Forbidden Werewolf

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Alexandra Wolfsbane is a werewolf runt along with her twin sister Zora. They were the first werewolf pups born under a fullmoon at the same time.

I'm not really sure where this story is going to go, it just comes to me as i write.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Prologue

Submitted: March 05, 2012

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Submitted: March 05, 2012



Love is something everyone craves. When they find it they go after it. When they find certain love, they are denied it. When people are denied love or anything in general it is called Forbidden Love. When people are denied their Forbidden Love they crave it even more.

Forbidden love can be anything. Forbidden Love of demons, fairies, certain professions… But for me… my Forbidden Love is that of another female.

I live in a world governed by ancient laws. Everything is precise and scheduled. Except the way people look and dress after they are born.

Where I live everyone is of the same bloodline.

We are Werewolves. Pureblood beasts of raw power.

We live in the Valley of the Moon. The Valley is a vast area of fields and forests, completely surrounded by mountains.

By day we are wolf people. We are in Human form, but have tails and claws (claw size varies depending on age); the adults have fangs as well as tails and claws. And the Elder is always in wolf form.

By night the moon covers the Valley with its pure light and watches over us while we sleep. It’s always like that. That is except on the Nights of the Full moon.

Only on the Nights of the Full Moon does the true nature of the Werewolf show itself.

On nights like that all the pups (young werewolves who have not yet grown old enough to transform) are locked in the cavern, a large cave in the side of the mountain beside the village. This is to protect them from the adults (those that have already transformed) so they don’t harm them.

‘Why would the pups be in danger because of the adults you ask?’

It’s because when the Full moon raises the Beast completely takes over the adult’s sense; the Beast over powers them. This is because no one has yet figured out what it takes to control his or her Beast.

But I swear when I finally transform and get my fangs and claws, I’m not going to let the Beast over power me. I will tame my Beast and lay claim to my Forbidden Love.

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