Forbidden Werewolf

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Respect is Finally earned

Submitted: March 05, 2012

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Submitted: March 05, 2012




I landed on the bears back and dug my claws into its shoulders, and grabbed its throat with my fangs.

As I continued to fight the bear, Terra went to her friends and healed them; her power was the ability to heal any wound or injury.

Soon I had everyone watching. Only Terra knew that it was me though. As I slashed at the bear’s throat there was a howl; the teacher shot out of the woods followed by the Elder. When they saw what was happening they stopped. Terra ran to the teacher,

“Thank God your here you have to help her.”

Teacher looked at Terra,

“What do you mean her? You were the only female in the group Terra.”

“It’s Alex. The black Wolf is Alex. She saved me. Please help her.”

Teacher frowned,

“This is Alex’s first transformation, and her first hunt. She must do this herself. I cannot help her.”

Just as teacher said that the bear let out another roar and tossed me off his back. I hit the ground hard but jumped right back up. I stood glaring at the bear. He stopped as well and glared right back.

The voice returned,

‘Concentrate. Let the power take form.’

I closed my eyes. I could feel the power the voice talked about. It swirled threw my body.

As I was concentrating the bear had been advancing, just as it reached me, the voiced shouted,

‘Now let it free!’

I opened my eyes; flames erupted from my body. They shot towards the bear and enveloped it in a wall of black flame.

I heard gasps from everyone.

As the bear fell to the ground the flames vanished. I walked over to the bear. It was still alive but gravely wounded. I grabbed it throat with my fangs, and broke its neck.

I backed up. My body felt heavy and tired. Using the black flames had taken a lot out of me, but I wasn’t done yet.

I walked to Terra. As I stopped in front of her I noticed the Elder watching me with wide eyes. Not only the Elder, but also everybody was watching me. I looked at Terra,

“Why is everybody staring at me?”

Terra smiled,

“Your huge Alex. Your bigger than the Elder.”

I stood to my full height and looked at the Elder. He did look smaller than usual.

Teacher walked over to me,

“Your not done yet Alex. You killed it, you must carry it back to the village.”

I nodded and walked over to the bear. I grabbed its shoulder and swung it up into the air. It landed on my back with a thud, but it didn’t weigh me down at all.

I turned and headed into the woods in the direction of the village.

Teacher told everyone to finish their hunt, and return only when they were finished.

The Elder and Teacher stayed with me. They were curious as to how long I could carry a bear 2 times bigger than myself.

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