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Chapter 4 (v.1) - It's Different This Time

Submitted: June 26, 2010

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Submitted: June 26, 2010



So, it’s finally 18th. The day Rachel will be here. I’m now at the train station waiting for her. It seems that her train is going to arrive at 11am. That's what it says from the board. I look at my watch and its only 10.24am. Guess I'm too early. Well, I'm excited okay!
Since I’m early, I decided to go grab myself a cup of hot chocolate from a bakery shop nearby. Today is cold and a cup of hot chocolate will be perfect for this kind of weather. I’m in my best clothes because I wanted to give a good impression on Charlotte as well as Rachel.
When I walked back to the train station, it’s already 10.50am. So, I decided to sit at the seats provided and wait for them. I’m excited and nervous.
It’s now 11.15am and the train is not here yet. I think the train id delayed. So, I decided to kill my time in the bathroom. When, I walked out, FINALLY. The train is here and I can see that the passengers are coming out. I’m standing near the gate to make sure that they see me.
Then, I saw them. And it’s a reflex action that I wave my hand, trying to get their attention because it’s kind of crowded with people hugging, and kissing. Rachel, she saw me and wave back. I told her that I’ll be waiting outside-by using hand language- and walk out where the car is waiting.
They are finally out. Standing right in front of me is Rachel. She looks stunning even in this cold whether. Maybe because she has red hair. That’s why. And the person next to her, wow, she just beautiful. She has a brunette shoulder length hair and big, blue eyes. She’s gorgeous. That’s right. She’s Charlotte.
I give Rachel a teddy bear hug and I give Charlotte a warm hug. Of course, Rachel introduce her again to me even though I already knew who she is. My driver helps them with their luggage and we’re on our way home.
I brought them to their rooms and we head downstairs for some snacks. Charlotte seems to be friendly. Well, they said they’re tired and wanted to have some rest. So, basically they stayed indoor all day long. I’m happy to see both of them, really. But one thing did bother me.
When Rachel introduced Charlotte to me, she said, “Meet my best friend, Charlotte. Charlotte, this is my friend when I was here, Jess.”
New best friend? Where did that come from? I’m not angry and I really get it. Just that I’m hurt listening to it. I know, for two years, everything’s going to change but I thought that that will never happen. I’m just wrong I guess.I am so NOT expecting this.
I love Rachel. Don’t get the wrong idea, okay. She had always be there for me. So, it’s only natural for me to depend on her. To rely on her and to trust her. Well, I do. I really thought that we’re going to be best friend forever eve if we part because that’s what she said before she left. Have she forgotten the promise we had when we’re seven?
I met her when I was six. I was learning the right way to cycle in the park. It happens that she’s with her brother playing soccer. But, at that moment, I felt how I wish I was part of them. Happily playing. It’s at that time that I lost my balance and fell. Luck was never on my side because I felled onto broken glass. My knee is bleeding and the bicycle is on top of me. It’s so painful but I do not know what to do at that moment. I had always been alone. So I do not have anyone to turn to. I can’t make it back home. That’s for sure. Even if I did, will anyone in the family will care? Maybe the butler will care.
I was trying to get up when I heard her shouting at me. She asked me not to move a single inch. Then, I saw her running towards me with a group of people behind her. I’m jealous. When, she knelt down to look at my wounds, a guy standing behind him said that I might need some stitches.
“Hey? Aren’t you feeling pain?” She asked.
I kept quiet because I do not know whether to trust them or not.
“Hey? It must be very painful right?” She asked again when the people lifted up my bicycle from me.
Then, she shouted at a guy, “Bro, I think we need to send her to the clinic. She’s bleeding a lot and her hands are so cold.”
Then only did I realize that she’s been holding my hands.
“Can you walk?” I just shook my head. Then, with the help of her brother and her brother’s friend, they carry me to a house nearby.
“This is my home. I’m getting my mom to drive you to the doctor okay? It’s going to be fine. Don’t worry.” She said this when the friends were laying me down-into the car.
Later, the friends had left, she came out with a middle-aged looking lady-I think it’s the mother- and I can see the shock in her eyes. But, she recovered quickly and assures me again. What a nice mother she could be.
We were in the hospital not the clinic. The young girl, she said that her mom thinks it would be the best to be in a hospital getting treatment. When I was getting the stitches, both of them stand aside and watch. The nurse said that I’m a really good girl for not crying and yelling because of the pain.
After that, the mother asked, ”Where did you stay? Let me send you back.”
I shook my head and said, “It’s fine. Please. Just go back to your house and I’ll walk back with my bicycle.”
I know it’s rude of me to say that to the person who just lend you a helping hand. But, I did not ask for their help right? Whatever it is. I’m grateful for the encounter.
When we ‘re back at their home, I walked towards my bicycle, and I felt my hand being grabbed. I spun around and saw the little girl.
“I’m Rachel. Nice to meet you. You know what, you should be grateful to us for saving you.”
“Rachel!” The mother shouted. Then, she held my hand and said, “I don’t know your name yet. Are you really sure you can get back by yourself?”
I nodded. Then, I walked out the compound. Then, I turn around and walk back to the mother and said, “I’m Jessica. Jessica Wakefield. Thank you for today.” Then, I left.
As expected no one in my family realize that I’d hurt my knee. It’s not a big deal anyway. I only got thirteen stitches on my knee and a few scraps on my palms and calf.
When I go to school the following day, I noticed that the girl who helped me yesterday was sitting in my class. When I walked to my seat, I realized that she’s following behind me. She waited until I’d taken my seat and asked, “How’s the cut? Everything okay right? No infections right? No fever?”
I nodded and said, “Um… yea… everything’s fine. Thank you.”
“Hey, do you wanna join me and my friends for a break later? It’d be healthy ti mix around you know. Cause I’ve seen you being alone all the time.”
That’s how we became friends back then. Slowly I began to reveal myself more to her. So, no matter what happen, she’ll always be my best friend because she’s the only one who I can feel the warmth and love.
Even though I may not be her best friend, but I’m happy enough to just be friend with her.
Rachel and Charlotte, they both came to watch the play. Finally, it had all ended and many came to the event. After that, we went home. During the few days stay, I’ve set up a small gathering because I know that many missed Rachel and we shop for Christmas gift too.
On the Christmas Eve dinner, as usual I’m eating quietly. Mostly my parents ask Rachel and Charlotte about their life in the city and my sister bragging about the Christmas party she’s throwing tomorrow. Well, I think all of us had fun during the dinner.
Then, both Rachel and Charlotte left on the 26th.
Time really flies fast when you’re doing something great with your friends. So, I’m kind of sad, you know, when they board the train. But, this time, I didn’t cry when they left. Instead, I smiled to myself and murmured, “Well, all alone again I guess.” Indeed, there’s a feeling of loneliness in me. Haih…

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