Forbidden Werewolf

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Class of Werewolfs

Submitted: March 05, 2012

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Submitted: March 05, 2012




We were 5 minutes late to class.

“Alex and Zora of course. Just because your runts and are in the advanced class doesn’t mean you get special treatment. You have to be on time just like everybody else.”

I suppressed a growl; I hated it when other members of the pack belittled Zora and I. Or belittled any of the runts for that matter.

Just because we are runts and look completely different from the others everyone else doesn’t mean we are handicapped or anything.

Every member of the pack had brown, blonde or gray hair. The color of their hair is the same as the color of their fur. Their eyes are usually brown, green, or a mixture.

Zora and I are different though. I was born with Black hair, and blue eyes; Zora was born with White/Blonde hair, and Gold eyes. Everyone calls us freaks and shuns us.

The Elder of the pack (or alpha) calls us special.

“Now lets get on with the lesson. Today you are going to be hunting your own prey. You will split up. Each of you will find your own target; you will track, hunt, and kill it. When you have done this you must bring it back here. For those who have already transformed you may hunt your prey in away form you wish. As for the runts you only have your half forms so don’t hunt anything you can carry on your own. And also, Zora and Alex to make sure you don’t help each other as you always have. You will each go in opposite directions. Everyone understand?”

Everyone was eager to get started we were shaking with anticipation.

Teacher smiled,

“Alright. Get ready, set…GO!”

Everyone shot off at once. Zora and I in opposite directions everyone else headed straight forward then split up.

I ran threw the woods as quickly as my legs could carry me. I had extremely sensitive senses so I could smell everything even while running. As I continued to run I ignored any small prey I sensed and continued looking for a big buck, or something bigger.

I would do whatever it took to prove myself to the pack. I would prove that I was just as much an important member of the pack as they were.

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