Forbidden Werewolf

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Transformation

Submitted: March 05, 2012

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Submitted: March 05, 2012




After running for a while I started to get tired, I slowed down.

As I went deeper into the Forest I started to get a strange feeling that someone was in trouble nearby. I picked up my pace a little, heading in the direction of this trouble.

As I got closer to the danger I could smell some of the other members of the group, but I could also smell blood.

 I crept to the edge of the clearing and peered around the tree. The scene I saw was horrible. Most of the group was unconscious, and it was obvious they had gotten beaten up pretty bad. One member of the group still stood. They were in their wolf form,and even I could see they were scared out of their mind.

The opponent that stood before them was bigger than any animal I had ever seen. It was a black bear at least 5 times bigger than the average bear.

I stood froze, fear had completely enveloped my body. I knew I had to do something otherwise my pack member was going to die.

The bear advanced, it swung it paw back and prepared to strike. Just as it attacked I moved.

I shot from behind the tree, and landed between the bear and the wolf. I caught the bear’s paw; I was expecting to be tossed aside. Instead the bear struggled to move. Apparently I didn’t know my own strength.

I braced myself and with all the strength I could muster threw the bear backwards. It sailed across the clearing into one of the trees. I turned to the wolf behind me,

“Are you alright?”

The wolf started to change form until Terra EarthScout stood before me.

She was shaking; I stepped towards,

“It’s alright. Calm down. Everything is going to be alright Terra.”

She pointed behind me,

“It’s still alive.”

I turned around just as the bear’s paw smashed into my face. I flew across the clearing, and went head first into a tree. I hit the ground hard; I felt horrible. I looked at the bear. It was advancing on Terra.

‘What should I do? …There’s nothing I can do… I’m just a runt. I’m powerless. If Terra and her friends can’t beat this thing how can I?’

Terra fell back. The bear raised it paw. My body started to feel like it was on fire; it was painful. Suddenly a voice said,

‘Stand up. Do not give up. If you truly care for her, then fight.’

I stood up, and took a step towards the bear. Pain shot threw my body with each step.

The bear let out a blood-chilling roar, and attacked. I shot forward, as I did my body changed.

Black fur sprouted, claws grew, and fangs appeared. I had finally transformed.

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