Price to Pay

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - First Day in School

Submitted: May 14, 2011

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Submitted: May 14, 2011



The rest of the party continue with a blur for Alexis. She would rather gaze at the stars than spending her time in there. Blaine's not with her because she told him earlier that she wanted to get some air outside.

"You must be really happy to come here with Blaine?"

Hearing that coming from a girl, she turned around to see Megan, the most popular girl in school. Alexis ignored her question because she doesn't know how she should react.

"You wouldn't be able to step in this house if it wasn't for Blaine. Consider yourself lucky that he's taken a liking of you. But, you're just his flavour of the month. Once he sleeps with you, you're just gonna be thrown off like a trash. Know your place." She continued as she walks over to stand next to Alexis at the balcony.

"Um... Thank you for your concern. I think I should get back in there." Alexis said, trying to avoid further conversation.

"Hey, you think you can walk out like that when I haven't even finish talking to you?!" Megan said angrily.

Alexis looked at her with wide eyes, trying to comprehend the situation she's in. "So, um... what is it that you want to talk about?"

Megan let out a small laugh and glare at Alexis. "You're really full of yourself and you irritate me so much. What did Blaine see in a loser like you?"

"I'm really sorry, Megan but..." Before Alexis could finish her sentence, she's being replied with a slap from Megan.

"Don't you dare call me with my name. You filthy whore."

Alexis touch her sore cheek lightly and turned to leave but what Megan pulled her hair from the back so hard that Alexis let out a scream of pain.

Just at that exact moment, Blaine walked in. "What are you two doing here?" He said as he tries to absorb what he's seeing in front of him.

Alexis on the ground, kneeling while Megan stood behind Alexis, holding a lock of Alexis's hair.

Megan quickly let go of Alexis hair and took a step back while Alexis got up with the help of Blaine. "Oh, I just wanna have a look at her hair extension." Megan said with a sweet voice.

"Blaine, I want to go home." Alexis said softly to Blaine as Blaine held her closer to him.

"Oh, why? The fun is only starting." Megan said.

"Alright. Then, we'll leave now." Blaine replied and glared at Megan before leaving.

Inside the car, Blaine asked, "What exactly happened? Are you hurt?"

Alexis shook her head but Blaine's not stupid. In fact, he's kind of observant to me. "Don't lie. I saw a red mark n your cheek. Or are you gonna tell me that it's just the blusher?"

"So what? I'm not accepted by people Blaine. This whole idea is stupid!" Alexis said over her own frustration.

"We'll see."


On Monday, Alexis went over to her locker and openit up to get her books but was shocked to see her locker was filled with trash. She stood there staring at her locker in horror. She closed it back and saw few of the cheerleaders nearby were laughing. Megan must have instructed them to do. 

"Alexis?" Kyla called out, unsure of herself. 

"Kyla!" Alexis was so delighted to see her best friend back and gave her a bear hug.

"Lex, I can't breathe!"

And once Alexis let go of her best friend, they laughed happily. "So, wow. You look different."

"Different good or different bad?" Alexis asked.

"Ermm...let's see..."Kyla said while she thinking. "Of course, it's different good, silly. You look amazing."


With that, Alexis and Kyla walked together to their homeroom and Alexis fill Kyla with all the details of what had happened in the past few weeks. Kyla's eyes grew larger when Alexis told her that Blaine even brought her to a party last Friday but her eyes looked like it's gonna fall out her skull when Blaine showed up in front of them all of a sudden.

"Hey." He greeted the two of them.

"This is Kyla, my BFF." Alexis introduced Kyla to Blaine and he nodded.

"So, I heard that there's something in your locker. Is it true?" He asked with concern.

Alexis nodded and Kyla who seems to be lost asked, "What is it?"

"It's nothing. I'll just clean it later." Alexis replied but Blaine got angry. "It's them isn't it? The cheerleaders."

"I think so but please, don't make a scene. I want a peaceful life here." Alexis said, trying to calm him down.

"Okay, if you want it that way but later during the break, you need to meet me in the cafetaria. I'm gonna tell the whole school that we're going out and that no one can lay a finger on you." Blaine said with determination and Alexis laughed.

"We're going out? Since when Blaine?" Alexis asked.

"Since forever?" He joked and Alexis patted his shoulder lightly. Kyla was smiling at them too.

The bell rings and Blaine gotta go. So, that's how they parted at that moment and what's gonna happen during the break?

So, what do you guys think of my story so far? I'd appreciate it very much if some of you would want to give me some suggestion about how this story should continue.

Thanks for reading. :D :D :D

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