Can't Be Just Friends?

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Lauren tries to move on after her devastating break-up but but her ex-boyfriend finds it hard to let her go and friends come in positively and negatively in her life...

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Can't Be Just Friends?

Submitted: December 17, 2009

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Submitted: December 17, 2009



Hi, my name is Lauren Roberts, I'm seventeen years old and I'm in college. My best friend is Hayden Williams and her boyfriend of two years, Peter Nelson. I was dating Peter's brother, Tyler Nelson until he broke up with me on my seventeenth birthday. That was the worst birthday gift ever, although I was still hung up on it, I didn't let it show. I hated it when girls who just broke up with their boyfriend behave like they have cancer or some thing like that. I was also friends with Jake Nelson, who is so much better than Peter and Tyler because Peter hates me because he thinks I'm the one who broke up with Tyler. Anytime I try to get close to a guy, Tyler just dosen't let it happen, he goes off to the guy and says something bad about me and the guy leaves. The Nelson family are very rich so are mine and Hayden's but I don't like to show that I'm rich and all but someone needs to tell that to Hayden and the boys. My life's been like that for the past six months.


"Hayden, do you know where my black boots are?" I was trying to get dressed quickly because I was already late for class, so much for my alarm clock. "I think they're in my room." She was lying on bed, reading a GQ magazine. I took my books and ran out barefoot to her room to get my boots only to meet Peter in her room. He looked up at me and looked back down to his laptop like he didn't notice me. I crouched and checked under her bed but didn't find anything, I took a quick glance at my watch and swore under my breath, it was now or never "Peter, have you sen any black boots lying around?" He looked up at me "Do I look like I know?" I ignored him and went into her closet and saw the shoes, I sighed in relief, wore my boots and left the room making sure I banged the door. I practically ran into my maths class, fifteen minutes late and took a seat. "Nice of you to join us, Miss Roberts." I noticed that Tyler was next to me and I swore under my breath and got ready for the ninety-nine questions. "Where were you?" My face was still towards the professor "I was looking for my boots." He scoffed "For fifteen minutes?" I was about to reply that until a girl passed us and smirked at him and he smirked back, when I looked up at the girl, I noticed it was Nicole, the girl he was currently dating. I couldn't believe he could date someone and not let me have peace when I decide to date. I wonder why I still talk to him at times. Suddenly, students stood up and made their way out of class. My next period was free. I turned to Tyler "Next time I'm in class, please don't speak to me." Nicole came to his side and he made out with her right in front of me, I mean this guy is such a bastard, excuse my french, he breaks up with me on my freaking birthday, starts dating like a week after that and has a problem with me dating other guys. I walked out of the class ignoring his calls and bumped into someone, I looked up and it was Jake "Thank God!" he laughed "What's wrong?" I frowned "No offence, your brother's an asshole." He laughed "None taken but which one are you talking about?" We started walking towards the dorms "They are both assholes but right now, I'm talking about Tyler." He laughed "Try having the same DNA as them." I laughed, Jake always had a way of turning my worse days into a good one. We got into my room and he fell back on my bed and took the magazine "I didn't know you read guy magazines." I turned to look at what he was talking about "No, that's Hayden, speaking of Hayden, where's she, we're supposed to go finish our science project." He rested his head on his hand and turned to one side "She's probably doing Peter somewhere." I joined him on the bed and turned on the TV and 'seventeen again' was showing "I like this dude." I turned to him with a surprised look on my face "You're the first guy I know that dosen't dislike Zac Efron." He laughed "Why should I hate him, he never did anything to me, he's cool." My room door barged open and Tyler was standing there "Why didn't you answer me when I was calling you?" I looked at him like he was stupid "I felt like it." He was about to answer but he looked at Jake "What are you doing here." Jake laid back down on the bed "What does it look like, I'm making out with Lauren." Tyler tensed a bit "That's not even funny." I stood up and made my way to Hayden's room with Tyler on my trail. I opened the door and quickly closed it "Now, I'm scarred for life." I muttered under my breath, Peter would even hate me more, not like I give a rat's ass. I stood in front of her door "When you're done Hayden, I'll be in my room." I looked up at Tyler "Why do you keep following me?" He stood in front of me "I just want to know one thing, do you hate me?" Can you imagine? I smiled "How could I hate you, what have you ever done to me?" With that I stormed to my room and locked the door. Stupid boy.


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