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I stood there, on the dance floor in my little black dress and a glass of rose wine clutching at one hand. “Erica, if you stare at that man any longer you'll regret it, stay away from him girl”

Louise, best friend for nine years ranted away, her words faded and before I knew it he began to walk over to me in such a way it made my skin tingle, my eyes fixated on his broad shoulders and sharp jawline, he was perfect, his eyes locked mine and at that moment in time I forgot how to breath.

Louise could see the look in my eyes, like a child on Christmas day, she tugged my arm and gave me the mother lecture “Erica, seriously, I know I've invited you to this gig, and believe me I know your bored, but please don't entertain yourself by talking to that parasite” “You know him?” I looked across the dance floor to see him smirking my way and smirked back. “Damn right I know him, and so does every other girl in here, he's a loser Erica, go talk to Chris, he likes you, he's lovely!” I frowned in disagreement “Lou, the day I want to hang with someone who's more interested in Star Trek than having a good time, I'll let you know” And off I walked towards the most mysterious and gorgeous man in here, Ethan Green.

He saw me walk over and nodded his head to the barman for a glass of rose wine “Well, aren't you just a little beauty” He winked at me and I stood there breathless, his eyes took me to a whole new planet, gorgeous light green, and his dark lashes complimented them perfectly. “So what brings you to a place like this then, er, sorry what is your name?” “Erica” I smiled. “I'm here with a friend, we came to see the band, it's my twenty second birthday, she thought it would be a good idea to have a quiet one for a change” I perched up on the chair suddenly feeling naked towards Ethan, I couldn't concentrate on speaking, his fingers were caressing the beer bottle, every other finger had a beautiful silver ring on them, he had so much detail and I could feel myself wanting to know about this man. “Well in that case Erica, Happy Birthday”

I never really dated many boys in my teen years, I was too busy reading books and getting stoned at friends houses, a lot of my friends are boys, but I've never took interest in one of them. Louise on the other hand is man mad, she has the blonde hair and skinny frame, face full of MAC make-up then there’s me stood next to her, dark hair, pale skin and instead of 'gorgeous' I get “Ohh you have a handsome face” I have actually made an effort tonight, smokey eyes and a little black dress is working a treat as Ethan Grants eyes suggest. “So Erica, I think one night you should let me paint you, you would look great on canvas” And with that he stands tall, cups my chin and wishes me a good night” I sat still on the bar chair, looking up at him was such a pleasure, the dim lights really caught a fascinating look about him, the sound of The Cures just like heaven song playing in the background just became my new favourite soundtrack to this moment that just took me away. Without a doubt I was in awe with this being. Louise came over announcing the cab had been ordered, asked me for a cigarette and suggested we wait outside for it.

I woke the next morning finding myself still dressed, lipstick smeared all over my face, and Louise lay on the bathroom floor. I walk to the kitchen with a dizzy head, make some coffee and begin the task of getting Louise to wake up. “Ugh Jesus, I feel like shit” she cradles her head in her hands, and with the use of the bath, stands up to discover the reflection of her hangover head. “Good night though, and if that is bacon I smell, I'm turning a lesbian and we're getting married girl”

I snigger, and pour out two mugs of coffee, my phone flashing through my cotton handbag catches the corner of my eye, I hand Louise her coffee and scurry back into the kitchen “Ethan Green would like to be your friend” Holy shit... He's adding me? Then my heart does that bloody stupid flippy thing.

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Matthew D. Hay (Tangible Word)

You're a descriptive, talented writer :D

Thu, February 28th, 2013 10:12pm

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