now.

Well I should look nice but not going to a wedding nice. I also need something that would be suitable to wear at night, so not like summer skirts or shorts. I know I’m a real girly girl, but let’s mix that with also a tom-boy look. Let’s go for a pair of boot cut jeans that are dark blue not light. Also with that I’m going to wear my green strapless top. This will all be topped off with a leather jacket. It’s only the choice of which colour, black or grey. The black is very bold, but it would hide the green not compliment it. While the grey is a softer tone and lets the green shine through. Well there’s my decision I am going to go with the grey jacket. What about the shoes? Well flat shoes are out because I have decided to wear boot cut. That makes this job a whole lot easier. After a while of choosing, deciding and discarding, I finally settled on a pair of brown wedges. I don’t understand why people don’t like the colour brown there is nothing wrong with it. I have brown hair and I’m not associated with the content that comes out your rear end. The outfit is sorted but my hair is a mess and if it is down tonight it will surely get tangled up again. So an up do it is then. Maybe a pony tail with one of those clips in that makes it fans out. That never fails to impress the boys. Well so far that is anyway.

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