The Number Files

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Emily, Sam, and Jack are part of the Numbers, a secret society of assassins led by a masked man called Zero. They are trained to use a vast amount of tactics and skill to take out their targets. Though they are ruthless killing machines, they are still people. They make friends and have families(which they each despise), but they're also teenagers with teenage problems in their lives outside of assassination. Will that be the downfall of the Numbers or will it be their uplifting? Read from Sam's, Jack's, and Emily's points of view to find out.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Number Files-File 01

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Submitted: December 23, 2012



File 01

Emily sat at her desk, bored out of her mind. The teacher was talking about using the Pythagorean Theorem with 3-D figures. She looked to her left and saw out the window of the classroom’s door. There was a new student and a couple of kids sitting with her at the school’s outdoor café. Her hair was a straight sea of purple. The teal jacket that she wore partially hid her yellow t-shirt that featured The Beatles. She talked and laughed with the boy and girl sitting next to her. One of them said something that made her laugh so hard that her glasses almost fell from her thin face. As they got up to leave the café, Emily felt some invisible force compelling her to get up and follow them. Brrrrrrriiing. The bell rang for the students to gather their things and go home. Emily got up and went to her small locker. She took a little bit longer to get her things than the other students at her high school, so when she started to leave the hallways were almost baron. She started walking towards the front of the school when she heard a sound. It was a guitar being strummed. She ran towards the direction of the music. She ended up at the school gym. When she looked in she saw a guitar, a drumset, and a michrophone, all with their various rigs, but she saw no people. She ran into the gym and went out through the back doors. She saw the girl and her friends out on the football field with a couple of men dressed in black. Emily hid behind one of the bleachers. “Leave them out of this!” the purple haired girl demanded to the men. “They’re just as much a part of this as you are.” One of them retorted. The boy with her asked what the men were talking about. Then, Bang! One of the men pulled a gun and shot him in his head. The other girl screamed. Bang! She was killed as well. “Although, they’re also a lot less important than you are.” The man growled. The new girl breathed heavily and stared at her dead friends. She clenched her fists and kicked the gun from the man’s hand. It went flying all the way to Emily’s hiding place. The girl pulled a small knife from her jacket pocket. She flicked it open and slashed the man’s arm. She then stabbed him in his stomach. She continued by punching and kicking him repeatedly. In her anger the girl didn’t notice that the other man had pulled a gun and aimed it at her head. Emily felt some kind of strange instinct kick in as she picked the other man’s gun up and shot him. The bullet apparently went into something important because he immediately fell over. Emily fired at the other one. He fell as well. She looked at the weapon she was holding and dropped it. The girl walked over to her. “How’d you do that!?” she yelled “I-I don’t know. I just pulled the trigger.” Emily stuttered. “You must’ve done more than that,” the girl replied. She put her index finger just below Emily’s forehead, “you hit them between their eyes.” Emily pondered what this girl had just said, when she spoke again. “I’m Sam” she said. “E-Emily…My name is Emily.” Emily replied, shakily. Sam grabbed Emily’s hand and started to run. Emily struggled to keep up. “Where are you taking me?” She asked. Sam replied “You’ll know when we get there.” In ten minutes they were in front of a large rock. Sam let go of Emily’s hand and ran up to the rock. She bent over and flicked an almost invisible switch at its base. The rock cracked down the middle and slid open. “Welcome to the beautiful town of Sanctum.”

Upon entering Sanctum Emily found herself facing almost every kind of weapon she could imagine, guns, knives, swords, and a whole lot more. Sam made them put their weapons down. She said something about Emily being a ‘new recruit’. After that they apologized and left her and Sam. “This town is completely comprised of lethal assassins,” Sam said “we call ourselves 'The Numbers'.” Emily asked why. “It’s because our leader goes by the name of Zero. He’s the deadliest assassin in the world.” Sam started sweating, as if she was afraid to talk about this Zero guy, and Emily saw why, “He’s totally emptied entire cities with a single sword. He’s annihilated civilizations with two. I can’t say that I believe that, but it sure scares the hell out of me to think that it might be true.” Sam’s eyes were bulging out of her head. Sweat poured from her face. She quickly regained herself. “Well then, Emily. Let me show you around the city.” Sam showed Emily the various shops, apartments, and training camps that sanctum had to offer. Sanctum trains its inhabitants to be the greatest of assassins, to be ruthless, bloodthirsty killers.

Sam showed Emily the rooms where the Numbers armed themselves for their “jobs.” Sam paused in front of a large steel door that was covered in cobwebs. Emily was sort of afraid to ask what was in there, but she did. Sam replied “That’s……Zero’s armory.” She started sweating again. Through the webs Emily could see a rusty metal ‘0’ welded onto the steel. Then a low, muffled voice said “It contains every weapon that I've ever used.” Sam and Emily both turned around quickly, only to see a tall person in a long, blackcoat. He had a hood pulled over his head, which was concealed by a helmet of which the front was only a sheet of dark glass embedded in a thin metal frame. “Z-Z-Zero!” Sam stuttered, “W-What’re you doing here?” Zero had to bend down to meet Sam’s eyes “I wanted to meet our newest number. Is that such a crime, Sam?” Sam shook her head. Zero turned to Emily. “It’s a pleasure to meet you,” he said, extending a gloved hand. “I am Zero, leader of the Numbers.” Emily shook Zero’s hand. “My name’s Emily, sir.” Zero let go of her hand and walked to the door. “Let me show you the inside of my armory.” Zero ambled to the large door. With a good bit of effort, he rotated the valve-like wheel and pulled open the door. Inside it were swords, swords, and more swords. There were small swords, large swords, swords of every shape and size imaginable, and then some. “I’ve used each and every one of these in the various jobs that I've been on,” Zero said, “those big ones over there helped me get rid of the Aithon warrior civilization of Greece.” Emily cocked her head to the side. “I’ve never heard of that.” She said. Zero replied “Exactly.”

Later that afternoon Sam showed Emily the best restaurant in Sanctum, The Tangled Garrote. She and Sam sat a small corner table. “So, are you liking Sanctum?” Sam asked.

“It’s an interesting town.” Emily replied.

“So, is that a yes or a no?”

“I’m not sure. I’m not too keen on the “killing people” part.”

“I wasn’t either, but when I got my first job I found that it comes naturally to me, like an instinct or something.”

Emily remembered how she felt at the football feild, how an instinct kicked in and she killed those men. She felt relieved that someone else felt the same way as she. Sam’s eyes widened as she said “Shit! I totally forgot. You have a family, don’t you?” Emily pondered that question. She’d been raised in a foster home since she was three. Her parents had died in a car accident. She was at a day-care center when it happened. Her foster parents were always arguing. They never bought Emily any new clothes, only old, shitty hand-me-downs or clothes from thrift stores. They never paid attention to her, never helped her with her homework, never played with her when she was a little girl. They never did anything with or for her. They didn’t care about her. Emily hated her foster parents.

“I have a family, but I’d rather be thrown into the guillotine than be with them.” Sam smiled, probably at the reference of the guillotine. “You could always run away.” She said. “I did."Emily was a bit puzzled. “You did? Why?” Sam’s smile faded. “I’d rather not talk about it.” Emily respected that. “I don’t know.” Emily said. “It’s completely your decision, Emily,” Sam replied, “I don’t wanna force you to leave.” Emily pondered for a moment, and then she made her decision. “I’d like to stay in Sanctum. I’d like to become one of the Numbers."

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