Total Drama: Golden Star

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Dakota was so used to all of the bullying, and he then acquired a chance to compete on a reality tv show, called total drama. He slowly makes friends, and then he becomes popular. Quickly, the game changes and soon all of the competitors have to solve the mystery behind the island. When it leads them deep down into the earth, the contestants find out a shocking truth.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Total Drama: Golden Star

Submitted: March 30, 2013

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Submitted: March 30, 2013



I ran in the house, threw myself on top of the couch, and tore off the top of two letters that had my name on it. I flipped open the papers and then read the first few words. I screamed as loud as possible and I ran into my room, throwing a suitcase on my bed, and throwing clothes into it. Without thinking, I ran out the door and ran across the street to my friend Gavyn's house. He opened the door, and then threw a bag and a suitcase down near me. \"Whoa!\" I yelled, moving out of the way. He closed the door behind him and then hugged me. \"Let's go!\" I followed him down the stairs, and back down to my house. There, he sat down on the curb, and opened up a bundle of papers, just like the ones I received. I sat down next to him, and set the bags down next to me. Gavyn opened the papers, then looked at me. \"I made it in\" he was smiling, and then shoved the papers in my face. Seeing a black blurr, I pulled the papers to a comfortable length from my eyes. There, in huge bold black letters, said that he was allowed to join the reality tv show, Total Drama. \" So, did you join?\" Gavyn asked, looking cheerfully towards me. I showed him mine, and he hugged me. \"I'm happy we get to compete with each other\". I pulled away from him, and looked towards the ground. He jumped up and ran to grab his bags. Me, being suprised, looked up to see a nice fancy bus heading our way, and slowing down as it inched near us. I slipped my finger in the loop of my suitcase, took a deep breath, and stepped on.

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